spartacus: 3x05


Next week!! It’s a Rick and Jerry adventuuuuure!!! Rick and Jerry getting along, whaaaat?

I boarded on this one, really excited for you guys to see it!

thatkevinsmith: I’m with HER! @supergirlcw may be my hero but @melissabenoist is my heroine. I’ve been involved with 3 eps of #Supergirl in the last year and each time, I’ve been beyond impressed with not only her talent (naturally, she’s an ace actress who delivers every line flawlessly, as if she’s thinking the words up on the spot), but also her grace and energy. Number One on the call sheet sets the tone of an episodic production and can make or break a shoot day because your main character is in almost every scene. But even though she works insanely packed 5 day weeks during which she sometimes dangles in the air from an uncomfortable harness, Melissa is the happy, gooey, warm cookie center of Super world. Some Number Ones never let you forget they’re the star and make unnecessary demands that slow down or derail the production process. But Melissa is like the character she plays: she’s imbued with god-like power with which she could easily terrorize the show and control the crew. But instead, she only uses her power for good, treating everybody like they matter to the show just as much as she does. That’s class. So whether she’s wearing the cape or not, #MelissaBenoist is very much a superhero. #KevinSmith #supergirl #supergirlseason3