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My Crown for my King

This is what happens when you let the models play with things from other costumes.  strexcorpsfavourite as Kevin, i-just-had-strex as Diego/DBCarlos.  Kevin belongs to WTNV and  Diego belongs to the amazing mind of videntefernandez.

photography: sparksritorno


ACen isn’t over but let’s not procrastinate!  Sparks photography is now opening slots for photoshoots at Colossalcon 2014!

I won’t be charging for shoots at this con (no, it’s not just so I can make the “Free!” joke for a con perfect for certain swimming anime characters) but I am accepting donations to keep my cat and I in our kibbles and so I can afford to buy a printer that works!

If you’re interested just send me a message with the series, characters, and your preferred time!

See you in the water!


That’s right everyone!  Sparks Photography is now booking for ACen!

Shoots are approximately 30-45 minutes and are $15 for the first two people and $5 for each additional person!  I’ll be shooting from 9am to 7pm (with certain blocked out times for the panels I’m helping on) Friday to Sunday!

Send me a message if you’re interested!

Model is the lovely Pastelm00n. <3