“On the first day of shooting, Alicia Silverstone was going to debate whether immigrants should be able to come into America — what we call the Hate-e-ans Speech. It was written and spelled correctly, but that’s just how she pronounced it. After she did the first take, everybody wanted to rush up to her and correct her, and I had to hold them off because I liked the way that sounded, and I didn’t want her to have any knowledge that that was not absolutely correct. I wanted her to feel completely confident.

With ‘Sporadicus’ [where Cher mispronounces Spartacus] — by that time, I wanted to sprinkle a little bit of that stuff throughout the movie. And it’s not to sound stupid, it’s just that if you’re young, you maybe don’t talk to people about political things or titles of movies you haven’t seen. It’s not stupidity, it’s just that you haven’t been exposed but still have the nerve to talk about something anyway.

– writer/director Amy Heckerling (Variety)


Warrior Culture : Gladiator

Combining aspects of professional athletes, rock stars, and elite soldiers. While most gladiators were slaves, this was not always the case. Many gladiators were actually freemen hoping to earn fame or fortune in the arena, and while the life of a Gladiator was a dangerous occupation, bouts in the arena were often non-fatal. Gladiators were slotted into different styles by their weapons, training and experience.

Gladiators were also sex symbols of the day, Gladiator blood and sweat were considered aphrodisiacs; items were often dipped into them or they were mixed into facial creams or cosmetics.