wow this is late and p lame but here shinx enjoy

Romano knows something is wrong when Spain doesn’t shuffle into the shower five minutes after Romano climbs in, and knows something is even more wrong when he leaves their bathroom, wrapped in a towel, and sees Spain still in bed.

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Italy: *cries* Wah Germany Romano is mad at me again! *whines*

Germany: *sighs then pats head* It ok Italy I’m here for you.

Italy: *sobs* Germany… *looks with list filled eyes*

Germany: *slightly blushes then lift Italy’s chin leaning in closly* Italy… *kissed Italy deeply*

Italy: *quickly falls into the kiss*

Italy: *begins to moan in Germany’s mouth*

Romano: Italy where are y- *freeze in shock*

Spain: *comes in behind* Lovi why did you stop…oh…Feli wow…

Germany: *blushes* W-wait I-I-I can e-explain! *stutters*

Italy: *blushes deeply*


30 days of OTP- Day 18: Doing something together