o9. sparks in the sky

Chatter, laughter and plenty of drinks to go around – parties hadn’t changed much, except for the sumptuous variety and the even crazier things people did when they were drunk. He’d spent most of the night talking to Bruce – who seemed to be just waiting for it to end as well – or shaking hands and smiling at the people who came to wish him a happy birthday. He’d also exchanged a few texts with Bucky about how the party was going.

It wasn’t all bad, in fact. He stayed long enough to eat some cake and watch the fireworks. He had to hand it to Stark that he could put on a good show; of course, the Starks had always been good at blowing things up. Shortly after, the phone rang and Steve managed to excuse himself to answer it in a quieter place, but he had no intention of coming back. He’d already asked Bruce to say that he was going to answer a call from an old friend if anyone asked for him and he doubted that people would be bothered that he was taking time to talk to another WWII veteran.

In the end, the person he wanted to talk had been born long after the war. He told Bucky to meet with him whenever he could, that he should enjoy the time with his family first. He got on his bike and took the route that he already knew so well to Bucky’s place. It was no surprise that he got there first; according to the doorman, Bucky wasn’t back yet. So Steve waited down at the lobby, dressed in a fine dress shirt and pants combo.