spartan 141

And the last set of HALO BADGES, all significant SPARTAN-II commandos!

This is just a tribute to the Halo Franchise. I do not own rights over any form of official art replicated within these designs, however, the designs belong to me and are NOT FOR SALE. You want to print them? Go ahead. Want to make a pin or a button? Go ahead. JUST DON’T SELL IT. You’re gonna get yourself in trouble. Even more: since these designs are based on official Halo art, YOU SHOULD KNOW YOU SHOULDN’T DO ANYTHING STUPID WITH THEM. Be a proud fan, be a good fan.
If you want to do some cool montage with them, CREDIT ME AS ORIGINAL DESIGNER.
If you want a badge based on your Original Halo Character, send me an ask with your character’s name, rank and affiliation (anonymous asks will not be replied).
Enjoy Halo and be happy!