Spit or Swallow

Dear “Sparrow Tattoo” Tag:

This is a Sparrow:

External image

This is a Swallow:

External image

Notice the distinct difference between the birds, specifically in color, wings, and tails. 

Now, if your “Sparrow Tattoo” has a forked swirly tail and is especially colorful(as most of these do), I hate to tell you, but…(whispers): You actually have a “Swallow Tattoo”.

Actually, I don’t hate to tell you.

Seriously, you are getting something permanently etched onto your body with ink and needles. Even if you don’t care about the difference in meaning between the birds and you were just getting it because it was pretty, you should at least take two minutes to fucking Google what a Sparrow actually looks like. It’s embarrassing and it’s fucking with my ability to search actual “Sparrow Tattoos”. 

And while I’m bitching, all of the above goes for getting tattoos in another language too. Again, permanent drawing on your body. Take the time to actually find someone who reads and speaks the language before you do it. It’s not that hard.

In general, it’s not that hard to do some basic thinking, planning, and minor research for your tattoo. I promise you’ll be happier for it.


A Serious Tattooed Citizen