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Welp since a lot of other people are askin stuff now I'll go ahead and say it! I love your art so much, especially the way you colour/shade omg ;A; And the way you do pixels.... no JUST EVERYTHING IN GENERAL is wonderful augh



Immunity Dance Remix for Instagram

I wanna be next you.
“Black and Gold” by Sam Sparro

The Remix series features Rumer and Val’s DWTS routines set to different songs that hopefully breathe new life into them. The edits are simple—just some rearranging, subtle coloring, and occasional effects when appropriate—with the aim of still showcasing their dancing. One remix every weekday from 7/13 to 7/31, posted in the order they were performed.


Real Estate- Crime

Things to do in Los Angeles this weekend (7/16-7/19-15)-


Real Estate are playing at the Santa Monica Pier with Hippo Campus (free)-

Fuzz are at the Troubadour with The Birth Defects-

The Hammer Museum’s Summer of Soul continues with Sam Sparro, The Rebirth, and KCRW DJs (free)-

Cold Showers are opening for Light Asylum at The Echo-


At Skirball Cultural Center this week for the outdoor concert Into the Night, musical acts Tamaryn and Mystic Braves will perform while Joshua Light Show presents a “liquid light show” to accompany the music ($20)-

Superhumanoids are playing with Tropics at Figat7th’s free downtown event-

L7 are at the Fonda Theatre (tickets available for balcony only, or see them Thursday when tickets are available for the floor only)-

This week at Grand Performances is The Last Jimmy: A Hip Hop Musical with Dice Raw which “explores mass incarceration, the criminal justice system, and the prison-industrial complex through the eyes of young black males” (free)-

Friday through Sunday

MOCA’s Step and Repeat returns to their Geffen location for three days of numerous performances that include music, performance art, comedy, poetry and dance- $12 for one night or $30 for all three- check the link for the list of all the artists-


Artists/Street Artists Haunted Euth and T.S. Clair’s joint exhibition “Heroine” is at Stone Malone Gallery and opens tonight-

Photographer Marcus Haney is screening his film “No Cameras Allowed” at Annenberg Space for Photography and afterwards will be discussing his current career and how he broke into the business through concert photography ($10)-

Downtown Long Beach’s Summer and Music Festival continues with a free screening of The Wizard of Oz, a performance by the band MOVE, and for $5 you can get wireless headphones to participate in Silent Disco- all in the promenade parking lot-

Willie Nelson is playing at the Greek Theatre-

The Autry’s outdoor movie this week is Three Amigos-


The 18th Street Arts Center is having their “Champagne Social” with guided studio tours and of course, champagne (free)-

The second day of the Viva Pomona! festival at the Glass House has headliners Iceage, and Christopher Owens (formerly of the band Girls)-

Jesse Thorn of Maximumfun is giving his talk Make Your Thing that “focuses on how he turned his college radio show into an independent media powerhouse” at Annnenberg Space for Photography ($10)-


the year of hexterah’s house of hotties: July 3rd
Sam Sparro (musician)

Everything about Sam Sparro is absolutely wonderful. His music is amazing, his voice is magic and look at that bone structure okay. You’ve most likely heard Black and Gold (or a cover of it) but that isn’t his only gorgeous song. They all are that level of yes please. His sense of humor is the best kind and holy crap I really can’t say enough about him. He is one of my favorite musicians and there are no songs of his I ever skip while listening to his albums. HE IS THAT MAGIC.

The Shallow End // Happiness // Hands Up // Sick // Infinite // We Could Fly

Hands up who has been waiting for Sam Sparro to release music for almost 7 years? It seems like its been an age since Sam Sparro dropped Black And Gold and now he’s returned with Hands Up where he’s gone with a really funky soul sound which reminds me a bit of Mark Ronson’s latest album. I am seriously impressed with this track, its perfect to groove to and is just a sweet funk soul track. Props to Sam Sparro as he has come out and surprised me in a really brilliant way - Jakk

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I was tagged by the lovely alittlebriar-rose. Also i’m on my phone so sorry if this looks complicated

Nickname(s): A lot of people call me Jess or Jessie. I also 100% accept Jessicool.

Birthday: September 2, 1988 (I am VERY OLD in Tumblrland, I know)

Star sign: Virgo

Gender: Woman.

Height: 5′7"

Sexual orientation: I consider myself queer. And even though I hate the word “bisexual”, that seems more accessible if that makes any sense.

Favorite color: Teal, mint green

Time right now: 11:30pm exactly

Fav song(s) right now: ooh a few… “Cranekiss” by Tamaryn, “Still Hungry” by Sam Sparro, “A Good Start” by Maria Taylor, “Dreams” by Beck, “Depreston” by Courtney Barnett, “That’s Not Me” by The Beach Boys, “Our Deal” by Best Coast, “Lover of Mine” by Beach House, “I Can’t Go For That” by The Bird and The Bee…i have a playlist of favorite songs im listening to now.

Average hours I sleep: 4-6 hours lol

Lucky numbers: idk. 4 or 2.

Last thing I Googled: “laemmle town center"

Fav fictional character: idk. Carlton Banks.

Celebrity crush: This question is so high school! Anyway, Ben Schwartz, Sebastien Grainger, and Zoe Kravitz.

Favorite book: probably The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

Favorite bands: a lot of my favorites are solo musicians. Rufus Wainwright, Fiona Apple, St. Vincent, Jeff Buckley, Feist, Jenny Lewis, Neko Case, etc. My favorite actual band is Rilo Kiley.

Last movie I saw: Love & Mercy

Dream trip: Iceland!

Dream job: Comedy writer

Currently wearing: clothes

I tag anyone who wants to do this!


I finally saw @samsparro live!!!!! For free at the Hammer Museum tonight. Trust me, it was really hard deciding between this and a $30 Fiona Apple/Nick Kroll show… (at Hammer Museum)