(Steven Bomb 5 spoilers)

Man I remember the excitement when we finally got explicit confirmation of the whole gem types thing back when Peridot went on about how there’s “hundreds of pearls”

and now in one episode we have






OK, let me talk about this scene of Spartacus.

There’s this woman, Naevia, that is in a loving relationship, but then is raped by this guy, and because of him, she gets separated from her lover, spent months being abused from many others, and ended in the mines, worst place you could end. Story passes, her lover finds her, teaches her how to defend herself, by her wishes, and by the end of season 2, they finally stand face to face to that guy which made her life a misery. And then, instead of her lover going there and fight the guy to avenge her, no, she goes and fight the guy, and almost lose, but by the end she kills him, by her own merits and hands. And if that scene don’t show that a woman can beat her own demons, without the help of anyone but herself, I don’t know any other that will.

I’m crying over that kiss right now.

I know most of you understand just from reading the title of this post, but for those who don’t, I’ve been waiting to see that kiss since I read it in the book.

Obviously it was different there, but I spazzed out when it happened and I remember thinking how great it would be to get to see that on the big screen, acted out by actual people and not the ones in my head I made up when I started reading the series.

After the CoA movie fell through, I was in pieces because I thought that I might never see this. (Malec being my biggest OTP ship since Janto from Torchwood, and more recently, Nagron from Spartacus.)

I am so thankful for Shadowhunters, Alec, Magnus, Harry Shum Jr., Matt Daddario, Cassandra Clare… everyone involved in this show, and making this kiss happen. (I don’t feel this genuine happiness a whole lot at this point in my life, and so it really means the world to have things like this to lift my spirits - and its from a LGBT couple, which I never tire of seeing relationships of on tv.)

I don’t think I will ever be able to put into words how happy I am right now.

(Great! Now I need a hug and a shoulder to cry on.)