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Was wondering why a bunch of our posts from a couple years ago were being reblogged today, it’s cause they were Trans Day of Visibility posts, and today is the day for this year. So, here you go, have some pics of a sad trans girl (I’m sad). Look at Kirby though, doesn’t Kirby make you happy?

@marami38: If you’re still taking prompts for this weekend I think it would be fun to see them in the future.  Maybe it’s their 20th or 25th wedding anniversary and they’re getting ready for a family gathering at the pub. Talking and reminiscing about some of their happiest moments and remembering some of their worst moments and how eventually it was the worse moments that helped make them even stronger.

On a side note, I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your work and A Different Kind of Love is one of my faves, as a matter of fact I think I might just re-read that this weekend :)

first of all, thank you so much for your lovely words about ‘a different kind of love’ and second of all i am so sorry that it’s taken so long for me to get to writing this for you. it’s by no means amazing but i enjoyed looking at robron this way and writing them in the future like this, hope you enjoy it <3

Robert’s tie is crooked and he’s trying to put it right, failing a little and then he feels his husband’s presence in the room almost immediately. 

He hears Aaron let out a little tut and then he’s walking towards him. 

“You and your flipping ties.” Aaron says, comes closer and then he’s fixing the tie that Robert’s knotted foolishly in his haste. 

Robert looks up at him and Aaron smirks at his husband. Robert’s heart flutters as he looks at the man he loves more than anyone in the world. 

After all this time. Still. Still I get butterflies when I look at you.‘ 

“What ya looking at?” Aaron urges, finishing with the tie and then looking up at Robert. He’s aged so well, his eyes are still so green and bright despite the wrinkles around them, around his mouth too. He’s paler too, slower in his movements but it’s understandable after they all realised that his lungs were acting up, an aftershock of the shooting all those years ago that caused lasting damage. 

Robert’s eyes flutter a little, freckles still scattered across his face as he ducks his head and looks at Aaron. His Aaron, that still remains, after everything. He’s shorter, wispy grey curls, lines on his forehead but God he’s so beautiful, he’s still so beautiful.

“You.” Robert shrugs before grabbing Aaron by the waist and kissing his neck. It still works. It still makes Aaron almost melt into his arms and roll his head back, laughter filling the room. 

“We need to go downstairs.” Aaron whispers, close and warm and right into Robert’s ear. “We’ve got a whole party waiting down there.” He says, feels the need to smile as he speaks, as he thinks about their family downstairs, balloons everywhere, catering courtesy of April and Marlon. 

“Let’s tell them to go home.” Robert moans, he’s such a kid and Aaron has to slap at his chest lightly. 

“It’s our anniversary.” Aaron says, pretending to be annoyed and then Robert winces a little at the slight pressure applied to his chest by Aaron. “Sorry, did I hurt ya?” Aaron’s voice is dangerously worried and Robert presses a kiss to Aaron’s lips. 

“Just getting on a bit aren’t I.” Robert’s reminded as Aaron strokes his arm playfully. 

“Good thing I’m still interested in ya then eh.” Aaron’s good at this now, so good at making Robert not feel like shit for getting older, for getting past it like Liv likes to tease him about.

Robert’s eyes are all watery suddenly and Aaron frowns. “What’s wrong?” He says softly. “Rob?” He adds, feels worry race through him.

Twenty five years.” Robert whispers, he can’t believe it. He can’t believe that their lives have flashed before his eyes and now he’s standing here, dressed in a suit and tie, with his family all downstairs ready to celebrate such a milestone. "I didn’t think we’d get here.“ He admits.

Aaron’s eyes go all soft. “I did.” He says. “I always knew you’d be the one for me, that you’d end up just being it for me.“ 

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Interior of Dusty’s hangar.

By the way, what a great fan you lost, Rip.

Nemesis AU- part 3

Part 1

Part 2

Nico didn’t text him that weekend, though Will hadn’t really expected him to. Maybe that’s why it came as such a surprise when he arrived on Monday and saw Nico waiting on him near his mom’s usual parking spot.

“H-hey,” he said as he got out of the car.

Nico looked up from his phone and waved at Will’s mom before taking Will’s hand. “Hey,” he greeted.

