sparrow print


oh sparrow, flutter your wings
take flight and
soar high in a journey
unfathomable from below

oh sparrow, parade your plumage
a collection of
marbled splashes
stand bold and brilliant

oh sparrow, “but who would love
a voiceless bird?”
without sweet song
solitude loves you

but dear sparrow, please do not weep
drown out the loneliness because
I hear your silence.

October 21, 2015

“That was their little game.

It didn’t interest me.

I wasn’t much of a petty thief.

I wanted the whole world or nothing.”

Bukowski, Charles. “Post Office.” Santa Barbara: Black Sparrow Press, 1971. Print.


These shoes are still for sale! I decided to do a little shoot for these beauties since they were sad and unspoken for and yearned for some sunshine… :(

These have never been worn. A US size 5, for that petite foot out there! We know you’re out there somewhere! Please find a home for these shoes! (There is nothing wrong with them, the seller sent me the wrong size and they weren’t willing to pay for return shipping…) boo…

Spring 2010 Miu Miu inspired sparrow platform heels. These do not have the label Miu Miu on them, so they’re not technically considered knockoffs. But for those who covet the style but can’t afford the $600 price tag, here they be for $100! That includes shipping. If you’re interested, send me a note! Also I only accept Paypal.