Connecticon Hall Shot Photos.  I didn’t get too many unfortunately just because I was working more on shoots/ having a weird adventure.  But here’s what I got (mostly from sunday).  If you see yourself/ know the cosplayer let me know so I can dish out the appropriate credit.

Edward Kenway - sparrowszealot

Ariel - darciewheeler

Jack Frost - mynameiskawner

Bucky Barnes - toriandrelativedimensionsinspace

tinysithassassin  asked:

I am so sad I just found this blog and won't have enough time to submit a letter to Ubisoft, I want to thank you for creating this because I <3 Connor so much and I do want to see him in another game

Aww! Well we’re going to have our next round be about doing a mass collective submission of e-mails to Ubisoft, but that won’t be until the end of March/early April. So be sure to stay in touch for that, and thank you for supporting us!

~ Wolfkin Initiative