“Have a good day, boys,” she said. She drove away and Nico pulled Will along, toward the school. Before entering, he let go of Will’s hand.

“See you later,” he muttered. Will furrowed his eyebrows as confusion settled over him.

At dismissal, Nico was waiting for him by the doors. He held out his hand and Will took it hesitantly. “What are you doing?”

“Being your fake boyfriend. You said mornings and dismissal were the times she saw us.” Will frowned and decided to play along. They sat along the curb in tense silence. “What?” Nico asked noticing the look Will was giving him.

“I thought I made you upset after dinner.”

“So? I’m in this for a few more weeks.” Will sighed and looked down at their loosely locked hands. “Put a smile on, her car’s here.” Will glanced up and sure enough his mom’s car pulled up.

“Nico, do you want a ride dear?” she asked.

“No, it’s alright, I don’t want to bother.”

“Don’t be silly,” she chided. “Get in.” Nico hesitated and got into the car. She asked them how school went and offered to stop by a stand for snocones. “Give me a second, dear, I have to pick up some medicine,” she said stopping at a pharmacy.

She got out and Nico hummed. “Somehow I always end up deeper into this hoax than I expect to be.”

“Good thing you’re such a good actor.”

The days went by like that. Nico waited for him, held his hand for a few minutes, let them take him home, usually stopping by somewhere for a snack. On Fridays, Will’s mom would invite him to dinner and he would arrive. The days turned into weeks. As the time went by, pretending became easier.

Until suddenly, their time was almost up. It was the last week, the last few days.

They had just finished dinner for what Will suspected was the last time. Now they were watching Harry Potter since a marathon was on T.V. Pretending had become second nature. Exhausted from not only school but from the heavy dinner, Will leaned against Nico’s shoulder tiredly. Nico’s hand slipped into Will’s, and Will glanced down in confusion. His mom was still washing dishes, so she wasn’t paying attention to them. Nico’s thumb was moving slowly in a gentle and lazy line along the side of Will’s hand. Will wasn’t sure if Nico was conscious of the gesture or not.

“I’ve never seen these movies,” Nico muttered. Will sat up, away from him and look at him incredulously. “What?”

“What do you mean you’ve never- I mean have you read the books?” Nico shook his head. “What kind of human are you? Okay, pay attention.” Will began explaining the characters, the plot, the differences in movies and books, babbling on and on, encouraged by Nico’s questions. Nico chuckled and Will stopped. “You’re laughing at me.”

“I’m not laughing at you,” he answered with a smile.

“I’m talking your ear off, I know. Sorry.”

“I don’t mind,” he assured. “It’s… interesting.”

He was looking at him with a strange expression that Will wasn’t used to seeing on him. He wasn’t scowling or frowning or brooding. He was smiling. “Uh, I’ll be right back. Watch the movie.” He got up and went to the bathroom. He held his own hand in confusion. He could still feel the places Nico’s fingers had been in, the warmth of his palm. When he looked in the mirror, he was surprised to see the rosy flush of his face.

He splashed his face with water and ran a hand through his hair. It was nothing.

He left the bathroom and started for the living room again, stopping when he heard his mother’s voice. It was wavering, like she was trying not to cry. “-so worried about him. He used to be so outgoing and outspoken. The way he is around you. Then he started holing himself up in his room, he became quieter, and I couldn’t help him. A teenage boy doesn’t necessarily go to his mom to talk.”

“I’m sure it’s only the stress of school, Mrs. Solace,” Nico answered soothingly. “Adolescence does that.”

“No,” she said sternly. “I know what it was. It was that horrible boy that used to pick on him. He’d come home angry, telling me bits and pieces, but I got it.”

“What?” Nico asked as the blood drained from Will’s face.

“He never told you?” she asked. “He had a bully. It started a few-”

“Mom, what are you doing?” Will asked, not wanting her to spill anything else.

She jumped, wiping the tears from her eyes. “Nothing, sweet pea. Just telling Nico how glad it makes me that you have him.” She smiled and squeezed Nico’s hand before disappearing into the kitchen to finish cleaning up.

Nico smiled back belatedly but it was forced. “I think I should go. My dad will be wondering where I am.”

“I’ll walk you,” Will said softly.

