Now that the day is done I have time to reflect on today. It’s the day I’ve been looking forward to & dreading for the last 3 summers. My last banquet with my family. I am truly blessed to have spent 3 summers with this amazing group of people. You all have changed me for the better. I wish my time hadn’t come so fast. To present Spartans : thank you for giving me the best age out anyone could have asked for, scores don’t matter to me because we put our whole hearts onto that field. To past Spartans : thank you for laying the groundwork for us this season. You are the reason this organization is as great as it is. & to future Spartans : don’t let any rep go. Stay in the moment every second. Before you know it, you’ll be up on stage at your age out banquet getting a plaque like this. The gods of Olympus truly were with us this summer. #rageout #dciclassof2014 #spartans2014 #olympus