sparrow tat

anonymous asked:

Why do you larry shippers want Harry and Louis to be together? You have a better chance at marrying Louis if he's with Eleanor over Harry..

because we don’t!!!!! want to marry them!!!!!!! we want them!!!!!!! to marry each other!!!!!!!!!! because they’re oops!!!!! hi!!!!!! i met you in the toilet!!!!! and turns out!!!!! louis was at the same gig!!!!!!! ship!!!! and compass!!!!! won’t stop ‘til we surrender!!!!! i can’t change!!!! quotation marks!!!! cup of tea!!!!! butterfly!!!! it is what it is!!!!! birds!!!!! sparrows!!!!! matching tats!!!! chicken!!!!!!! wrapped in parma ham!!!!!! stuffed with mozzarella!!!!!!!! good lad!!!!! nice little body!!!!!!! louis is a great person!!!! to just like!!!!! sit!!!! and just admire what he’s like!!!!! he’s definitely very charming!!!!! harry just pulls it out!!!! of the bag every time!!!! spontaneous!!!!!! loud!!!!!!!!!! and loud!!!!!!!! handsome!!!!! manly!!!!!!! and rugged!!!!! don’t let me go!!!!!! strong!!!!!!! happily!!!!!! something great!!!! even as young as you are!!!!!!!! 100 percent!!!!!!!!