They stood and Will followed him to the door. Nico kept his hands in his pockets as they walked. Once they were outside, Nico leaned against his car. “So I was your bully?” he scoffed. “I changed your life, ruined your sparky personality?” he asked sarcastically. “You know if I was so horrible, why didn’t you ever just tell me? Why didn’t you ever just tell me to shut up or cut it out?”

“I did!” Will protested. “Every single time!”

“Not really! I- I mean…. You told me to shut up, but I always just thought you had really shitty comebacks! I didn’t think… I didn’t think I affected you so much.” He crossed his arms and looked away from him, his eyes troubled.

“Nico, what’s the big deal?” he asked.

“You hate me, don’t you?” Nico whispered.

Will tried to turn his face but Nico shoved his hands away. “Nico, what the hell? What does it matter? Look…. This stupid game is almost up anyway. We’ll ‘break up’ and just go on with our lives and that’s that.” Will cleared his throat and pulled at the hair at the nape of his neck. Nico looked back at him with narrowed eyes. “What? What are you looking at me like that for? What-?”

Suddenly, Nico pulled him into a kiss. Will’s eyes widened, but as Nico continued to kiss him, they fluttered shut. His lips were warm and soft. He alternated between Will’s upper and lower lip, and Will felt his tongue dart out an lick his lips. He let his own lips part in response he found himself getting lost in him. In the feeling of the kiss, the warmth between their bodies, the currents that swept through his body wherever Nico’s skin touched his. His hands cupped his face and Will snaked his around his torso.

The feeling of Nico’s probing tongue and experienced lips was exotic for Will. And when he felt Nico’s teeth bite his lip gently, Will nearly fell apart. He settled instead for a gentle moan. Nico pulled away, and Will leaned forward, not quite ready to end the kiss yet. But Nico had pulled his hands away and wiggled out of Will’s grasp. “Your mom saw us arguing. She opened the door, so….” He cleared his throat and opened the door to his car. He turned to say something, but instead he just got into his car and left.

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I didn’t expect to make crossover AU fansketch stuffs, but here it is anyway because I JUST CAN’T HELP COMPARING ONE SANS WITH ANOTHER.

Anyway, Bruh-SANS-don (God of the Bruhcean) belongs to @yugogeer12! (I really love their Epictale series so far!!) :D

anonymous asked:

when u have a crush on ur best friend and u dont know if u should ask them out or not and ur scared if they say no itll ruin the friendship

Okay, serious talk here (for once). The only 2 serious crushes I’ve had in my life were my best friends and these were definitely not fun situations. The first was when I was 17, and it was the first time I ever felt anything serious about anybody. I ended up telling them because my emotional stability couldn’t hold up around them anymore, after many many months, and I actually broke down in front of them. And the result of my emotional confession? They turned me down. Amazingly, we stayed best friends tho! (even after a second time I had to admit I still had feelings for them, but that’s not worth talking about). The point here is, I told them and things stayed fine between us! I didn’t exactly feel better, but after a while, I eventually did. It helped that they got a girlfriend soon after (ha, did I say helped? I meant ‘destroyed me’) and that made it so I had to move on. 

Well, the friendship didn’t last, just before I turned 19 I realized how much of an asshole they really were and they’ve been erased from my life, but  that was definitely for the best. I just want you to do what feels right. Relationships that start with friendship are the best (from what I’ve heard) and telling them your feelings shouldn’t ruin things, even if they say no. If they’re a good friend, they’ll still be your friend. You’ll be alright :) ♥♥

- Mod Sparky

anonymous asked:

Do you really like spark cuz you're probably too smart for him

Okay, listen here. Just because Sparky is fun loving and energetic doesn’t mean he’s an idiot. He’s a scientist at the lab just like me. At this point and time you have absolutely no right to be judging anyone’s intelligence and most of all, Sparky’s intelligence. He is absolutely brilliant, you have no idea. You have never talked to him or even do so much as actually meet him. And, how smart a person is shouldn’t even matter in a healthy relationship. If Sparky was a complete idiot I would still love him because he’s Sparky! You do not have the right to tell me I can do “better” when you don’t know the amazing, smart, handsome, funny, and lovable person Sparky is, so don’t try and tell me who and who not to date. It’s my decision.

