Okay, I am two-and-a-half episodes into "The Sparticle Mystery" and:
  • A main cast entirely of children (all characters are 14 or younger)
  • One of the older kids and leaders of the group is a MOC
  • Interracial blended families (the boy from the previous bullet has a younger white step-sister that he cares for very much)
  • One boy has cerebral palsy
  • One girl has only one arm
  • One of the older kids and leaders of the group is a girl genius
  • The series was created by a woman
  • 17/23 of the aired episodes were written by women (including Debbie Moon!)

Wikipedia says the third season starts on January 5!

And the complete first season is available on U.S. Netflix!

How is nobody talking about this show??

This. Is. AWESOME.

While we’re on the topic of british memes can we just honor some classic british shows:

-total wipeout
-im a celebrity
-antiques roadshow
-just ed and oucho in general tbh
-jakers: the adventures of pigley winks
-the hoobs
-the channel 4 news theme song
-watch your chops
-tracy beaker/tracy beaker returns/the dumping ground
-come outside
-the fimbles
-shaun the sheep
-creature comforts

Also can we just apprieciate some new dramas (and slightly older ones) that they made for cbbc bc they are genuinely really good and you should check them out if you havent already:

-wolfblood (werewolves, top quality)

-young dracula (vampires, the first incarnation was a comedy thing which was ok, they then did a reboot which was a lot darker and it was really good but dragged a lot in the later series)

-world’s end (kids are taken to this army base in scotland and have to figure out why theyre there, seriously the twists in this blow your mind)

-the sparticle mystery (dystopian thing where all the adults disappear one day and the kids have to get them back, the first series was really good but then it got a bit rubbish)

-the sarah jane adventures (one of the doctors old sidekicks thwarts aliens with the help of some local kids and her alien son, featuring special appearances from both david tennant and matt smiths doctors, ended fairly abruptly when elizabeth sladen died of cancer :( )

-the 4 o'clock club (an exrapper teacher tries to reach out to the problem kids, very good)

-harriet’s army (ill be honest I havent watched this one but its a period drama set in ww2 about a girl whos trying to catch german spies)

-(a new drama called hetty feather started yesterday and I have no clue how good its going to be but its a period drama about a girl who is left in an orphanage as a baby and she tries to find her mother so if thats your thing go check it out)

(Also check out the nowhere boys which is a drama from australia that they had on cbbc a while back and is just really good trust me)

@gravoty ahssgsjsd i thought i replied to this last night omg sorry
its called nowhere boys and like it was p clear from like the 4th episode that its a kids program (feels like the sparticle mystery tbh with the level of quality acting and over explaining) but i watched it anyway lmao

and holy shit yeah lockie leonard was my Jam !! i loved that show sm. fun fact the first and only time ive missed my bus stop was bc i was too excited reminiscing about lockie leonard