sparrow in flight

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prompt: the disciple who loves Jesus arrives at the tomb of his beloved

if the light touches him,
it does so like this: gently.

if he touches the rock
that covers the cave mouth,
he does so like this: gently.

judas presses one damp cheek
to the warm limestone, & then
both of his blistered
rivermud-stained palms.

mere nights ago, a thousand
lifetimes ago, yeshua had held
those hands in his own,
under a moon-kissed fig tree
in gethsemane while the others
had slept unknowing.

you must do this, yeshua
whispered through trembling
lips, do this for me.

judas thinks of dark thorns,
iron nails, the soft flesh broken
open. he thinks of how he hid
himself in the faraway rushes so
he wouldn’t hear anything but
the water & his own heart roiling.

judas did this for him
but his soul still howls,
his mouth still aches.

they’ll call me betrayer. he stumbles
over the words of his prayer.
whether this is true or not,
i’ve still killed you. my laughing
poet king. my armored starlight.

my blood’s tainted with the sins
of skin, silver, destruction.
should it be that hell exists, find me
there & say i am forgiven.

silence. then suddenly
winds sing past him,
& in the distance a host
of dust-colored sparrows
tears into flight.

MBTI Types As Superhero Names and Abilities

INFP: The Dreamwalker - Has the ability to disappear from existence and enter into the dreams of those they desire. While this Superhero is more about pleasant dreams and helping people through their dreams, they will also send warnings, and even nightmares if said person is an enemy. Can produce dream like illusions, send people into strong daydreams, and warp dreams how they see fit. Has a habit of disappearing randomly and unexpectedly.

ENFP: Quantum Wizard - Has the ability to manipulate the laws of physics however they see fit, often done in cartoon like ways such as random teleportation, walking on air before falling and then running through a wall only to end up somewhere else. Highly unpredictable, and energetic, luckily for us all the Quantum Wizard doesn’t overuse his/her abilities… or so we think. Has a habit of glomping you when you least expect it from what seems like literally nowhere.

INTP: Data Sage - Has immediate access to any data one may need in any situation in order to go about the correct path. There is no need for a computer for them to do this, which also allows them to hack into any system with just their mind. Is the one who stays in the background and directs everyone else in where they’re needed and what they need to do as they are the MBTI Superhero Types Oracle. Has a habit of still not being able to figure out their own directions even though they’re able to direct everyone else.

ENTP: Silver Tongue Viper - No one can resist their charm, and their words. With their words they can cause a person to forget or remember what they desire, as well as to do or not do anything they ask. There are few and far in between who can resist their charming silky honeyed hypnotic voice and sexual charm. Words are their weapon and their power, with which even nature must obey. Has a habit of flirting too much and ending up sometimes doing the exact thing they weren’t suppose to do.

INTJ: Shadowmaster - Literally a master of peoples shadows, and shadows in general. Can cause shadows to become physical copies of the person or thing, allowing them to control them via their shadows as long as they are within sight. Can turn into a shadow themselves and teleport as well as walk from shadow to shadow without being seen. May or may not have a habit of making people dance like marionettes.

ENTJ: Dominion - Where ever Dominion stands or walks an area of up to 200 meters is completely and utterly under their control, for that is now their temporary domain. As such the people must follow and everything must obey their will within that area, and should they choose the force they let out can cause people and buildings to collapse with a simple push. Has a habit of lazing around when no one is watching.

INFJ: Starchild - Has the ability to imbue people with the knowledge of the universe and the workings of the very stars themselves, often causing a brain meltdown once done. Is able to fly and go supernova should they choose, often very kind and helpful, but also always in another place as if they never belong… as if they themselves came from the very stars themselves. The most elusive type and the most secretive, only to act when they are absolutely needed. Has a habit of randomly dozing off.

ENFJ: Southern Wind - Has the ability to bring about warmer air and an emotional embrace. Wherever people are hurting there the Southern Wind is, comforting and healing them before moving on as the wind passes through the persons body and heals them completely. If serious he/she can use their ability to create a tornado or even hurricane should they come across such evil that requires it. Most of the time however they are the empathetic healer, who guides people towards a better path. Has a habit of playing with children and inspiring them to follow their dreams.