Well, all I can say is, thank God I created so many categories, because, when going through all the applicants, I very quickly became lost in a labyrinth of beautiful blogs, and it was very hard to distinguish the winners.

But, after much deliberation, I can finally unveil the winners for my Tumblr Awards!

I also want to apologise for my belatedness, but I was unable to go through entrants in the week leading up to the deadline seeing as I was interstate on an unexpected, short-notice trip, so sorry about that!

There were almost 300 of you that applied, and I’m sorry, because I really do wish I could give each and every one of you the recognition that you deserve!

And I think I managed to put my biased views aside, although quite a few of those I hold dear did make it into the Hall of Fame (*cough* Bridgett *cough*).

Anyway, without further ado, here are the winners of the Golden Globes my Tumblr Awards!

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore Award - Best Name (for the blogger with the coolest URL):

Winner: alrightevans​.
I don’t think anyone could’ve surpassed you in this one, Chloe. You’re just that good. And notice that there are no runners-up, either. You get all the glory.

Dobby the House Elf Award - Best Icon (to show that size is no guarantee of significance):

Winner: remuz.

It was the colour that sold it, Hilma. I adore Emma, too, so well done, love. It’s a gorgeous icon.

Runner up: mearauders.

Again, how could I go past the blue, Ella? And, Harry, my poor darling. I think it was the melancholic stance that stunted my approval, slightly, but no bother, because I still adore your icon, love!

Sirius Black Award - Best Theme (for the blog whose layout is as attractive as he is):

Winner: borginburks.

Oh, Mariam. You slay all of us with your aesthetically pleasing prowess, and your theme is no exception. From flowers, to raindrops, to the lil’ dragon, what’s not to love?

Runners up: sectvmsempras, butterbutterbeer, and evansdeer.

Tiff: You almost won this one, Tiff. You have an outstanding natural eye for all things to do with design, and your theme reflects that. It’s gorgeous, I adore the pictures, and it does justice to your talent. Well done, love.

Steph: Your theme was one of the first I saw, hun, and, let me tell you, it went on my list and never left it. I love the monochrome, the picture of Emma, the font, and your updates tab. A truly wonderful theme. Nice work.

Sarah: Clean, minimalistic, and simple, punctuated by the beautiful pops of baby-blue, your theme is dreamlike, Sarah. I love it, especially with the outstanding updates tab, which is one that I’ve never seen before, and admire not only for its individuality, but for its layout and looks. Ethereal.

Minerva McGonagall Award - Best Posts (this blogger knows their stuff):

Winner: reigulus.

Charlotte, my dear. On your blog you have brought together a consistent, stunning collection of edits, art and photosets, hand-picked and each of very high-quality content. Extremely well put-together and awe-inspiring.

Runners up: naricssa and firevhisky.

Keryn: A patchwork of some of the prettiest edits I’ve ever witnessed, entertaining posts, and gut-wrenching concepts. I could go through your blog all day, love. Beautiful.

Brielle: I might have to start by saying that I love your name, Brielle. It’s beautiful. You’re beautiful. But, more to the point, your posts are beautiful. Extremely engaging and stunning, a wonderful, good-looking gathering of content.

Lily Evans Award - Nicest Bloggers (for the cutie who continually makes me smile, and deserves all the love in the world):

Winner: buhtterbeer.

You’d probably think I’d be lying if I told you that I made this category with Sophie in mind. I’m not. Honey, you are one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever encountered, and whenever you hit me up with an out-of-the-blue, reassuring message, it makes my day. I love you to the end of the Earth, blossom.

Runners up: staggeringlyjily, paddfoot, animaegus, jiilys.

Lucie: How many people will dedicate a post to you without warning? What’s the likelihood that the post in question will be one of true emotion and brightness? Lucie, you are a saint. I can’t associate anything but kindness and happiness with you, because that is what you bring to the world. You are wonderful.

Bridgett: It’s your first appearance yet, Bridge, and it won’t be your last. I can’t even begin to explain your kindness, because it is infinite. A word from you is like a warm, comforting hug. You make me, and everyone around you, so incredibly happy. Never forget that, Bridgett.

