Awesome Mix: Vol. X

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Peter Quill has a second mix. One that he only brings out for…special occasions.

  1. LUDO // whipped cream
  2. BEYONCE // crazy in love [fifty shades of grey remix]
  3. HERE COME THE MUMMIES // dirty minds
  4. FALL OUT BOY // just one yesterday
  5. DANGER RADIO // slow dance with a stranger
  6. JET // are you gonna be my girl
  7. PANIC! AT THE DISCO // casual affair
  8. FINGER ELEVEN // paralyzer
  9. BITTER:SWEET // dirty laundry
  10. SAM SPARRO // black & gold
  11. MARVIN GAYE // lets get it on

Listen here.

PRIDE [ listen ]

A mix of songs all by artists of our generation who are transgender, gay, bisexual, pansexual, non-binary, and all the other rad people that give myself, and others, pride. 

i. louder - tegan & sara | ii. king - years & years | iii. louder - chris willis | iv. stronger - clean bandit | v. love again - penatronix | vi. g.u.y. - gaga | vii. tear this house down - hervé x zebra katz | viii. bulletproof - la roux | ix. adios - ricky martin | x. talk about you - mika | xi. happiness - sam sparro | xii. stupid - brendan maclean | xiii. don’t wait - joey graceffa | xiv. louder - charice | xv. good enough - jussie smollett | xvi. happy little pill - troye sivan | xvii. creep - jinkx monsoon  | xviii. millions - gerard way | xix kotonakare shugi - nakamura ataru | xx. battle cry - angel haze & sia | xxi. come along - vicci martinez | xxi. thinking bout you - frank ocean 

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Welp since a lot of other people are askin stuff now I'll go ahead and say it! I love your art so much, especially the way you colour/shade omg ;A; And the way you do pixels.... no JUST EVERYTHING IN GENERAL is wonderful augh




Feel It By MR.AJ The Artist (Fine Art Collage, 2015)

Villagers currently in my Cycling Town!

I will name the villager and the price:
Drago - 300k
Mac - free
Bonbon - 200k
Cyrano - free
Pekoe - 200k
Chadder - free
Sparro - 200k
Gwen - 200k
Alice - 500k

This is going from the villager popularity photo I uploaded earlier. If you would like any of these villagers for a lower price, message me and we can negotiate ^_^

I will also have a 2nd and 3rd option for each villager - so if the person who asked first cannot get the villager on the day of move out, I will ask the second person, and so on.
Machinations of Heart
Every night in his dreams, Stanley Pines is entranced by the charming Bill Cipher, who is a being in search of someone to help build a device that could bring immeasurable amounts of knowledge into the world. Stanley eagerly steps up to the task, itching both to further human understanding of all things supernatural, and to bring himself closer to Bill, who grows closer and more endearing to him as the nights stretch on... A mix dedicated to the rise and fall of Stanley's affections for a scheming, brilliant demon who entertains a human's feelings in order to attain his goals.

// Dear Fellow Traveler - Sea Wolf // Once Upon a Dream - Lana Del Rey // Eat You Alive - The Oh Hello’s // Black and Gold - Sam Sparro // Poet - Bastille // Fear and Delight - The Correspondents // Fire Meet Gasoline - Sia // Only You - Ellie Goulding // The Devil Wears A Suit - Kate Miller Heidke // Stardust - Gemini Syndrome // Closer - Nine Inch Nails // Angels - Within Temptation // Snake Eyes - Mumford and Sons // Novocaine - Fall Out Boy // Nightmares - Chameleon Circuit // The Mighty Fall - Fall Out Boy // The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get - Morrissey // Dead Inside - Muse // Broken Crown - Mumford and Sons //

Here’s chanduril and my baby, we been working together on this playlist for like two weeks and we’ve put SOOO much work into thinking about it.  Hope you all will listen to our masterpiece and enter the hell that is AuthorBill.


Sam Sparro - ‘Black and Gold’ (Audio)


I was on the radio today!!! Talking to my favorite Drag Queens and enterTAINTers Willam, Alaska Thunderfuck & Courtney Act on Sirius XM.