ISFP: Beastmaster - There is no animal that does not listen to them, and their is no animal that will not obey him/her. Nature is their domain and all the animals within are under their control. As such he/she also has the ability to talk to and understand any animal they come across through a telepathic link that is often established. As such he/she won’t be seen so much inside the city but in places of nature where they are most suited towards their task. Has the habit of placing animal sounds in some of their words.

ESFP: Hyperdrive - Due to their endless energy that challenges that of the Quantum Wizard, Hyperdrive is able to do, gather and disperse energy however they see fit within their actions, which can often cause them to do everything at faster than lightspeed, which in turn causes them to be able to go through a dimensional shift, as well as open portals as well as wormholes in space. Has a habit of not being able to remain still, whether this is from the body constantly vibrating or them constantly moving.

ISTP: Thundersmith - There is nothing that Thundersmith can’t build, and there is no weapon that they can’t wield. With the force of his/her hammers he/she can topple mountains, and build buildings from the ground up. Anything they touch can be used as a weapon as it is imbued with the powers of the earth shaking forces of thunder and lightning. Has a habit of building automatons and giant fighting robots.

ESTP: Steel Commando - Can make their body impervious to harm and even turn to steel. Further more they relish in the arms of combat and can use any firearm, explosive, or general mass destructive weapon by mere will alone. And it’s not just one or two that they have in their hand either, no any firearm they touch will immediately be linked to them allowing them to have as many firearms and explosives they can get their hands on and use all of the simultaneously. Has a habit of jumping from buildings or airplanes as a first mode of attack.

ISTJ: Enforcer - Law is their domain, not law in the sense of the laws of society, but law in general. As such they can erase or create any law they see fit, and make it come to pass in anyone they see. If they do not wish for some one to escape, the law that they create will prevent that person to escape, as their law becomes part of physical nature itself. Of course once again they must be within eye distance of all that is going on in order to execute this ability. Has a habit of playing memory and mind games with themselves and others.

ESTJ: Captain Force - There is nothing they cannot force themselves into or command upon setting foot in a place that requires such or that they simply dictate requires such. Everything moves in the path they desire, when they desire, and how they desire. This includes systems, people, and things in general. Their overpowering presence may also cause others around them to faint. Has the habit of placing everything into neat organizational order when their ability is used.

ISFJ: Harmonious Sparrow - Besides the power of flight, Harmonious Sparrow is able to gently bring all into order and harmony. Where ever there is chaos, and general conflict, their powers of peace and order will bring everything into quiet settlement. When needed they also utilize their unique martial arts skills that gracefully place their opponents in the ground before they even realize what has happened. Has a habit of always bringing herbal tea with them.

ESFJ: The Sentry - Nothing will be able to get past that which they guard or watch, as they are the caretakers of all those in need. They have the ability to not only see all that is coming from far distances, but to also dish out as much punishment as they are given. They will stand in front of all the people they care for and if the enemy wants to get to those people, they first have to get through them. As long as they have people to look after, guard, and take care of, nothing can harm them as instead all of that harm returns in equal force towards the person giving it. Has a habit of hugging and cuddling everyone they’re close to.

Two Reasons

You’ve been sitting alone at the hotel bar for over an hour now, staring hopelessly into a glass of water as if it contains answers to the questions that haunt you.

Why doesn’t he love me?

Where did we go wrong?

Why aren’t I enough?

You’ve felt heart break before but this one is different. This one hurts more. After sleeping with you for months and making you believe that the two of you could have something special, something real, you’d put on your favorite dress - the little maroon one, all silk, with the halter straps - and he’d taken you to the new Italian restaurant that you’d been so excited to try just to confirm all your suspicions.

To tell you that there was another woman.

To prove every insecurity you’ve ever harbored true.

To ruin you over wine and lasagna.