Melissa: The compliments from this one are individual, spectacular, and hard-hitting. Melissa, you speak in the language of sunshine and stardust. And I mainly attribute this to the fact that it takes one to know one. And by this, I mean that you are, quite possibly, one of the brightest people I know. You radiate sunshine. And it comes from the inside. That’s why you’re so beautiful, ‘Lis. It’s because of your interior. And I’m sure it’s made of nothing but stardust.

Caroline: The big sister all of us never had. Caroline, I see you looking out for everyone on here on a regular basis, including myself, and brightening everyone’s moods with sweet and heartfelt bursts of sunshine that come in the form of capitalised messages. You’re a true guardian angel. I love you.

Ginny Weasley Award - Most Badass Blogger (for the person who I am in awe of - for their blog, their posts, and their dazzling personality):

Winner: remusmoopin.

Shelby. She could simultaneously take a flawless selfie and conquer a city. You are cute, and you are fierce. Undoubtedly strong and valiant in all that you do. And if, by chance, you ever did conquer a city, I’d either back you, or fight for you. Or both. Because I need to live in a world where you are, Shelby, and it’s impossible for me to live in one without.

Runners up: grryfindors, gxnnyweasley.

Finny: ‘Grr’, is right. Finny is feisty and fabulous, something that keeps me captivated when reading upon their blog, and means that I retain a like measure of awe when interacting with them. Strong in opinion and in resolve, a true force to be reckoned with. I love you and your blog, hun. I’m always entertained.

Ali: You are exactly like the namesake of this award, gorgeous, and I’ll tell you why; you slay everyone, because, like Ginny, you are beautiful, you are staunch, you are badass, hence why I’m awarding this to you. I have great admiration for your blog, your talents, and you. You’re fabulous.

Gred and Forge Award - Wittiest Blogger (for someone whose humour correlates with that of these handsome, red-headed firecrackers’):

Winner: animaegus.

Not only are you kind at heart, but you continually display this in a way that makes me smile, and not least because of your niceness, but because of the wit you exert. I gush at my computer screen because of you, ‘Lis, and, to tell you why, I’ll use your words; it’s because you’re rad.

Runners up: jilyislife, aromanticmoony.

Ollie: This wonderful bundle of joy has a killer sense of humour and a comedic way of showing it. You never fail to make me smile, hun, because with the laughter you cause comes endless bouts of happiness. I never plan on relinquishing our friendship (which I am forever thankful for, I might add), because, hun, without you, my world would be a very gloomy place, indeed. And I’m willing to bet that the same sentiment can be extended to anyone who has ever come across you, Ol’, because you brighten all of our lives.

Lizzie: All you have to do is look at the title of Lizzie’s blog, and you’ll be in stitches. She has a sparky personality and a steely will, both of which will keep you smiling. I am not immune to your influence, either, ‘Liz, and you often make me laugh.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Award - Best Multifandom Blog (for the shining star who has managed to amalgamate a few different fandoms into one hell of a blog):

Winner: falcqn.

Oh, Nadia. I came across your blog and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. You have such a wonderful, clean-cut, professional display of posts across many different fandoms, and you’ve managed to represent them in a way that melds them into something truly special. Pleasing to look at, and a pleasure to have on your dashboard. High-five, hun.

Runner up: mearauders.

Here we are again, Ella. And for a good reason, too. You never fail to disappoint in your beautiful looking, well put-together artwork of a blog. I love what you post, and the way you present your content makes me want to be a part of each fandom. It’s a beautiful space you’ve created, and it’s extremely well-done.

Remus Lupin Award - Blog That Deserves More Recognition (whether you’re a newcomer or not, I want the world to know how spectacular you are):

Winner: miraclefred.

Alexandra, darling. There is nothing I don’t love about your blog, from your posts, to your theme, to your amazing writing ability. I feel like everyone should appreciate the ray of sunshine that you are, and the amazing blog you’ve got. You’re spectacular, and I love you loads.

Runners up: staggeringlyjily, queer-pansy.

Lucie: Sometimes I feel like you don’t get enough credit for how wonderful you are, love. As mentioned earlier, you are a truly beautiful soul, and this is reflected through your blog and your writing. I adore you and your account, and I want everyone else to, as well.

