commissioned horn set par Shannon

My cute little centaur girls together! on ONE picture, jeah! And they received their awesome antlers from Sparrows shop <3 I’m over the moon and so happy.
They are finally finished (maybe I have to search for another wig for the pink one but that will work for now - and I need work in the future, haha XD) after .. 2 years? These poor cuties waited so long for their debut. Do you know that feeling when you finally finished something? I’m just happy ^____^

Which one is your favourite? :D
(I can’t choose, haha!)

*spread happiness*


When I procrastinate, I do it well. :D

More photos of Fable in her new sparrows-shop antlers as well as the siondarkness/Kagami Designs flower crown that came in a while ago but I never photographed!  (I actually have a third one that Phae’s currently wearing but also hasn’t had photos taken yet).

Totally in love with both of Fable’s new accessories! 


mnf fox ear commission par Shannon


It’s not a very “spacey” name, but I believe I’m going to name this girl Poppy because of my grandpa. I’ve always called him Poppy, rather than grandpa, and it’s thanks to him that I share his love of space. :) I’ll never forget watching the Hale-Bopp comet with him though his old telescope when I was around 7 years old. That’s one of my most precious memories.


matching sets par Shannon