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Imagine Sandor being your sworn sword and shield and you being the only one to calm his temper

prompt number thirteen and nineteen requested by anonymous (x2)


You walked through the marketplace of King’s Landing, taking in the fast-paced crowd and the variety of items being sold all around you. You went to look at a beautiful glass figurine of a sparrow taking flight, and Sandor followed you silently. You always joked that Sandor was your shadow; he never left your side, and that was how you liked it. 

The glass salesman approached you. He was a stout man, not young by any means, but he seemed kind. He rested a hand on your arm, “Excuse me, but I have a freshly-made figurine of a butterfly. Beautiful, it is, let me show you.”

Sandor slid the man’s hand off of your arm, his face hard and impassive, “The lady may not want to see it.” he said. You gently lay a hand on Sandor, and immediately you felt him relax. You were the only person who truly knew how to calm him, as most of the time you were the one he got emotional over. 

You smiled at the man, “I’d love to see it, I’m sure it’s exquisite.” As the man shuffled off to get the figurine, you turned to Sandor and gave him a small smile. He returned it and went to follow you, just like he always did.

RUNNING STITCH: punch and poke / bruised knuckles / if you hurt yourself / maybe he wont hurt you / that much / stabbing / if you keep picking at old wounds / maybe it’ll release the pain / talk about it / talk about how he played you like a doll / do it like you’re pouring salt into your own cuts / do it like fresh wounds scraping against cemented floors

CROSS STITCH: if you keep replaying the day your neck snapped in two / maybe you’ll numb / forget intertwined tongues / from when he kissed you / forget feeling like stardust / from his feather-like touch / forget butterfly nurseries / in the pits of your stomach / forget the soft moonlit shadows / cast on the lake / beside which you both danced / to the beat of your heart / thumping

CHAIN STITCH: mama always said / do not challenge what you cannot destroy / he cannot destroy you / you are not a candle / but a relit splinter / not a phoenix / but a sparrow that has just taken flight / mama always said / do not bend what you cannot break / he cannot break you / mama always said / do not burn what you cannot turn to ash / you are the fire / not the debris

STEM STITCH: do you remember the first time he said / i love you / do you remember it feeling like / a ten cent stamp / branded on your back / tattooed into your skin / now / take those words / shove it back into his mouth / do you see all the lies he ever told / clinging onto his molars / shove it down his throat / swallow your words / swallow your words / take them back / take them back

SATIN STITCH: mend your battered heart / like patchwork / these glass ribs / form armor around it / these paper lungs / learn to breathe / again / flowers grow towards the light / and this time / the light is in you / daffodils spring from your wounds / the eagle calls / here is your rebirth


Rags of Light

Author: @aloysiavirgata

Rating: PG

Timeline: A year after IWTB

Summary:  Dealing with the past to move into the future.

Author’s Notes: This story was written for the very patient @perplexistan who was looking for some post-IWTB angst. I hope this fits the bill! Thanks to @contradiction-to-nature, beta extraordinaire, and my squad sounding board.

The title comes from Leonard Cohen’s If It Be Your Will.


She finds Mulder behind the house, drowsing in one of the hammocks they’d strung between the ancient oaks that tower above their patch of the planet. Scully loves the clean piney air, the scents of earth and raw lumber that infuse their home. The trees are a riot of autumn color, carpeting the grass in gold and scarlet. Two floppy-eared Nubian goats are munching the grass nearby, occasionally crunching on fallen leaves. Scully named them Rosalind Franklin and Elizabeth Blackwell.

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oh sparrow, flutter your wings
take flight and
soar high in a journey
unfathomable from below

oh sparrow, parade your plumage
a collection of
marbled splashes
stand bold and brilliant

oh sparrow, “but who would love
a voiceless bird?”
without sweet song
solitude loves you

but dear sparrow, please do not weep
drown out the loneliness because
I hear your silence.