Taylor: You have such a kick-ass, fantastic blog, love, and the collection of posts, along with the design and feel of your space, has convinced me that you need to be recognised more for the high-quality presence that you are.

Most Stunning Creations:

Luna Lovegood Award - graphics:

Winner: sectvmsempras.

Since the beginning of time, I’ve been in love with Tiffany for her remarkable edits. They are of such a high quality that you deserve so much more than a Tumblr Award for your talents, love. Gorgeous edits made by a gorgeous gal. You harness your abilities in the best way possible, so that they manifest into pure artwork.

Runners up: ohlumos, pronqsie.

Dani: You create such gorgeous gifsets that I struggle to not reblog every single one of them. You possess a true talent in colouring and displaying scenes from this beloved series in a way that will turn anyone in a heart-eyes emoji.

Mariana: Mari, my love. I see so many of your beautiful edits and creations being loved by the world, and it makes me so happy to see that your talents are being recognised. I love your work, and I love you.

Notable mentions: nymphadoraas, buhtterbeer, leakycauldrcn.

Jess: You possess such a talent for editing, and I fall in love with everything you do.

Sophie: The colours in your edits and photosets are always to die for.

Sharmaine: Your work with graphics is phenomenal.

J.K Rowling Award - writing:

Winner: jiilys.

I remain firm in the fact that no-one else could’ve won this but you, Caroline. Your work makes me cry, smile, laugh, and sigh on a daily basis, and it’s all down to your undeniable talents. I truly hope you pursue writing, because you’d be depriving the world of a real treat if you didn’t.

Runners up: dearestlupin, staggeringlyjily.

Moony: You’re making it very hard for me to not ship Wolfstar, Moony. You have a gripping, beautiful style of writing, and you make me squeal at my computer, simply because you are that fantastic.

Lucie: You have such a wonderful way of writing for all the character I adore, and I retain such a strong admiration for your talents, Lucie. Thank you for the beautiful work you share with all of us.

Nymphadora Tonks Award - miscellaneous:

Winners: gxnnyweasley (music) and hermionegrangxer (themes).

Ali: this is for your exceptional singing and musical abilities, hun. I hope you go far in your career, because you are extremely talented. I wish you every success, because I love listening to your stuff. My only request is that you remember me when you’re famous.

Alantha: you’re remarkable when it comes to coding, ‘Lantha. Truly - your creations never fail to knock my socks off. Thank you for blessing the world with your themes!

Teddy Lupin Award - Personal Favourite (I love you. Completely. Unconditionally. I just do):

Winners (I couldn’t pick just one, sorry!): paddfoot and jiilys.

My girls. My girls.

Bridgett: You know how much I love you. Endlessly. To the end of the Earth. You make me so incredibly happy, and I haven’t stopped loving your blog since I first followed you. Thank you for being so sweet, caring and supportive. I am so lucky to have you in my life.

Caroline: I have such a strong admiration for you, gorgeous. You make me so happy, and I am continually reminded of this when I receive messages from you. Your blog, your writing, and, simply, you, bring so much joy into my life. I adore you, Caroline. Don’t ever forget it.

James Potter Award - Best Overall (for the person whose blog, posts, personality and everything in general are something that even this witty, bespectacled git would be in awe of):

Winner: labeledluna.

When looking through applicants, I stumbled across your blog, Hannah, and, let me tell you, I am very lucky I did. Your account is amazing. Truly. I am in love with your theme, your posts, your URL, your icon, and you. A must follow.

Runners up: scteumsempra, borginburkssiriuhz.

Zaillie: My love. My one and only. My beautiful girl. Everything about your blog is awe-inspiring. I admire you highly for the amazing space you’ve created.

Mariam: You already know I think that you’re a delight, hun, but I had to extend one last award to you, because you and your blog are simply spectacular.

Fawzie: You are truly wonderful, Fawzie, and your blog represents that beautifully. I adore what you post, I adore the way your blog looks, and I adore you.

And that’s it, loves.

My congratulations go out to all the winners, and my apologies to any applicants who did not receive an award. It was difficult - so difficult - to narrow it down, and, as you can tell, I didn’t do that great of a job, what with the mammoth post above blocking up your dashboards.

