House Sparrow (fledgling) ~ Haussperling (Ästling) ~ Passer domesticus

House Sparrow fledgling I photographed on one day, the next I found him/her run over by a car. :-( It makes a lot of sense to check all kinds of locations for hiding baby birds who might no be quick enough to escape a dangerous situation during breeding season. Fledglings like the one above still depend on regular food rations from their parents. If healthy and unharmed, they can be (carefully) touched with bare hands and placed in a safe spot close by where they will reunite with their parents. 

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on the 10th of june, my father’s friend found a baby sparrow chick and had asked me if i wanted to raise it. usually i am against house sparrows and prevent them from nesting near my house, since they are not native here and kill native birds eggs, chicks and adults. but i felt sorry for the little chick and took her in. supposedly she fell from a nest on their roof, thats were im guessing she got the injured toe, so it rests under the other 2 toes. when i recieved the chick it was in a box, no heat source nor food for the past 3 hours, so she was hypothermic and starving. so i had to warm her slowly to prevent shock. she consumed 3 ml of food for her first feeding, which is quite a lot considering she was around 5 days old. so now she had been with me for 19 days, im thinking she is around 24 days old. she should be eating on her own, but still demands hand feedings. she will jump near your ear and chirp loudly, peck at your face and chirp endlessly for handfeedings….. this chick is ruthless! i keep her in a cage with different foods and water so she can learn from the parakeet and the cockateils on how to eat, but she wants to be handfed. if she sees you eating, she will steal food from your mouth. im still working on making her eat on her own…..