sparrow watercolor

Happy Birthday, Johnny Depp! What better way to celebrate than going to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie!


It’s that time of year again. Give them birds some sweaters! “Fall Fashion Line: Sweater Vests for Sparrows”, ink and watercolor, 2016.

You can buy a print of these babies over at my shop on Etsy! Guaranteed to make you smile. 


oh sparrow, flutter your wings
take flight and
soar high in a journey
unfathomable from below

oh sparrow, parade your plumage
a collection of
marbled splashes
stand bold and brilliant

oh sparrow, “but who would love
a voiceless bird?”
without sweet song
solitude loves you

but dear sparrow, please do not weep
drown out the loneliness because
I hear your silence.

October 21, 2015