Now, prizes.

For the winners:

  • A follow back from me, if not already.
  • 3 promos, on request, whenever you want. You can message me for this, but, because I know that no-one wants to type out ‘Can I have that promo you promised me?’, chances are, I’ll do them at random over the course of the next few months, or just whenever I feel like you need some love.
  • A drabble request, edit, playlist, piece of URL art, or whatever else you can think of! Feel free to check out my writing, edits, music, and URL art to decide what you’d like.
  • My endless friendship, love and respect.

For the runners up:

  • A follow back from me, if not already.
  • 3 promos, on request, whenever you want. You can message me for this, but, because I know that no-one wants to type out ‘Can I have that promo you promised me?’, chances are, I’ll do them at random over the course of the next few months, or just whenever I feel like you need some love.
  • My endless friendship, love and respect.

OK, I’ll get off your dash, now. Have a wonderful day, guys.

Ellie. x

The Story of Archie and Velcro

Monday August 22nd 2016 was the worst day of my life.  My sweet Charlie the GCC left me after 9 years of companionship.  My heart was broken and I thought it would never heal.

After we left the vet with our baby’s body to take him home ready to be collected for cremation the next day, Ivan told me this:
“I know I said that if anything ever happened to Charlie, you weren’t to get another bird.  But I think that you will need another bird to take all that love you have to give.  It doesn’t have to be soon, but whenever it feels right for you, you can get another birdie to love”

That night when I went to bed, I dreamed a name.  I don’t remember if it was part of a dream or what, but I just remember the name gave me such a warm feeling in my heart and I just committed it to memory.

The next day was Tuesday and I just went to my parent’s place and cried.  I received a message on my phone that was to be the landmark for the direction of mine and Ivan’s future.
My very good friend Irina reminded me that her and her husband Ken are conure breeders.  They were so broken hearted to hear of Charlie’s death and they both agreed that they wanted to give me a gift of one of their babies, not as a replacement for Charlie, but as a way to help heal our hearts and not let all the love we had to give go to waste.
I read the message a few times and something inside me said that this was the thing that was going to save me.  I shared the details with my family and they said it was like I suddenly returned from the dead.  My Mum said she suddenly knew I was going to be ok and that it was going to work out.

When asked what sort of conure I would be interested in  and told the choices, I was immediately excited about the prospect of having a crimson bellied conure.  Irina told me there were babies due any day and I would be free to choose one.

The name I had on my heart was to me a boy’s name and therefore I decided that I would prefer to have a boy bird.  This meant that we had to wait until the babies were around 10 days old to have samples taken and then around 2 weeks for the samples to be sent away and the DNA results returned.   The name I had been given was Archie and it was only a few days later when telling my mum the name that it suddenly dawned on me that Archie was an anagram of Charlie with the L missing.  I knew then that this whole journey had been somehow orchestrated by my Charlie.  I don’t know why he couldn’t stay with me, but it seemed that he had already chosen a baby for me to love.  A few days after that I was chatting with a friend and told her how the name came about and she said she wanted to try and fit the L into Archie’s name so that we could use all of Charlie’s letters.  I said “oh that’s easy really, we will just call him Archie L. Meyer and the L will stand for Love”

On 31st August 2016 the first baby hatched!  I was smitten already…

On the 4th September 2016 another baby hatched and there were two gorgeous babies in the nest

So fast forward a bit and on ninth September 2016 the beautiful little oldest baby got a leg band

My goodness I was already in love with this baby…I was already praying that this would end up being my boy.

On the 12th September 2016 the blood test for the first baby (nicknamed Sparky) was sent off. It was to be a tense couple of weeks to wait for results.

On 22nd of September the proverbial you know what hit the fan….
The test results for Sparky came back inconclusive.  Baby number 2 was definitely a girl and her nickname was Velcro.
I was frustrated beyond belief.  I was so in love with Sparky and just wanted him to turn out to be my boy and now I was going to have to wait for another sample to be done and sent off to find out.  Aaaargh!!!!!

