spartacus feels

Aaah… THE question.

I think I had this one (or some similar) hundred times so I’m going to make a loooooong answer ! xD

Sooo first of all, I ship Percico. But that’s not my OTP. I’m a multishipers, so I ship a lot of people (Jasico, Valgrace, Jercico, Percico, Solangelo, Jercy…) but I have TWO real OTP that will follow me my whole life, that I would never forget. To be honest, if you want me to turn into a fluffy bubblegum full of love, you just have to speak about these two couple.

And if you don’t know how to show me your love, just send me a picture of them, and I would love you until the end of my life. I’m just CRAZY about these two.

Okay… ready ?



Because I’m dying everyday from this ship. Because they’re meant to be. Because it’s Charles, because it’s Erik, because it’s Charles and Erik, because they complete each other, because they fuck, because LOOK AT ALL THOSE EYES FUCKING DURING THE WHOLE FUCKING MOVIE ! Okay ?? Okay.

Charles is my babe, Erik is my favorite shark of all times, and because I love them. And because I want my bed to be full of their faces printed on my pillow, because this is almost CANON. OKAY ?!

And don’t mention Raven. Nah. She’s super cool. But she doesn’t have her place between them two. See ? There is no place for her in this picture because Charles and Erik are stucked together.



To be honest, if I had to choose between Cherik and Nagron… I would cry for the rest of my days because I would not be able to choose. Nasir and Agron are just the PERFECT COUPLE EVER. Like… Seriously ! The perfect mix between passion, true love, rough sex, jealousy and respect.

Oh and that’s for all Camp Jupiter’s buddies… If you like romans… If you like romans gods, if you like naked romans and naked savages… and if you like gay naked savages having sex…. THEN GO FOR THIS TV-SHOW ! #spartacus

Nasir and Agron is my weak point, like I could watch the whole serie just for them. Oh wait… That’s what I did at first, then I fell in love with the TV Show itself.

Because Agron is perfectly rude and absolutely precious, because Nasir is the proof that little persons can be BADASS, because they communicate by moans, growls and other weird sounds during battle. Because Agron is so protective, because Nasir is so smexy…


Ahhem… Yes. This is not a photomontage… It’s an actual scene from the tv-show and there’s more ! ♥♥♥

HERE IT IS !!! I hope I answered your question. Sorry it took that long I wanted to be clear this time ! ;)

(And also because I had the opportunity to speak about my babizzzzzz)

(But I really enjoy Percico tho…)

| Branded |

Agron could not say that he was proud to bare the mark that scarred his forearm. He had passed the test, promoted to the position of Gladiator. All it provided to him was better opportunity to protect their brother. While simultaneously fearing the fate of when they took the sands upon the arena. What would happen to him then? He too passed the test but it was only the first stage. More battles would come, and Agron was terrified of one that could claim his brother’s life. The others celebrated, drinking and fucking to heart’s content.

Agron remained in the shadows of the shelter, uninterested in wine, women or cock. He did not often partake in such celebrations, granted this was the first that he was a part of. His eyes eventually eased off of his brother who seemed to be drinking and enjoying the victory of the test. He would not sully the moment for him. Instead, he stood in the area outside, leaning against the bars of the cage, his fixated upon the still healing flesh upon his arm. B. Batiatus. The mark of the Brotherhood. The brand of a fucking slave.

Gif Credit: ahhale-werewolves


Pardon me while I vomit Spartacus feels on you (Warning Spoilers)

Alright, I will start by saying I blame Isolde_13(on twitter) for EVERYTHING I AM FEELING right now… Well a combo of her and SDK…

I blame her because she roped me into this show.

It’s not that bad. There are hot men, gorgeous women, sexy times, gore, fighting, nakedness.

And now I realize it was a RUSE!! Come for the fun, get your heart SHATTERED!!

Now that being said… THE. BEST. SHOW. EVER! For serious! Like come for the naked stay for the AMAZING story and characters that you will fall in love with only to have them killed in horrifying ways that break your soul(Varro)

Even knowing history and that the Rebels and Spartacus lose the battle you still hold out hope, almost wishing that SDK will change history just so you can witness Spartacus live as a free man instead of fighting as one.

I do have something to say about the Rebels… they fought against everything Rome stood for, and yet you see them becoming the thing they hated the most. It was sad to witness it, knowing that if they realized what they were doing, they (hopefully) would have stopped.

Ok… Crassus… You get one point in the not a total assface column. You respected Spartacus. Not as a man, but as a warrior. That is the ONLY thing about you that is not 100% Dick Smack Central.


Your kid was a horrible little fuck stain on the underpants of the world and deserved every bad thing that happened to him. Awful, awful little fucker.

Caesar… you are an asshole. The biggest case of raging anal leakage ever. So, SO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad that according to history you die a horrible death.

Ok now enough of the Romans, lets talk about the Rebels and ALL THE TEARS I CRIED!

First, Agron. Oh my GODS, When Spartacus handed him the sword and he couldn’t hold it? Oh hello, what is this wetness leaking from my eyeballs? Then when Nasir makes him the weapon, sword and shield together? More of this mystery wetness from my eyes, strange.

Then Spartacus being honored that Agron will fight with him.

Lugo dying is where the tears really started flowing. Big ol’ tears falling all over my desk.

Saxa… Oh gods I gasped and sobbed out loud.

Naevia, I saw it coming but was still shocked and saddened.

Also Re:Naevia dying… Caesar I hate you, not as much as I hated Ashur, because lets be honest, pretty sure there is no one I have EVER hated as much as I hated Ashur.

Gannicus, I lost it. LOST IT! Caesar having the soldiers pen him in(coward move, bro) and then up on the cross, he saw Oenomaus(fucking crying right now thinking about it) and then he saw the arena, chanting his name. He had that smirk. (FUCK! crying so hard right now) I don’t even have a gif to show you exactly how I am feeling…

Castus, I may not have liked him for trying to get with Nasir(Nagron forever), but he was a warrior and the last thing he said before dying broke my heart. Telling Agron he wanted just one day to have what he did.

And finally Spartacus. Even knowing that it was coming(as it was with Crixus, Gannicus and Oenomaus) it was still hard to watch our warrior go down. Seeing him with his last General, the last brother he had from The House of Batiatus, the one to follow him to the very end. That was the end for my, all of the crying, ugly sobs, snot, hitching breaths. I was a flailing hot mess.

Watching through the credits, seeing the beautiful celebration of the actors from the series. And that final shot, that gorgeous scene of Andy proclaiming himself Spartacus. Gorgeous and heartbreaking.

Those are my feels, take them as you wish.

One final thing. Gratitude, Steven, for giving us a phenomenal series.