spartan iv

“Having grown up as soldiers, the Spartans kept their emotions to themselves, always controlling bursts of emotion. The closest thing to an emotional symbol is the ‘Spartan smile’“ It’s a small gesture but for those familiar with it, it says a lot. Things get rough for all of us now and then, but let’s all hang in there best we can and see it to the end. Good luck, Spartans.

The activation of the Spartain IV program and the establishment of its own branch within the UNSC saw a change in doctrine. Not trained from early childhood like the near-mythical SII commandos or expendable like the SIIIs, this new generation of rank-and-file recruited Spartan IVs required more specialized units for different missions. But with larger numbers the possibility of Spartans either trapped or captured behind enemy lines became more and more likely. The answer was Spartan CSAR - combat search & rescue. While that was the official term, the enlisted men soon called these soldiers, that only came down from the sky to bring humanity’s mightiest back home, by a different name: Valkyries.

“Such a great comeback, isn’t it?”


its been 4 long af months without feels so good doing art again! 
lets see if mah followers have not forgotten me haha


Maya, Boss and Mary belongs to me


Here are some screenshots I created for some of my followers on Amino. These are mostly portrait shots. Some of my followers on here and Amino have seen most of these shots before, but for those of you that haven’t seen them yet, I hope you enjoy. If any of you are interested in me taking some screenshots of your Spartan/Elite, please send me a message. Thank you all for your love and support and have a great rest of your day/night!


My attempt at getting myself back into the groove of art.

Anyways, the first interaction between SPARTAN IVs and Fire Team Quiver (Who are RDCs) for their training on the UNSC Infinity. (Well for most of them. Lionheart dealt with them on ANVIL Station.)

Also new art technique done with this comic. It allowed for me to do more characters in 1 image in about ½ the time it would take normally drawing the line art. It was fun to do at least.

Mjolnir Gen2 Recruit

Recruit is a good place to star figuring out things. Not too many differences, it’s a good design for Halo, just made a little less detailed than in Guardians to make it easier to read the shapes. The main change is to the thruster-packs by adding the intakes at the top

I’m thinking the links under the shoulders from chest to back armor, hands, feet  and maybe the bicep/tricep bits will stay generally the same throughout most permutations.


An SFM re-creation of a scene from @texd41‘s latest post, where she pictured Neves and @bossveteran playing Uno. During the game, Neves plays a +4 card. Boss……. Boss didn’t take it well.

Hope you guys like it!

Rendered in Source Filmmaker and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

I do NOT own Halo! Copyright belongs to Microsoft Studios and 343 Industries!