As a bit of a joke, I told Irina to try putting something blue and something pink near Sparky to see if he could show us if he was a boy or girl.  Irina went one better than me and actually did the test and videoed it. And Velcro was used in the tests even though we already knew she was a girl.  I watched these videos so many times and laughed myself silly.  I was so touched that Irina played along with my silliness and it just made me feel so special.

Obviously Sparky had no idea what sex he was and Velcro knew she was a girl but just liked to put her head down and run for it…so cute.

To make matters worse, Sparky started showing such personality and was making me fall in love even more.  He even stood on his sister’s head to try and have a conversation with one of the silver conure babies, nicknamed Robbie.

And then one time Sparky and Velcro were in their tub together

And when Irina came to check on them….Sparky had disappeared!!!

He’d climbed out of his tub and gone to visit with the neighbours…hahaha

That’s him at the front of the very crowded tub looking very pleased with himself.

On 30th September 2016 Sparky weighed in at 116 grams and made us wonder if he was really a crimson belly or maybe a cockatoo of sorts…

By 3rd October, Sparky was really starting to look like a “real” birdie

I was desperately trying not to be so focused on Sparky as it was a 50/50 chance that he was going to turn out to be a girl and my conviction was that I was getting a boy…

So we found out that we could expect the results of the remaining 3 crimson babies around the 7th of October which was a Friday.

I went for a job interview on Friday 30th of September and secured the job on the spot. Ivan surprised me with the news that we would take a drive to see Irina the following weekend as a congratulations present for getting the job.  I was soooooo excited.

Ivan decided to be a bit devious and tell Irina that she wasn’t allowed to tell me the DNA results of the babies until I arrived.  That last week was murder.  I was swinging between my desire to have Sparky be my baby boy and just accepting that if Sparky turned out to be a girl, that one of the two remaining babies would be my boy.

The night before we were due to leave, I had a bit of a hard time because I was stressed over the whole DNA thing and I was missing my Charlie incredibly.  The next morning I made the decision that I would take Sparky as my baby, regardless of whether it was a boy or a girl.  Irina had dropped some hints and I was pretty convinced that Sparky was going to be a girl, and I had decided I was ok with that.

When we arrived at Irina and Ken’s place, they had a little baby shower for me.  They had a box with half blue and half pink and brought out first, a Jenday baby in the box…very cute, but not my baby…haha  Next they brought out each of the crimson babies and they all had little coloured tags, pink obviously for girl and blue for boy. Baby 4 turned out to be a boy, babies 3 and 2 were girls, one of them being Velcro that we already knew was a girl. Then they brought out Sparky and there was no tag in the box!  Ivan said something about it not mattering what the sex was but I insisted that I still wanted to know even though it didn’t matter…

Irina lifted the box up and on the bottom was a blue tag….I was so gobsmacked that Sparky was my boy all along and his name would be Archie L. Meyer as predicted by my precious angel Charlie.

So we spent many great hours playing with Archie and spending time with Irina, Ken, the kids, Jack, the dog and all of the birds.  On Saturday night I was nursing Archie and Ivan decided to nurse Velcro because he thought she looked lonely without her brother.  He was so proud of himself when he was the first one to hold fresh veggies to their beaks and got them to eat.  He spent quite a bit of time playing with Velcro.  I ended up with both Archie and Velcro on me for a couple of hours and I began to secretly wish there was some way that we could have Velcro AND Archie.

Sunday morning was over before we knew it and we had to leave to go home.  Just as we were about to leave Irina and Ken’s place, Ivan suddenly announced that he was smitten with Velcro and wanted to have her as well. Obviously we would pay for her but he had decided his heart was for her and he wanted her to be a part of our family.

We left with the intentions of finding out if it was safe to have brother and sister together and after contacting a number of birdie friends in the same position, we decided it was going to be ok and we let Irina and Ken know that we would be back in a couple of weeks to take two of their precious babies!!!

I can’t say how exciting this was and we had a bit of fun announcing to the world that we were getting two babies instead of just the one.

I actually believe that all the mucking around that occurred in us finding out the DNA of Archie actually was preparing us that we were going to end up with Velcro too.

Ivan announced that he particularly liked the name Velcro and we agreed that since she sticks to you like glue, it was the perfect name for her.

So this is the story of how we ended up committing to having two perfect little crimson bellied conures.