commissioned horn set par Shannon

Pearls or rubies for a jewelry set? Looking to get myself something nice as a little reward for how well my doctor’s visit went and I’m stuck between the two.

On one hand, I already have two pearl sets. However, they are both white. I also look very good in them.

On the other hand, I don’t really have any red gemstone jewelry and I think rubies set in gold would make for a nice look.


When I procrastinate, I do it well. :D

More photos of Fable in her new sparrows-shop antlers as well as the siondarkness/Kagami Designs flower crown that came in a while ago but I never photographed!  (I actually have a third one that Phae’s currently wearing but also hasn’t had photos taken yet).

Totally in love with both of Fable’s new accessories! 


A few #minifee previews for @sparrows_shop and @salem_sisterhood 🍬❤️ #angeltoast par AngelToast