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Request by: @sparky-sparky-boom-boom : 5 8 and 9 (the prompt list) with Klaus from The Originals?

5. “If you walk out that door… don’t you ever come back”.
8. “I can’t keep fighting like this.”
9. “I need you.”


Y/N: “Klaus, wake up. Hey, wake up, please.” You beg as you shake Klaus’ body trying to wake him up. “Klaus, please.” You try again, this time with a spell. You mutter the spell creating a small fireball on your hand then you put it close to his back and it starts to burn his skin quickly making him wake up with a scream.

Klaus: “What…” He whimpers and sits on the bed. “Again?” He keeps his eyes closed. This is not the first time he has nightmares and this is happening every night, one worst than the previous night, since we heard Mikael is back and that was almost two weeks ago.

Y/N: “Hey, open your eyes, it’s okay. You’re okay.” You grab his hand and he opens them. 

Klaus: “I’m sorry, love.”

Y/N: “Klaus, we have to end this.” 

Klaus: “I would’ve done it if I could, I assure you.” He whipes away the sweat from his forehead. 

Y/N: “You can and I’m not talking about us two going out to threat and torture random people looking for him. I can’t keep fighting like this, Klaus.” Mikael has made clear he wants Klaus dead or suffering, this time he wants you, to make him suffer.

Klaus: “Detain there, please. I will not have this conversation again nor ever.” He stands up to serve himself a cup of water.

Y/N: “Why not? You’ve spent years telling me you would do anything for me, why can’t you let me do the same?” You say going after him.

Klaus: “I will not let you go to your own death, do you understand?” 

Y/N: “I can protect myself, Klaus. I can even be more useful being with him and you know it.” 

Klaus: “Enough! Are you aware you’re everything to me? I am nothing without you. I need you. I need you to breath, to think, to… live.” You barely see his teary eyes before he turns away. You know he’s blinded by love and not reasoning at all and all he wants is protect you, but he can’t this time. you start to put your clothes on.

Y/N: “Me too, Klaus. I love you more than anything, that’s why I’m doing this. I’m sorry, but I’ve made my decision.” You turn around leaving him stand there but you know he won’t let you leave so easy. He tries to come to you but you stop him with a spell. “Stop, Klaus. Don’t make me do this.”

Klaus: “You’re going to stay right there. If you walk out that door… don’t you ever come back.” You know he doesn’t mean it, he just wants you to stay with him but still those words hurt. You look into his eyes one more time before doing the hardest thing you’ve ever done, leave Klaus maybe forever. 

Sparky - Part 5

Imagine: It’s Christmas and all you really want is to see Len. With news of him out of Iron Heights, the last place you expect to see him is in Joe’s living room.

A/N: Len and that damn mug. This entire scene never fails to make me smile, and adding in the reader to it was surprisingly easy, though I did have to watch it a few times to make sure I had the flow right. Thank you all for your patience with me getting this up. I’m in the process of changing between jobs while working at both and my days are just crazy right now.

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It was one thing to have a snowy Christmas, but the combination of snow, the Christmas spirit, and knowing that Len was out of Iron Heights had you in a better mood than you’ve been for months. You may not be in complete agreement on how Len got out, but a part of you was simply excited to see the man.

However, other things were clouding your thoughts. Your spirits may have been high so far this holiday, but learning about Iris’ mother and the brother she never knew about, the son Joe never knew about, made your heart ache for the family that took you in, for the man that helped raise Barry and kept you out of trouble while you went through a darker period in your teens after what had happened with your parents. They were part of your foundation, and right now they were cracking.

You were a bit behind Iris and Barry, lost in your own thoughts, as you all entered the West family home. While the others went inside, you paused at the top of the steps before the door, looking around the neighborhood, your mind wandering. As you turned back towards the house, you saw the tell tale flash of light that was your brother using his super speed. You raced inside, albeit much slower than Barry would, to see him pinning a familiar figure against the mantle over the fireplace, catching the last part of the older man’s statement.

