sparky draws


Here is the new addition of mimi’s adventures ! I hope you’ll like it. I’m sorry it’s very crappy i’m still under medications (and medications and me never mix well) so unfortunately it’s probably the best i can do right now.

It’s for you @gunnigun​ ! I hope you’ll like it. =D

Mimi is having quite a wild life already. 

Here’s my full piece from the @ladybugzine ! I just received my copy and DAMN there is so much gorgeous art to drool over * Q* 

….It’s been long enough since I drew it that I kinda hate it already rip I had fun drawing his sparky, de-transformation light though!!

Also, shameless plug for Menons la Danse!, the dance-themed ML charity zine Jeananas and I are organizing! There’s just a few days left to apply!


Painting and Battling VALOR! Here’s the final episode in the Pokemon Adventure Series. Hope you enjoy it! 🔥

Crumpled Paper

I’m the drawing you began but never finished. The idea that drove you with such passion when I was only a possibility. The thing you had such hope for but when you actually saw the physical lines, they weren’t what you you wanted. When you realised you were losing control of me, you gave up. You spent so much time visualising me, building me up inside your head, I couldn’t possibly exist in the real world. It wasn’t fair. Inside your head I was safe. Inside your head I was wanted. In reality I was just a reminder of your frustrations. Of course it was my fault because you didn’t give me a voice to argue back. Without finishing what you started, you gave up. Couldn’t see the potential I had.

Now I lie in the corner of your room, watching as you try again. As you draw a shape so similar to mine that we could be the same but the only difference is you. This time you care enough. This time you don’t give up. You’ve made me unusable. Everyone can see I bare your mark. That I belong to you even though you don’t want me. I was just a test. A draft. So you can finally have something that to you is art.

~ from the mind of my alter-ego Sophia Sparks