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Genji gets hurt in battle, but he doesn’t expect her at his bedside when he wakes up.

Sorry that I haven’t written anything in a while, school is kicking me in the teeth atm


Finally finished it!!

“HAPPY M'MA’S DAY~ From The Duck Knight & The Steel Saint”

(My Mother’s Day present for my ma and granny) ^^

(I.E. I also did this just to mess with Aaron Sparrow of his call out on “the Martha scene” xD. Kind of looking at it, it looks like something that Don Rosa and Paulo Siqueira drew together.)

I did’t want to abandon Inktober for completely xP so I made a doodle of this beauty created by the sweet and talented @ankicacicero !!! She’s Starling Hood, daughter of Queen Duchess Swan and Sparrow Hood!! Hope you like it darling! 😊💞
And hope you all like it! :>

Full Circle

Said the raven to the robin:
I will love you evermore
Said the crow to Cupid’s bow:
My heart is not an open door

Said the blue jay to the sparrow:
My colors bleed just for you
Said the lark to the arrow:
Don’t play me for a fool

Said the swan to the dove:
You thrill me to my core
Said the dove to the raven:
I will love you evermore

Azuki Lynn

When going through something we often seek a companion for comfort, for someone to tell us it will all be okay. While it’s never wrong to ask for help or for someone to hug us when we need it, doing so often leaves us attached and dependent to that someone. We forget how important it is to love ourselves, to be able to know the right words to calm down on our own and to be a friend to ourselves. You are the only person who knows precisely how you feel and what you really need, no one else. No man is in the exact same shoes as the other, everyone has their own troubles. Learn how to depend on yourself, to find peace in solitude and to be the person you need the most because no one else will do that for you…not as much as you should do it for yourself.
My phantom hand passes through the walls. This is what I remember: I’m walking away. From something that I have no desire of leaving. Don’t we all have a knack of that? Anyway, I’m walking away and all of a sudden my phantom hand reaches for my head, grabs a hold of my brain and hauls it out of its hiding place. Says: Here’s the sun. Isn’t that nice? Phantom hand pulls out my rib cage bone by bone. Says: You are free. Expects little sparrow to fly, instead little sparrow gets snatched away by a neighbour’s house cat. The orange thing darts across the street, gets hit by a speeding car. Phantom hand takes my soul out for a wash. Says: It’ll only take a minute. I stand still as a kite. For the first time, it doesn’t bother me when you look.


oh sparrow, flutter your wings
take flight and
soar high in a journey
unfathomable from below

oh sparrow, parade your plumage
a collection of
marbled splashes
stand bold and brilliant

oh sparrow, “but who would love
a voiceless bird?”
without sweet song
solitude loves you

but dear sparrow, please do not weep
drown out the loneliness because
I hear your silence.

October 21, 2015