Wenceslas Square, Prague, Czechoslovakia 1960 Spartakiáda

Wikipedia:The Spartakiads in Czechoslovakia (Czech: Spartakiáda, Slovak: Spartakiáda) were mass gymnastics events, designed to celebrate the Red Army’s liberation of Czechoslovakia in 1945. They were organised by the Communist government as a replacement of the Sokol gatherings, which were disapproved by the regime and discontinued after World War II. The Spartakiads took place at the Strahov Stadium, the same place as the last pre-war Sokol gathering. The first Spartakiad took place in 1955, and was subsequently held every five years. The Spartakiad scheduled for 1970 was canceled in the wake of the Prague Spring and the beginning of normalization. Preparations for the Spartakiad scheduled for 1990 were interrupted by the Velvet Revolution, but the event still took place, although on a much smaller scale than the previous ones. Photo:

The First Spartakiada in the “Azov” regiment

On December 26-27 at the military camp of the “Azov” regiment in Urzuf was held the first, but definitely not the last Spartakiada, in which participated over 200 of its fighters from all regimental units and activists of the Berdyansk branch of Civil Corps “AZOV.” 

The competition was held in 9 kinds of sports: cross at 3 km distance, mini-football, triathlon, powerlifting and weight lifting, crossfit, armwrestling, table tennis, checkers, and chess.

In the end the strongest, fastest and smartest received the memorable awards. The winner of the first Azovian Spartakiada became the team of the howitzer battalion, which caused not only joy, but also considerable amazement of the artillerists.

Best European traditions live on under the banner of “AZOV”!


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First Year Seniors 2016 - Daria Skrypnik (Russia)

Notable results

2014 International Gymnix: gold - team, uneven bars; silver - vault

2014 Russian Championships: gold - uneven bars

2014 Junior European Championshps: gold - team, uneven bars

2014 Russian Hopes: gold - uneven bars, balance beam; silver - team final, all around

2014 Voronin Cup: silver - all around, uneven bars

2015 Russian Junior Championships: gold - all around, uneven bars; bronze - floor

2015 Student Spartakiada: silver - all around, uneven bars

2015 European Youth Olympic Festival: gold - team, all around, uneven bars; silver - vault, floor; bronze - balance beam