me doing a reading for my australian friends: so yeh cunt u got fuckn saturn ruling the 5th house oh mate go home crack a 6 pack and a scoob dont worry about ur rego or keeping money aside for the sparky, go to the pokies cunt its what u need

just saw one thats “drag queen name is your first pets name + mothers maiden name” lmao these are all such obvious fishes for info but i dont think i have this info anywhere and mine would be SPARKY GARCIA….nice


What do you think about me selling art prints?

I wanted to get some made of Dylan and his Space cat Rocky, and some of Eric and Sparky!

Please let me know!

Pidge actually did take up gardening after all, with some help from their Trash Buddies of course!

sparky garcia and peaches aveeno are two gay twins and peaches is a t girl lesbian sparky is super a camp boy and wears glitter and eyeliner also they have preternatural abilities to talk to ghosts and solve crime but mostly they just wanna party and sing in a band