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Hi! I have been looking for you for ages and now...I FOUND YOU!!! OH MY... everything you write is absolitely magical, I was captured especially by you latest prompt. I cried. Seriously. It was perfect. Absolutely magical. I was wondering. How could Kakashi react if his beloved partner tells him she's pregnant. Would he be super tender or will he hide everything and explode in tears the day of the birth? How would he behave for the entire pregnancy? Feel free to not answer if you already have😍

Hello, friend! I am so happy you found me <3 

I once wrote a lengthy drabble about Kakashi and my OC, Ume Sasaki. I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but here it is. If you’re looking for something different, like headcanon, I’d be happy to write those for you too :) If you just want me to continue this, I would be super happy to do so lol 

*crying* /I just really love to write about Kakashi/.

Some background before you read: Ume Sasaki is my OC from the Hidden Leaf. Her hair is purple, (Ume means plum) and she has light green eyes. She wears her hair up in a bun held together by two knitting needles that she uses to weave things, such as water, vines, mud, into something useful during battle. 

Prompt is below the cut! 

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One-shot: Grooming

Title: Grooming

Pairing: NejiTen

Rating: T

Word Count: 1,303

Summary: A small one-shot inspired by this lovely fanart by papabay. After a day of intense training, Neji is left to care for a filthy Tenten. Neji despises messes and Tenten loves to rile him up.

Tenten giggled as Neji brushed his soft fingers over her cheek and scrubbed insistently at a stubborn dirt mark. The look of concentration he had on his face was absolutely adorable and Tenten knew that she was the only one that he ever allowed to see the way he would suck on his lips and wrinkle his nose this way.

Sometimes she would catch a glimpse of that secretive expression during training when he was concentrating particularly hard on a target or technique but the second he felt her eyes examining him, it was gone and replaced with his usual cold frown.

“Gai-sensei really worked us hard today.” Tenten mentioned cheerfully as Neji licked his thumb and rubbed her nose. She frowned and pursed her lips in a small pout. 

“And you’re as filthy as ever.” He commented mildly, “You could at least take a little care to avoid the mud.” 

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Touken Ranbu Hanamaru Otomedia+ interview

So yesterday Hanamaru had an interview in Otomedia+! Not sure if this is the complete interview but it’s the only thing I could find atm, here’s a rough translation. Source is here.

[Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru]’s story takes place the day after Yasusada comes to the Honmaru.
This work illustrates his growth, and every day he grows stronger. I wanted to bring attention to that.

Kiyomitsu is the starter sword in Hanamaru’s Honmaru.
So he’s the one who’s been in this Honmaru for the longest, and the Saniwa relies on him too.
He helps out the newly arrived Touken Danshi, for example. And to win the Saniwa’s affection he makes sure to make himself look nice.

Please look forward to see how he grows alongside Yasusada.

(Next is Hasebe)

The first sword to be forged in Hanamaru’s Honmaru is Heshikiri Hasebe.

After Kashuu Kiyomitsu, he’s the second sword who’s been there the longest, so he’s also in a position where he helps out the others.
He does things like summon everybody together and help out the Saniwa; this Honmaru’s Heshikiri Hasebe is rather busy as well.

(it’s also mentioned he tends the flower gardens at the Honmaru and also does other similar kind of work)

(Next is Imanotsurugi)

Imanotsurugi is the 3rd sword to arrive at our Honmaru.

He was Yoshitsune’s mamori-gatana, so it’s easy to imagine him being acquainted with Benkei’s Iwatooshi. But at Hanamaru you will also be able to see how he gets along and plays around with the other Tantou.

(Next is Maeda)

Maeda Toushirou is the 4th sword to arrive at the Honmaru.

Among the Toushirous, he’s one of the tantous who cares for his brothers the most. It makes one think he’s an incredibly nice and well behaved person.

There’s even a scene where you can see him stick up for his brothers!

(Next is some more on Yasusada and Kiyomitsu)

-What made you want to focus on Yasusada and Kiyomitsu?

Kiyomitsu is the starter sword, so when I thought of creating the story for the TV series I thought I’d like to illustrate a situation where the both of them grow together, as a set.

For Yasusada, it’s not to say he’s faulty, but I think he’s a character who can particularly have a lot of space for mental growth.

For example, there’s his feelings for his previous owner, the Shinsengumi’s Okita Souji, and the relationships he has with the Shinsengumi’s other swords.

So there’s focus on the drama that surrounds the two of them, but there’s also the notion of seeing the other characters from their point of view.

It’s as if Yasusada and Kiyomitsu became the eyes we use to see how all the others meet and come in contact with each other.

-So you will be including things like the Shinsengumi and the Ikedaya affair as well?

When we decided to center the story around these two, I think it became inevitable that we would incorporate the drama that had to do with the Shinsengumi and Okita Souji.  

-What you can revel to us about Hanamaru’s Honmaru?

The ambiance in Hanamaru is meant to be harmonious and fun.

There’s still the part about fighting for history, but the Touken Danshi at this Honmaru don’t feel a strong sense of bloodthirst. Rather than that, they enjoy the lives these new bodies gave them.

As you can figure out from the title, at Hanamaru there’s a very calm and gentle Honmaru.

-What’s something that you were watchful about during the story’s creation?

We talked about how the screenplay production felt like it had puzzles and factorization in it, that left an impression on me.

With Yasusada for example, by making him say a single sentence the user’s perception of him changes little by little.  

We had to really think out every word, so it ended up having more hurdles than your usual anime story production too.  

