darth-mal-deactivated20160105 asked:

Just put together a SOA blog. Let's hope it will be half as good as yours!! :) Let me know if you have any advice!

haha oh well thanks. I don’t really consider mine all that great but I appreciate it. Um advice? Reblog like crazy. I do that. Follow great blogs like Samcro-Soa and Sparrow008. Amazing SOA gifs and such. Just have fun with it.

SOA Friends~ Give a look. She’s joining our madness. :)

You guys are so sweet ;)

I tend to check the blogs reblogging my stuff because i adore reading tags. And I’m seeing tags saying “boredyet rules” and “boredyet and her perfect gifs.” It’s very nice reading something like that, so thank you fellow Tommy fans :D

And a thank you to everyone reblogging my stuff and following me ofcourse, i’ve been gaining quite a number of followers lately!