spartacus the series

Fortune Favors the Bold

When the gladiators revolt, James spares but one life.

author: buckysbackpackbuckle
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 2473
warnings: gladiator au, violence, smut
author’s note: Let me know if you like this. If you do, I may write some more to go along with it. A prequel, perhaps? – And also, a lot of this plot is taken from the TV series Spartacus. Awesome show. You should watch it!

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anonymous asked:

Out of all your OTPs what are your top10 (in order) ?

1. Kim Shin and Eun Tak, Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

I keep saying this but very rarely do couples from new shows become my OTP, I have them as number one because I haven’t had this kind of reaction to any other ship. I would cry days after the show’s finale when I would just hear a song from the show’s OST. There is so much earnest and sincere emotion between them and Gong Yoo and Kim Go-eun have great chemistry, their relationship was tragic in a really beautiful way and cute in the most heartbreaking way, their bickering was done with so much conviction and the pain at whenever they separated was felt deeply. Like I believed in this couple.

2. Stefan and Elena, The Vampire Diaries

I don’t think I really need to explain why SE is one of my top OTPs since so much of this blog is dedicated to going into detail as to why that is; in a nutshell, they have that soulful, passionate, transcendental love that is nuanced and complex and rarely seen.

3. Jax and Tara, Sons of Anarchy

This is a ship that’s rooted in chemistry because their romance isn’t logical or rational, there is so much danger and pain and violence surrounding them, anyone in their right mind wouldn’t be involved with Jax and his mother and his club but the pull between him and Tara is undeniable, it’s a pull that’s existed even though they were apart for 10 years and their love is passionate and it takes them to dangerous, destructive places but it’s heartfelt and overwhelming and not many people can pull off that kind of dynamic.

4. Mickey and Ian, Shameless

Like I said last night, I thought the saying “I love you so much it hurts” was stupid until I was introduced to Gallavich because there is such a wholehearted affection for each other that it’s almost like neither of them can breathe yet at the same time their relationship acted as a breath of fresh air. It’s the one ship that I thought was redemptive and toxic at the same time and Noah and Cameron have such intense chemistry, the angst between them is insane and I think they manage to show the struggle Mickey has with being gay in a way that was heartbreaking to watch without it being sappy and cliched and that made you feel so bad for both him and Ian so that when he finally embraces who he is, it’s like the best thing in the world. And the way Mickey cares for Ian is so unique to Mickey like it’s softhearted and violent and it’s just, this ship is a study in contrasts and it works, which is very hard to do.

5. Noah and Rosalee, Underground

Noahlee is another ship that’s new but that I ship passionately because first of all Aldis and Jurnee have great chemistry, the minute they’re in a scene together in the pilot, those longing gazes were enough for me, second of all I always love seeing young black couples onscreen, third of all, within the context of their lives and of the show — which is a show about enslavement and about the various avenues taken to combat the institution of enslavement — the fact that they fell in love is revolutionary, the fact that white supremacy didn’t beat out their will to have affection for each other is a subversive act in it of itself. Related to that, Noah is a very passionate character, a very strong character who believed in Rosalee, believed she could and would do great things before even she realized she had the strength to do so and his drive inspired her while loving Rosalee provides Noah with a sense of peace and hope.

6. Crixus and Naevia, Spartacus and Sura, Agorn and Nasir, Spartacus

I have all three ships in the same number because I love them all equally but differently. The Spartacus series portrays such passionate ships.

Crixus and Naevia,

I really enjoyed them because they’re such a pure romance; when we’re introduced to Crixus he’s legit a dick and the only thing he cares about is glory and honour and being the best gladiator and he falls in love with Naevia and is given more complexity and he’s softer because of her.

Spartacus and Sura

are tragic and you don’t see much of their relationship and what you do see is mostly in flashbacks because they were separated, both sold into slavery, but Spartacus refuses to die because he wants to see Sura again and he starts a rebellion because of her, he loves her absolutely that he’s unable to love any other woman, like it’s intense.

Agorn and Nasir

were a ship I didn’t think I would pay much attention to because I didn’t really care for either character but Agorn and Nasir loved each other so fiercely, like I dare anyone to try and tear us apart and the devotion between them was extremely intense plus Dan and Pana had great chemistry.

7. Oz and Willow, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Willow is the character I relate to the most in Buffy so my friends and I always joke about how I’m waiting for my Oz because Ozillow was unbelievably adorable, I love them so much. Alyson and Seth had a chemistry that surprised me, I didn’t think that it would be as natural and at times intense as it was but they’re just such a feel-good ship.