It’s something you have to be careful of, so I was very watchful of it.

-Are the sortie units and the attendant positions fixed?

In this Honmaru, the first unit captain and attendant roles rotate.  

It can change depending on the episode, and the unit’s members aren’t fixed either.

-Mainly it takes an angle where you see a tatami-matted japanese style room from where you can gaze at the garden. How is the establishment formed in the anime?

Hanamaru’s Honmaru is fundamentally a one story japanese house.

You can see the courtyard from a tatami-matted room as you do in the game, and an arched bridge that spans above the pond.

In the game you have internal affairs such as horse keeping, field work, and sparring. So there’s a training room, stable and fields. Other places not shown in the game will also appear in Hanamaru’s Honmaru, like a kitchen.

A reception hall, training room, an interior courtyard, etc. We made places where people would inevitable gather at, since it’s a meant to be a harmonious and fun Honmaru.

Also, one of this Honmaru’s peculiarities is its open-air stone bath.

-Do they use gas and electricity at this Honmaru?

Places like the kitchen and washhouse are relatively old fashioned, so the use of electricity is rather subtle.
(or something I’m having trouble grasping this line orz)

Our Honmaru’s Saniwa is a relatively modern person.

This Saniwa brought electric devices and magazines from the year 2205, so the Touken Danshi are familiar with the technology that didn’t exist in their time.

The exterior looks like a mansion from the Edo period, but there’s also other modern elements mixed in. Hanamaru’s Honmaru becomes a space where both of those things exist.

-Besides the Honmaru, what other places will appear in the anime?

Well of course there’s the battlefield where the sorties take place.

And it includes various battles, not just the ones related to Yasusada or Kiyomitsu.

Going out to participate in the battles that take place in the game is also one of the important points of this work.

Besides sorties they will also go out on expeditions.

I wanted people to feel as if they were the Saniwa watching over the Touken Danshi’s great efforts.

Also there will be a new visual and PV revealed on the 12th-13th at Comiket 90!

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Because AoS hasn't given us much info about the philinda academy days, what are your academy days-related headcanons?

  1. The first time Phil watched May fight was during a first year sparring session and he was so busy watching her he ended up pretty much getting knocked out.
  2. She pretended she didn’t notice but she did.
  3. For a long while they had mutual friends but they didn’t talk alone too much, each of them liked the other and wanted to, but they never really did for those first couple of months.
  4. In their first year a mutual friend roped him into May’s plan to water bomb the condescending fourth year cadets from the top of the training center. Phil hit one right on the head and May gave him a real smile for the first time.
  5. One time he wandered into her dorm looking for someone else. She was making tea and gave him some whilst he waited. They ended up talking for hours.
  6. Second year he began to miss her, she wasn’t around as much as she seemed to have been in the first, and he’d spent little time with her compared to others, but he still missed having her around.
  7. The little chats they had during that year meant a lot to him, he’d hold onto them in his mind for days afterward and wouldn’t even realise he was doing it.
  8. Third year is when there was the most drop outs. The training took a serious step up and suddenly there were cadets being booted out of low-flying planes and taught to withhold sensitive information under torture. The extreme stuff. There were 72 drop-outs and kick-outs. The classes got smaller, and merged, and Phil got to see more of Melinda May again.
  9. He liked watching her fight, sometimes he’d sit at the edge of the mats pretending to do up his shoes for a full 20 minutes watching her gracefully flip grown men onto their backs. He was pretty sure he was fooling no one.
  10. October that year a mutual friend got hit in the side by a rogue bullet, seeing him on a gurney bleeding out is the first time Phil fully understood what he’s entered himself in for; that the enemy wouldn’t be shooting blanks. May came to find him, sitting beside him silently on the edge of sector 3′s roof, overlooking the entire compound. She told him that their friend is doing fine and they talk, he ended up telling her he isn’t afraid of death, just dying. ‘I hear it can be painful.’ He laughs nervously. 
  11. The first time he kissed Melinda May it was because it was what they’d been told to do. A section of the module describing the intricacies of undercover operations stated that displays of affection when hiding in plain sight were an easy way to maintain cover. During a paired practical assessment their target had looked toward them; in a split second May had slipped her hand around his neck and without fully realising what was happening he was suddenly kissing Melinda May.
  12. She’d never mentioned it afterward, either she’d just seen it as another part of the assignment and an easy way to a high grade, or she was trying to avoid an uncomfortable conversation. Phil pondered that it was probably both.
  13. He broke his collarbone just before the end of his third year, he hadn’t even been sparring, he’d tripped over one of the nets on the training field and fallen in a ditch. May didn’t leave his side the whole time, shaking her head and muttering ‘idiot’ to herself. The morphine they gave him made him slightly more bold than usual, he grinned sleepily at her as he told her she had a pretty smile and he liked watching her kick people in the head. That last made her laugh. She fell asleep in the armchair in the recovery room, and he watched her peacefully.
  14. Fourth year was a breeze compared. A lot was admin like learning how to file a report correctly. Melinda was amazingly efficient and Phil the first half of the year trying to sweet talk her into doing his filing… it didn’t work.
  15. They got separated after graduation, cadets weren’t allowed to know where everyone was headed but before Melinda walked away from him she drew closer and pressed a soft kiss to his cheek at the very corner of his mouth. She used to opportunity to slip a scrap of paper in his pocket: A base and a number to call if he ever needed her. 
  16. In conclusion: where tf are my flashbacks i need some flashbacks!!