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I drew this for a FOP contest on FB and forgot to post it here. I don’t know if a winner was ever picked, but I still had alot of fun doing it. I got it don 10 minutes before the deadline so some things might be a little off. >u>”

Fairly Odd Parents was always one of my favorite shows as a kid and it helped me through a tough time by making me laugh. 9u9′ 

Three posts from me in one day. What is this? XD Decided to stream some art stuff for a bit. =D Working on something for @flyboytracy I started last week. (It might be Scott. XD)

If anyone wants to come hang out for a bit. =D 

Finished the stream for now. Might go back on lil’ later… Maybe on another service, cause gosh Twitch kept disconnecting. =(a Thankies to any who joined me. ^____^/

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Could I plz have a headcanons request to the Overwatch guys finding out their s/o can sing really well? Like they r just chilling then something happens (fav song comes on, a line reminds them of a song, etc.) and they just burst into song! (I do this so much tbh) any guy of ur choosing, I'm not picky! (Tho.. If u could add Lucio, I would forever be grateful to u!!! Like AH MY BOI) thank u so much!! I love ur writing!!! :) keep up the good work!! (Don't forget to take breaks!!)

Okay so I did something similar with some other Overwatch guys already. Here’s that! But I aM NOT OPPOSED AT ALL TO DOING MORE BECAUSE I SING TOO AND I AM ALWAYS UP FOR WRITING SELF-INDULGENT TRASH. (ALSO FROG BOI IS MY FAVE TOO)


  • You’re listening to the radio together while you each do your own thing when you start singing along softly. Your boyfriend is immediately all smiles, and very excited.
  • “Y/N, I didn’t know you could sing!” He takes your hand and yanks you out of your seat playfully. He closes his eyes for a second, seeming to listen happily, then opens them with a smile. “Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you sound?” A compliment like that from a musician like him would make anyone blush!
  • It’s only a matter of seconds before you’re laughing and attempting to sing along to the song as he leads you in a fun dance. You know it’s hopeless, though, and surrender to laughter as he spins you around. You pull away from his arms and dance a little on your own before gesturing to him. “Oh, you don’t know what you’re in for. It’s on!” Dance off!!! Winner gets a kiss.~ Okay not really; you two just goof off and come back together once the song ends. He spins you once more before giving you a soft peck on the lips. 
  • (As a note: yes, even if you are taller than him, Lúcio will at least try to spin/lead you. Shhh, just let him. I’m three inches taller and you can bet your ass I will haha!)


  • Getting ready in the morning is usually a quiet thing for Hanzo. But it isn’t for you. It’s only after you’ve already started singing that you realize you’ve never sung in front of him before. You catch him smiling at you in the reflection of your mirror.
  • “Am I in love with a songbird?” He teases, and walks further into the room. He wraps his arms around your waist from behind and nudges the side of your head with his own. You chuckle and angle your lips so you can kiss his cheek. 
  • “Yes, you are.” You sing that first part, grinning. But then you whisper. “And I’m in love with a dragon.” The light blush on his cheeks is easy for you to spot, and he can tell from the mischievous glint in your eye.  “A dragon and a songbird,” he muses, placing a feather-light kiss on your neck and resting his chin on your shoulder. “What a strange pair we are.”


  • Upon hearing you sing, he props his chin up in his hands and rests his elbows on the table in front of him. He just smiles widely to himself, not letting you know he’s there. It isn’t until you finish your song that he starts clapping, effectively making you jump.
  • “Ah, my apologies, mein liebe!” He laughs heartily. “You never told me you sing!” You shrug. “It never really came up.” He stood up and gently lifted your chin with his hand so your eyes met his. “It’s enchanting,” and with a quick smooch. “Just another thing to love about you!”
  • Your whole face burns red, and you sheepishly smile at him as he obliviously chuckles at you. This man never realizes how sweet he’s being, does he?! “Th-thank you, Rein.” His hand moves to cup your cheek, and you place your own over it. “i guess I’ll have to sing more often, huh?” A gleeful look lights up his face. “Oh, yes!”