October 21, 2015

Perversions délicates | 1

Spies of Warsaw / A passionate Woman Xover

Pairing: Jean-François Mercier x Betty

Rating: Adult

Word count: 4800

Beta: the fabulous Foxy

Summary:  What can a working-class girl from Leeds and a noble French colonel find in each other? Meeting Jean-François forces Betty to reconsider who she is and the way she lives her life. As her feelings for him grow, so will her desire for freedom and control over her own life, but that’s not so easy to get for a married woman in the 1940s.

Warnings: there’s a sex scene between Betty and her husband that may be unpleasant for some people. It’s consensual but kind of sad. Alcohol and smoking. Infidelity. Spoilers for both shows.

A/N: If you aren’t familiar with the characters, check out this introductory post

Leeds, 1947

Betty wasn’t that kind of woman.

She wasn’t the kind of woman who flirted and kissed strangers. She wasn’t the kind of woman who cheated on her husband. She didn’t even drink or smoke, for crying out loud.

Craze was different, you see. The exception. He loved her and she loved him and that was that.

It wasn’t about pride and lust or other sinful things.

Although, if she really thought about it… Well, it wouldn’t change the fact that he was dead and it was her fault.

When she had the idea to find work around town, she didn’t think it would force her to reconsider both the kind of woman she was and her true feelings for Craze. On the contrary, it was all part of her penance. She thought the extra money would help pay for the house and somehow make up for her infidelity. Even if her husband, Donald, wasn’t aware of her affair, her work might weigh in some sort of cosmic balance.

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Hazard [OQ]

Enchanted Forest, missing year. In which Robin and Regina pose a rather unexpected threat to Little John’s health, and he decides he probably ought to do something about it. Prequel to Kitchens. For loveexpelrevolt​. Thank you herardentwish for being a lovely beta! [ffn]

It appears, much to Little John’s delight, that Granny Lucas has quite outdone herself this morning.

He surveys his options, then carefully heaps his plate with buttered toast, thick slabs of roast ham, potato hash topped with a green onion garnish and a generous dollop of fresh sour cream. His other hand cradles a gravy boat fit to serve twenty, though he’s absolutely no intention of sharing its contents.

He’s just settling onto his bench—a tighter squeeze each day, but no matter—and searching for the nearest coffee carafe when he’s distracted by the relative hush that’s fallen over the banquet hall, as it tends to do whenever the Queen has made her sweeping entrance.

John dares not roll his eyes in so blatant a sign of disdain, so he trains them instead on a particularly crispy corner of toast, munching away with exceptional focus whilst sparing not a glance for the Queen as she stalks her way to the buffet table.

The clinking of cups soon resumes, but there’s a curious undertone to the chatter that accompanies it now, drawing John’s gaze reluctantly upward.

He squints at the Queen’s backside as she ignores the meat and potatoes (excellent; more for him, then) and picks daintily at the fruit adorning the table’s far end. Nothing of her appearance strikes him as terribly out of the ordinary—she looks her usual, murderous self, as untrustworthy as ever in his opinion.

Not that anyone ever thinks to ask it.

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TG: snack time

dave is sparrow-flight

Christmas flights…
Cooter scored a couple of field mice the other day and his sparrow flights continue. Does anyone else’s hawk skim the grass when they fly? He does plenty of soaring & kiting, but he sure gets low sometimes!
(Yes….I’m wearing socks with sandals. No, I can’t explain myself.)


Everyday he’s hustlin’

Another day in the field! I decided to fly Cooter without his bell today, been thinking about it for around a week. I can tell the difference and I think he liked flying without the extra weight. His first chase was an 80 yard sparrow flight out into the open field from the ground cover…successful! This is the first time he’s caught a sparrow with me, although I suspect it will happen again. Then he had multiple flights (bunny flights, cotton rats) including one where he hovered about 15 ft above the brush for 10 seconds or so…beautiful! He finally nabbed a quarter-pounder (cotton rat) and had another snack.
After that he flew along the tree line & all over the place! In my opinion, he was just enjoying the breeze and not having the bell😊
All said and done, he really was impressive today, I’ve been showering him with compliments all morning😁