Since lovely merveilleuse-minuit tagged me I’ll give this a go. <3

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1. A book, a movie and a song/artist that changed you!
Oh, changed me? Hm… Song/artist. I don’t really have. Music isn’t such a big part of my life… It hasn’t been such a big influence anyway.
SO DIFFICULT, feels like stuff like that doesn’t change me really so I’ll apply the term a bit more loosely.
For book it would be a book series really, The legend of the ice people I read the first book when I was about 8 (this is not a series of books for children, far from it) and I’ve reread all of the 47 (!) books seveal times and sometimes I just reread one or a few of my fav books. It’s just been a really big part of my life and I guess they been a part in creating who I am.
For movies, well… I saw cutthroat island and became afraid of birds…. Does that count? The Indiana Jones movies made me spend hours outside brushing dust off stones pretending to be Indiana Jones… xD
I dunno… I’m not sure a movie have had such a big impact on my life. Not that I can think of atm…

2. Is there currently a fictional character you relate to/care expecially for/are in love with?
Hm… Well… I guess I can relate a lot to Britta on Community, we are more alike than I originally thought and cared to admit. xD
Sansa from ASOIAF, GOT, is my baby and I relate a lot to some aspects of her. The young girl charmed by knights and stories growing up to be quite disillusioned. I luckily don’t have to suffer through abuse though.
AAND, I will always love Garrus from the Mass Effect series. He’s the love of my life. AND, MIRANDA. Oh and my current obsession is Dragon Age and I REALLY love Varric from the second game and Isabela…
Ah, I love so many characters it’s difficult for me to pick out one or a few. I am sure I have forgotten someone super important.

3. Is there currently a fictional character you really hate?
I usually don’t really hate characters not even villains, I usually love characters or find them dull. BUT, lately there’s one character I just can’t stand. Paige from Pretty Little Liars. I mean, she tried to drown Emily because ‘she was in denial of being a lesbian and jealous because Emily was out’ or something, and then they wind up being girlfriends??? wtf. So I never really liked her much. BUT THEN, Emily goes to post a letter in secret to help a friend, Alli, who Paige doesn’t like. Paige demands to know what the letter is even though Emily says she can’t say (aren’t you supposed to trust and listen to your boy/girlfriend???). Emily says what it is, that Alli is still alive and Paige promises to not tell anyone since it could get Alli killed. But you know Paige doesn’t care about if someones going to get killed or if she made her girlfriend a promise and tells anyways. W T F. UGH.

4. Which shoes are your favourites right now?
These babies

5. Say you go for a walk in the forest. What unusual thing do you imagine would happen? (Like meeting a magical animal, or a handsome stranger, discovering a lost object etc)
Suddenly walking through a portal and arriving in a different, fantasy, world! Oh, have I imagined that so many times in so many constellations. I always make sure to wear something nice and functional when I take walks in the forest just in case.

6. The thing!! It happened! How do you react?
Well, I’d be both excited and scared. I’d try to find out about the world and head out on my very own adventure to save the world and be rewarded with many treasures and luxuries and more adventures!

7. It was just a dream though… but, you are not so sad, because someone you didn’t expect but really wanted to meet is knocking at your door! Who might this be?
Oh, I don’t know? I’d love to meet my friend Amanda again I miss her. But am I supposed to choose someone more unrealistic? I’d guess it would be Zoe Saldana, Nicole Beharie, Holland Roden or someone else equally gorgeous person I might have a major celebrity crush on. xD (and they would ofc arrive willing to sleep with me)

8. Ok, it’s sceance time. You can ask three dead people one yes-or-no-question each! Who would you ask, and what?
THIS ONE’S SO DIFFICULT, just because it’s only yes and no too D; I’ll just wing it…
Jesus, Did you really walk on water?
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Do you agree that Elementary is the superior interpretation of your work?
Einstein, will you teach me everything you know?

9. You get the opportunity to write a critical article in a major newspaper. What do you write about?
Whatever I’m upset about that day.Probably something about sexism/racism/both. Perhaps all the ridiculous white-washing with for example Johnny Depp as Tonto and Rooney Mara as tiger-lily and Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss and… well, the list goes on…

10. Boom! Suddenly you are supreme soveregin of the world. What do you wear to your grand coronation ceremony?
Oh deeear. Gold and red and jewels! McQueen inspired and I guess Baroque inspired? Mix these up in a blender.

11. Booom! You are overthrown and gets sentenced to jail forever … Whom do you call upon to rescue you?
If I only have to choose people I know, then I would ask my baby sis Elli. Otherwise, If I can choose ANYONE, real or dead or fake or alive. I would pick someone like… Robin Hood. xD

My Questions:

Oh, I’ll write some questions but I don’t have 11 people to tag so I’ll just tag a few and more people can feel free to answer if they want to! <3

1. If you could pick anywhere to live, real or fictional, where would it be?
2. Which of your personality traits are you the most proud of/like the most?
3. If you had a farm, would you have goats cows or horses? Yes, you can only pick one and make sure to motivate your choice?
4. If you had to be an existing superhero/villain who would you be?
5. Which song would you want playing at your funeral?
6. If you were a fruit, which fruit would you like to be, and why?
7. If you were to attend the oscars and had a +1, who would you bring?
8. Which dead/alive/fictional band/musician/composer would you LOVE to see perform live?
9. If your life turned into a zombie movie, how fast and how do you think you would die?
10. If you were chosen to participate in the Hunger Games, what would your strategy be?
11. You can only wear one outfit for the rest of you life, which one? Descirption or picture. 

Uh, yeah, anyone feel free to answer! <3