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notes from angie: blushy yoongi as a sparrowman - what’s not to love? this is a lil short, but feel free to leave comments and concrit in my ask box! enjoy ~
au fusion: fairy / neverland
pairing: min yoongi / reader
word count: 0.5k

“min? c’mon, where are you hiding?” you call out playfully, keeping an eye out for a shock of blond hair or a certain green velvet shoe. “the lost boys are coming home soon, why don’t you come out now?”

there’s a sound of tinkling bells you pick up from behind, and you see a smatter of pixie dust left clumsily on the leaf of a white currant bush. “hmm, i wonder where he could be,” you say in an usually loud voice. turning pointedly away from the bush, you spot out of the corner of your eye the leaf shaking. slowly, yoongi creeps out to spy on you, but you pretend you don’t notice.

“well, i guess i’ll just have to get back to the lost boys,” you continue, walking away. “and leave poor little min here in the dark, scary woods -”

another tinkling of bells reaches your ears, only this time followed immediately by a tug to your hair. laughing, you turn to catch yoongi as he takes a seat on your palm, in all his pocket-sized glory, fuming.

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anonymous asked:

Okay... so i was thinking a bit about the fairy sides Au- Patton as an animal one (or light bc he is so bright?), Virge as wind like Vidia, Logan as water (its calming and makes sense- when cold its ice and to hot it boils. also oblivious to any 'wet jokes'?), and then Princy is like tinkerbell. And when they interact up close like tink and her sis, their wings light up- maybe they all were created at once due to a really sweet laugh- Thomas's? Im gettin to long andreachingcharacterlimitsorrybye

Yeeees!!! This is brilliant!!!! Thank you. We need more Fairies au.

Patton is an animal sparrowman because he’s compassionate and he has the energy to keep up with the animals

Logan is a water fairy because of everything you mentioned!!!

Roman is so a tinker! He’s imaginative and creative and always getting into trouble but he’s also brave and always looks for new adventures

Virgil is a fast flying fairy. Makes sense with his fight or flight nature. He can fly around and scout for any potential danger, always remaining vigilant

Oh oh but also Thomas as a new comer who didn’t his discover his talent in his welcoming ceremony. But in the end he finds out he’s a clapping sparrowman!!!!!

Talyn is a light pixie
And Joan is a dust keeper who eventually turns to a dust alchemist

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