mnf fox ear commission par Shannon


Pattern designs based on outings that I made for uni (”Dog walk to the farmers market”, “Second hand book shopping and afternoon tea” and “Saturday morning op shopping”)


When I procrastinate, I do it well. :D

More photos of Fable in her new sparrows-shop antlers as well as the siondarkness/Kagami Designs flower crown that came in a while ago but I never photographed!  (I actually have a third one that Phae’s currently wearing but also hasn’t had photos taken yet).

Totally in love with both of Fable’s new accessories! 


horns with pearls par Shannon

A First Time Invitation

Dear Madam Reinhardt,

I’m not sure if you remember me or not, but I am the woman that served you tea a couple of days ago. You spoke of some interest regarding my tea and the shop that I was opening. I am writing to you now to invite you to the grand opening of The  Sparrow’s Nest. 

The shop will be located in the Mage District (Essential Components) and should prove to be quite comfortable for everyone who happens to wander in. 

The grand opening will be this Saturday at Noon and I plan to be open until the fourth bell in the afternoon. 

I eagerly await to see you and forgive me if this letter is a little awkward…I haven’t had a chance to write very many…

But I’m rambling now. 


Lakryss Sparrow



commissioned antlers par Shannon