8. Jackie and Hyde, That 70s Show

I don’t think anyone expected the awesomeness that is Jackie and Hyde. Mila and Danny worked really well together and I think you really got the sense that they cared deeply for one another while at the same time having the capacity to really aggravate each other and just by nature of being polar opposites who happen to care about each other, they got each other to grow — Jackie became less vain and less domineering while Hyde actually became more vulnerable and less stubborn, they were actually perfect and the writers fucked it up and I will be forever salty about that.

9. Jane and Michael, Jane The Virgin and Jim and Pam, The Office

I have them both on the same number because I love them equally for the same reasons.

Jane and Michael

External image

Pam and Jim

Jichael and Jam are both relationships in which the two people just click, they just get each other, they’re on this other plane that no one can reach and they have an intimacy and implicit knowledge of each other that isn’t the breathless intense, angst-ridden dynamic that I love but it’s as profound and significant.

10. Scott and Kira, Teen Wolf

I know Scallison is the favourite and I do love Scallison but I don’t know, Scira has a groundedness to them that I respond to more and they’re a very physical ship; a touch from Kira can still Scott’s hand or still him to calmness that his eyes stop glowing; holding Kira allows her to decompress and be comforted, she can close her eyes in relief and in security, and the way Scott and Kira run towards each other, it’s almost magnetic, like they’re being pulled together and have no choice to connect. And of course their sexual chemistry is kind of insane. But that’s the thing with Scira, there’s a gentle intensity to them because it’s like they finally achieve calm from the crazy supernatural mess when they’re touching each other or in one another’s arms or kissing each other, which makes their relationship physically intimate.


Vince and Jess and Matt and Julie, Friday Night Lights

Buffy and Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Help me to choose which Atomwave fic to write next?

So I just finished my rather epic Prison Break fic and have planned the ending to Upgrades so it’s time to pic up and run with one of the many fic ideas. But can’t decide between a few. What do people think?

Camalot 3.0 - Basically a re write of Camalot 3000 but with Ray pulling excaliber, Malcolm as merlyn, some trials to get the last piece of the spear and of course Atomwave!

Spartacus  - Inspired by the Spartacus series. So I don’t know how but Ray and Mick end up in Rome and Mick ends up as a Gladiator and Ray as a house slave in a lido. Their “Master” takes a liking to Ray and Mick is non to happy, eventually the slave up rising happens and they join Spartacus’s reblelion.

Genius and the Beast - based off Beauty and the Beast, legends find a cache of anchient artifacts and hope something aoughts them can be used to defeat the spear, Ray tries to figure out the items and Mick steals something he should’t and gets himself cursed/mutated into a mor beastlike form and Ray tries to science their way out of it. But neither realise that this curse is more about what holds true value. Meanwhile Thawne has his sites on Ray, knowing that he could use Ray’s intellect and figuring that Ray would also make a nice addition to his collection.

I don’t know which one to go with, help me!!!


“You all know, of course, that Hogwarts was founded over a thousand years ago - the precise date is uncertain - by the four greatest witches and wizards of the age. They built this castle together, far from prying Muggle eyes, for it was an age when magic was feared by common people, and witches and wizards suffered much persecution.”
    – Professor Binns (CS)


Top 10 of my male crushes, who ruin my life, daily:

  • 1. Jensen Ackles
  • 2. Colin O'Donoghue
  • 3. Dan Feuerriegel 
  • 4. Steve Lund
  • 5. Eoin Macken
  • 6. Tyler Hoechlin
  • 7. Jason Behr
  • 8. Milo Ventimiglia
  • 9. Greyston Holt
  • 10. Colton Haynes

I’ve  a few more, but then the list would never end here ^^

OK, let me talk about this scene of Spartacus.

There’s this woman, Naevia, that is in a loving relationship, but then is raped by this guy, and because of him, she gets separated from her lover, spent months being abused from many others, and ended in the mines, worst place you could end. Story passes, her lover finds her, teaches her how to defend herself, by her wishes, and by the end of season 2, they finally stand face to face to that guy which made her life a misery. And then, instead of her lover going there and fight the guy to avenge her, no, she goes and fight the guy, and almost lose, but by the end she kills him, by her own merits and hands. And if that scene don’t show that a woman can beat her own demons, without the help of anyone but herself, I don’t know any other that will.

Manu Bennett - Crixus - Slade Wilson

Katrina Law - Mira - Nyssa al Ghul

Cynthia Addai-Robinson - Naevia - Amanda Waller

Nick Tarabay - Ashur - Captain Boomerang

and now

Liam McIntyre - Spartacus - Weather Wizard

Arrow and The Flash are slowly becoming a Spartacus reunion series and I FUCKING LOVE IT