  • I honestly think our dear explosions specialist is most likely hearing impaired by now, with how many blasts he is in close proximity with seeming every day. So it makes sense that he catches you during a quiet moment while he’s trying to build some new contraption.
  • You’re on the other side of the room from him, and all he picks up is a little tune. At first he hums along, just thinking it’ll go away. But it doesn’t. He sticks a finger in one of his ears only to hear your laugh right behind him. “Oi, don’t sneak up on me like that, love!” 
  • “You looked confused,” you giggled at him. “That was me singing, not some new voice in your head.” “Really?” You nod. “Show me! I never did get a good listen.” And you oblige. You take a seat on the floor next to him and sing a few lines, before he practically pulls you into his lap in a hug. “Why haven’t ya done this before? You’re amazin’!” “I have, honey,” you snort and stroke his cheek. “You just need a little help in the hearing department.” “Hey, is that an insult?” “No…” Prepare for a play fight! This means war!

Yo here’s a compilation of all the bits in Haru’s mind from 50% Off!

EMS Week Giveaway

Hey guys! If I were to do an EMS Week Giveaway, maybe, don’t hold me to it, what would you like to see? EMS related books, stickers, sparky stuff? Let me know if you have ideas, plus include links if there’s anything specific that you think would work well!

I want to hear your input. And if I get enough interest, I’ll probably throw together two prizes! Feel free to follow me if you want to be in the know 😉


-he was programmed to be a security guard, like completely solemn and stuff, but one day something was miscalculated and he fell from a stairway, and was damaged via stairway.
-a scientist who has yet to be designed found him and new he was far too damaged to work as security anymore, so he altered the programming. He still remembers being a security guard and feels like he’s been degraded because of his injury.
-Security androids aren’t given names, just serial codes. He was specifically A-6700. “Sparky” was given by the scientist guy referring to his glitchy power surges, that sometimes will end up sparking.
-he has caught himself on fire about 20 times
-he’s nervous around other people cause he knows he’s different
-security androids were later given an “emotions” upgrade so they to sympathize better with scared or attacked people. Unfortunately, due to Sparky’s reprogramming, he did not get to take part in this update, so now he feels even less connected to other androids.
-he can’t eat, but the future timeline he lives in has “taste stimulations” for people who want to eat good food without actually eating. He figured out how to integrate it into his own system and will now just sit there for hours tasting strawberry icecream.
-he likes snakes cause they’re different from other animals like him
-he has developed “fear” as an emotion and is working on developing other emotions. If he gets scared, it’ll make him more likely to surge
-he has managed to accidentally hurt other people via surges so he tries to get away from people if he can tell it’s about to happen but it’s not always avoidable
-the part of him that holds e main power source is code locked. He only shares the code with people he truly trusts. So far, only two people and himself know it
-he stores random stuff in his own body. Because he can.
-he actually carries snakes around that way, it’s actually kind of terrifying
-he’s frustrated for several reasons, mainly because he can’t express himself well and because he struggles to function properly
-he wraps himself in blankets to insulate himself so his surging doesn’t go everywhere. But sometimes he just does it cause soft
-yes he plugs himself into the wall to recharge
-tldr he is a pure tin can who needs love

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What do you think of ameidot?

I guess today is ship opinions day! I like ame/dot, but personally I like it more as a brotp kinda thing (might be because one of the few ships I really like is pearl/methyst). But they’re a good pairing and I have nothing against it!

Tho honestly, there aren’t many ships that I “dislike” unless they involve minors, or gems/humans (really, only 2 ships in particular but I won’t mention them). Even then, I just blacklist the tags and ignore them, I don’t need to add to the negativity that happens in the fandom. 

“One of the reasons,” Ted recalled, “I believe I’m such a verbal person-that I feel I can get much more from listening than from reading-is that in my younger years I depended a lot on the radio. I’m a radio freak! As a kid, I would listen for hours and hours to the Lone Ranger, Big John and Sparky, and all that stuff. I remember once I sent away for a little radio. It had no battery or plug. It was tuned by adjusting the length of the antenna. It had a ground wire with a clip and I would attach the clip to the rail of my bed. I’d go to sleep with that earplug in my ear and wake up in one corner of the bed wrapped up in the tiny little wires. I’d get under the covers and listen as long as I could every night. Never did understand how it worked!” -Conversations With A Killer by Stephen G. Michaud