“She won’t.” Len spoke, gaze going over to Iris, who you were stopping next to. You saw sudden hesitation in his expression, something that Barry must have caught himself because he looked over his shoulder and saw you.

Turning back to Len, both hands still gripping the parka, Barry hissed, “you’d threaten me and Iris, but you wouldn’t dare hurt her.”

“Barry, let him go!” You exclaim, moving around the couch towards them. You ignore Iris’ clear questioning on what was going on as you put a hand on Barry’s arm, begging him to let go. “Please Barry. He won’t hurt anyone.”

Barry looked at you, anger and frustration clear in your brother’s gaze. After the two of you had run into each other while visiting Len at Iron Heights, Barry had stopped by your apartment, only for you to confirm that, in a sense, you were dating Captain Cold. He’d been pissed, despite his own preaching that there was good in Len, something you’d just seen sooner than your sibling had. Barry had made it clear he still wasn’t in agreement with the relationship, but knew he couldn’t argue. You were both Allens, you were both stubborn.

“Please.” You say again, and with a huff, Barry lets go and steps back, giving you room with Len. You turn to him and smile. “It’s good to see you without a wall of glass between us Len.”

“I could say the same, Y/N.” He smirked at you.

You let out a short, happy laugh before launching yourself at him and wrapping your arms around his neck and shoulders in a hug. “Can you stop threatening my brother?” You whisper as he wraps an arm around your waist.

“Life would be too boring if I did.” He whispered back with a grin, causing you to shake your head.

“They’re dating?!” You hear from behind you suddenly, remembering that Iris and Barry were still here. Which, crap, Iris.

You let go and turn around quickly, smiling as best you could, despite the situation. Only Barry and the Rogues knew about you and Len, but then again, none of the Rogues knew you were Elektra either.

“I wouldn’t exactly call it dating.” You tell her, earning a shocked, yet still upset glare directed at you. “We just never got around to labels.”

“It’s good to finally meet you, Miss West. Read your article on the disappearing middle-class. Strong point of view.” Len spoke, watching Iris cautiously. “Nice prose style.”

“Yeah,” she started softly, frowning as she moved around the couch to stand in the living room with you, Len, and Barry, “well, who needs a Pulitzer when you have a homicidal maniac’s seal of approval.”

You frown, going to respond, but Len beats you to the punch. “Didn’t Barry and Y/N tell you? I had a rough childhood.”

“Everyone in this room had a rough childhood.” Iris snapped. “Get over it.”

“Iris.” You say softly, pleading that they just play nice. It was Christmas after all. But the look she gave you said you were going to get an ear full later.

“Why are you here, Snart?” Barry asked, changing the subject.

“I got the Noel spirit, wanted to give you a gift.” He paused, his gaze falling on you. “And seeing Y/N is always an added bonus.” You smiled at him softly before his gaze returned to Barry and he continued, “Mardon broke Jesse and me out to kill you. Both of you. Jesse’s on board, of course. He’s shaking with excitement.” Len’s gaze snapped to you: stern, cold, cautious. “Me, I’m gonna pass.”

“Why?” Iris bit. “You grow a conscious?”

“Iris!” You turned to her, frowning.

Len let out a soft huff. “Mardon wants revenge. Jesse wants chaos.” He pointed out, gaze still on you. He reached out, pulling you to his side with an arm wrapped around your shoulder. You fit there perfectly, tucked up against his side, held like that was the safest place you could be. “I’m just not invested like they are.” He spoke softly then, meeting your gaze. You smiled.

“Len.” You nearly whispered, touched at the meaning behind his words, reading what lay beyond, what very few were able to see in him the way you could.

You heard Barry curse and turned to look at him and Iris, who were both staring at you and Len with wide, surprised eyes. “What?” You asked.

“Well, he’s invested alright.” Iris commented, causing you to blush when Len’s hold tightened on you. “I’m sure it helps that this all just means there’s no money in it for you Snart.”

“I was never much for non-profit work.” Len admitted with a slight shrug.

