sparrow cosplays

Skuld and Ephemera going adventuring ✨ 

Honestly, for me personally, I had the most fun at Anime Matsuri when me and @xultima were wearing these cosplays. It was comfortable and just was loads of fun. 

This beautiful photo was taken by Qubitcosplay on instagram, and I honestly can’t thank her enough for doing a photoshoot with Skye and me. It was a blast and all the photos I’ve seen so far look amazing 💕 . 


Posting for - @venturemist (Because tumblr won’t let him post it)

I’m looking to cosplay young jack sparrow and I am needing some help finding, making, or even commissioning someone to make the costume.. if you can help and or interested in making this for me please send me a message. (@venturemist )