Is one episode enough for Silver to realise Madi, Flint, and him, are waging three completely different wars? And is it enough for him to realise that out of the three, his is the least important? Though I guess he understands that seeing as he’s the most willing to walk away from it all.  And is it enough for him to realise he’s the only one of the three of them being selfish?

When it comes to it, I’m supporting Madi’s war the most. This isn’t about sticking it to the man, and it’s not about toppling an empire, this is about the future of her people. And not just those on the Maroon island, but black people everywhere. 

In this story, she is Spartacus, she’s Moses. She’s the spark, the hope, the war to free slaves. This is her greater good. And honestly, choosing her war over Silver is the only sensible thing to do. 

That being said, Flint’s my baby, I love him the most ♥ my sweet murderous conniving manipulating sinnamon roll 


Voltron Aesthetic: Ancient Rome AU

Gladiators seek to best all; It is the only way to survive in the arena.

Allura, daughter of the late Senator Alfor, serves as the presiding Domina over the House of Altea. Meanwhile her uncle Coran is head of their family’s Ludus, a trainer and trader for both the house gladiators and those leased by other families into his care. The reputation of their ludus is largely attributed to Shiro, who was once renowned as the undefeated and still hailed as The Champion despite no longer being active in the arena. His glory days ended after the loss of his arm to Zarkon, a fellow gladiator who belonged to the House of Galra. None the less he is now the Doctore to Altea’s gladiators, all respect him and fear the crack of his whip. Any wounds and injuries are tended to by the house Medicus, fondly called Pidge due to their keen eyes and small, pidgeon like stature. Their true name has been all but forgotten now. If not in their infirmary chances are they can be found out in the gardens or marketplace apothecary. Meals for the entire household, including the ludus, are prepared by the Archimagirus, Hunk, and a a small team of other house slaves. The Numidian had originally been purchased to fight in the arena, however his skills were found to be better use in the kitchen. Due to his affable personality he has developed close bonds with the entire household and does not tolerate any stealing of rations from the younger recruits. The House’s new rising champion is Lance, a Hispanian boy who had been within the ludus walls for nearly six years. His title as the Son of Neptune is a nod to his Retiarius fighting style, however it had stemmned from when he was first brought to Rome; the story goes that he was disciplined by being dragged behind his slave ship for a full day with few respites, yet didn’t drown nor fall prey to sharks. The truth is far more simple - he had been a pearl diver in his seaside village and was accustomed to holding his breath for extended periods. He is the self-declared rival of the last notable member of the ludus, a spitfire from the far East hailing from the same region as their Doctore. Keith’s title was born from his performances in the arena from where he would always emerge bathed in blood, both from his own fresh clawmarks and that spilled from whatever beast he had faced off. Unlike the others, he is not an Altea gladiator, he belongs to the House of Galra. His House is one notorious for producing skilled bestiarii such as himself and he had originially been sent to Coran’s ludus for the sole purpose of keeping an eye on his sire’s defeated rival…Not that the others need to know that particular detail.

LGBT + happy ending


The Last Hollywood Legends

Pictures of Kirk Douglas (The Vikings, Spartacus) and Olivia de Havilland (Gone with the Wind, The Snake Pit) at Cannes Film Festival, 1953. These two Hollywood stars both turned 100 in 2016.

Olivia de Havilland (1st July) and Kirk Douglas (9th December) Portraits by Andy Gotts.


If you’re having a bad day…
You don’t need to have watched Spartacus to appreciate two buff, full-grown men squealing and giggling together in a pit of fake shit.