Barry shifted then, moving closer with a glare still upon his face. “If you aren’t in with them, then tell us where they are.”

Len stole a glance at you before turning back to your little brother with that grin. Before he even spoke, you knew he wasn’t telling. “Nah, consider me more of a secret Santa. Besides, you and your friends like to solve a good mystery.” He turned his head towards you, pressing a kiss to the side of your head. “I’ll be by your place later.” He said softly, pulling away to head out.

As he made his way around Barry and towards the front door, your brother scoffed. “You are full of it, Snart.” He said, turning to the criminal as he paused in the foyer. “I think this is more than just about protecting Y/N. My friends and I saved your sister’s life, and you just can’t stand owing me a marker. I hate to break it to you, but that, that right there is called honor.”

“Go on,” Len stated, turning to Barry, expression bemused, “make your pitch. I see you’re dying to.”

“Help me stop them.” Barry told him, then turned to glance at you before returning his gaze to Len. “Help us stop them.”

Len’s gaze turned to you, pausing there for several long, silent moments. You met his gaze, silently hoping he’d say yes. But you knew better. Len was stuck in a world that was black and white, and while he saw you as the light amongst his darkness, he was still very much full of dark.

Len must have seen the hope in your eyes, because when he gave Barry his answer, he was still looking right at you. “Sorry, I’m not interested in being a hero.”

“Well, you’re doing a pretty lousy job of being a villain this week.” Barry told him, catching Len’s attention again.

Len hesitated, eyes flickering back to you for a brief moment.

“Merry Christmas, Barry.” Len’s voice was soft as he left.

Silence followed his exit, your gaze jumping between Barry and Iris, waiting for one of them to turn and snap.

It was Iris that turned to you first, and you suppose that you shouldn’t be surprised. “Snart, seriously?”

“In my defense, it started before I knew he was a thief.” You stated.

“Wait, you and Snart have been together for over a year?!” Barry asked, turning quickly with shock in his gaze.

“No! We met Kahndaq Dynasty Diamond incident. I made sure to avoid him after that, but he showed up at my apartment when he learned our identities. We agreed that us was a no go, because of obvious reasons, but things just kept…drawing us together.” You explained.

“How long?” Barry asked. “I never asked that before.”

You tensed, knowing how they were about to react. “Since Ferris Air.”

“What?!” Barry snapped.

“Okay, Y/N, you and I need to have a serious talk here.” Iris determined.

You raised an eyebrow at her. “Who’s the older sister here again?” You ask, knowing that you were about to be in for a scolding.


Mutant AU Aerialbots made with RinMaruGames

1.) Seff Taylor

2.) Farkas Collins

3.) Adam Robinson

4.) Sparky Jackson

5.) Sandor Vandeven

@scaredyplane‘s mutant au that I’m going with is this (in their words, not mine):

each human/mutant aerial has a different ability (ie; Sandor manipulates electricity) but the five of them were all part of an illegal experiment where they were injected with genes that gave them a secondary mutation (wings/flight).
The five managed to escape and grew close as they only had each other during such a traumatic experience

ceiling-karasu  asked:

When you finally catch one of the mice in the dorm, and the girl across the hall has to ask security if she can keep it as a pet, and they say yes but only if she names it Jerry.

yes… yess… YESSS. Step 1 of the plan: complete. Now you have one minion.

I am already tired of people saying that it is Golden Freddy
Do you fucking see the mouth shape people?
Its shaped like a goddamn dog’s mouth.
And what’s the only dog we know of?
Sparky the Dog, the fake rumor.
Scott is most likely trolling us again, typical scotty scott.

su-and-cuddles  asked:

when it's your birthday!

Hey, happy birthday!! :D In honor of the day, I present you with a Peridot limerick I wrote in 5 minutes:

There once was nerd named Peri,
Who thought that the world was quite scary,
But Steven showed her the rain,
And Pearl showed her some pain,
Now with her words she knows to be wary

Hope you have a great day ♥♥♥ and same to everybody who has a birthday today! ♥

- Mod Sparky