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Ever since you were in 7th grade, you knew what you wanted to be once you were old enough to travel the world and be on your own. It was ever since that one song from your favorite band sparked the thought of one day becoming a musical producer in Seoul, South Korea for an entertainment company. You had to be the luckiest person in the world to had collected enough money and more from setting up chairs and answering phone calls to move to Seoul after being raised, and spending most of your life in the States. That, and quickly making friends during the utterly crazy adventure. Now you attended the Producers Academy of Big Hit Entertainment, by the well known SM building. It was your 2nd year, and you knew the place inside and out, getting the chance to get close to some of your favorite idols, and befriending a few producers in the business who inspired you.

Every month throughout the Academy, a competition is held for all of the students, where random teams are formed and told to compose a song based off an object, person, etc. These were the most fun, and most difficult type of all the competitions. You liked being able to make new friends, and work with others; seeing what people you hadn’t known before were capable of, but the downfall of it all was being given so little to work with. The last million competitions you had were all tough. You made amazing friends, all who completely supported you, and loved listening to your personal projects, but this month, the object was a pair of jeans. A freaking pair of jeans. What the hell.

What the actual hell.

The first thing that popped into your head was “The actual hell am I supposed to do with that” If that wasn’t clear before. You looked at your hundreds of peers, all who had smiles, and nodded to the buddies beside them, some playing on their phones, or taking notes. After the object was announced, there were teams typically of 2 to 5, even up to 10, some months. You then patiently awaited your name to be called. “L/N Y/N, and Kim Namjoon.” Your eyes widened. The familiar sound of the heavenly name reddened your cheeks. Thank god for the dark room. Gasps were soon echoing off of the walls. One of them being yours.

Kim Namjoon. His teams have won for the past 14 months in a row. He was amazing, and capable of arranging music faster than it took your friend Jin to eat a whole pizza. That was fast; really fast.

You soon skimmed the auditorium for the face of the Rap God, or better known as Rap Monster to the Academy. It didn’t take long before you spotted him taking notes (or probably lyrics) down a few rows below you. After the teacher finished assigning teams, he allowed all to get with your groups, or in your case; partner.

You made your way down the rows of seats before crossing Rap Monster., apologizing repeatedly as hurried people pumped into you, retreating for their own partners and groups. “H-hi, Namjoon” You stuttered. He looked up from his phone towards your voice, sharing a quirky dimpled smile. “Oh, hello. It’s a pleasure working with you…Y/N?” He assured. You nodded nervously in response, making him chuckle before the hour lunch bell sounded, demanding students to begin pouring through all 3 exits. “Lunch?” He asked, waiting as you straightened your papers and notes. “Yeah, sure” You smiled, “My treat” He implied. As the two of you headed towards the front doors of the Academy, familiar faces of your friends gave you thumbs up, patting you on the back, while some simply said a quick ‘Hey’ before going out to lunch with their friends. “Um, where are we eating out?” You asked, not wanting to sound impolite. “Well, I know a quite trainee hangout nearby, Americanos sound fine?” He insisted. You beamed with happiness from the mention of your favorite drink. “That looks like a yes” You two couldn’t help but smile at his remark.

The cafe wasn’t as crowded as you had expected, luckily. A few familiar faces, all who spoke in whispers to the people that surrounded them as EXO’s Tender Love played in the background. It was a cute little modern themed cafe, with clean white decorated walls, and basic geometric styled furniture. You followed Namjoon to the counter where behind a glass sliding door displayed an array of baked goods, all which seemed delicious. You looked up to the menu, a turkey sandwich catching your eye. You ordered it along with an Iced Caffè Americano, while Namjoon ordered a couple of chocolate cookies and a Cafe Zorro Americano. Afterwards you two sat in a booth, laying down your papers, before taking in the peaceful atmosphere. You squirmed in your seat though, making a bit of a bothersome squeaking noise, catching the attention of Namjoon before you. “Nervous about the assignment?” It was as if he read your mind. “Yeah, a bit” You couldn’t lie, you couldn’t bare a low grade, not after the last competition, your partner making you do everything, and barely passing with just a bit of luck for having considerate professors. “It’s okay, Y/N. Want to start now, or after lunch?” You pulled out your colorful journal, and clicked your Kakao Jay-G pen with a smile. “Let’s just throw out ideas for now” He grinned, taking out a piece of paper and pencil. “So the theme, is a pair of jeans huh?” He asked, jotting it down. You nodded as you did the same, writing your name in your messy handwriting at the top corner like in Middle School. “It’s been eating at me, why a pair of jeans?” You let out an exaggerated sigh. “Hey, we got this, you’re very talented, I know that, so we can do this together” He nodded as your drinks finally arrived. You took a quick sip, a bit before your sandwich was placed before you. ‘Hmmm,” Namjoon tapped his pen as you chewed big bites of your sandwich, looking at him mindlessly as mayo was left at the corner of your mouth, making Namjoon laugh as you were left confused. “You got a bit…” Namjoon pointed to the corner of his mouth, you blushed a bit before hurriedly reaching for a napkin after receiving the embarrassing message, but Namjoon beat you to it, “Here let me,” He brought his hand up to wipe the mayo from your mouth, as you stared wide eyed. He then went back to his notes, taking a bite of one of his cookies before offering you one, which you couldn’t decline.

After you finished your sandwich, you still had 35 minutes of your lunch period remaining. So, you and Namjoon had decided to stay for awhile before going back to the Academy. The two of you shared a couple of ideas for the song; wanting a fast tempoed song with the melody Namjoon made up by randomly tapping two straws on his text books. After settling on a schedule, the two of you then made your separate ways to your independent rooms with quick waves goodbye and smiles.

After arriving to your room you plopped down on your twin sized bed, humming the melody Namjoon had brilliantly came up with. You kicked your legs up, from the butterflies inside your stomach and took a hurried shower before racing to your laptop to jot some lyrics.

Your jeans

My boyfriend jeans

Hugging me like I know you would

You smiled at the little note before writing down more of the first things that came to your mind. It was then 2:30 pm when you decided to head to the recording rooms in the Academy. You got a lot done and was really proud of what you came up with. After a few hours at the studio, there was an announcement stating a delay in time due to schedules, so the song was to be due in 2 weeks instead of 4. A rare deal like this would’ve freaked you out completely, but you weren’t surprised to quickly receive a text from Namjoon saying it was going to be okay; resulting in the calming of your nerves.

The two weeks were finally up, and in 2 hours, teams would be told to go to the auditorium to play their tracks as teachers and professors placed teams on a list for the top 3 best songs and the teams who received extra credit from being in such list. That night you couldn’t sleep due to the event, excitement and nervousness filled you, but you were prepared to play the song you and Namjoon had composed together, spending hours of weekdays and weekends perfecting the track.

“This is gonna be amazing” You said

“I hope we win” Namjoon mumbled, sounding a bit unsure.

“Of course, our song is perfected!” You assured.

“Yeah…” Namjoon jotted down some notes before putting them away.

“What’s that? Why do you always do that?” You wondered.

He would dodge the question

You sighed at the flashback. Asking yourself what he always wrote in his journal. He would constantly do that when you two were together, like he was noting your every move or studying you. You set aside the thought before gathering your stuff and heading out towards the auditorium to get nice seats by the speakers with Namjoon, like the two of you had planned.

He greeted you with a warm hug. The two of you then made your way to the auditorium. You triple checked to make sure he had the flashdrive in his backpack, anxiety taking over your body. You and Namjoon were the 15th group to go. Listening to the other songs before you didn’t calm your nerves a bit. Hearing such creativity and originality… you almost threw-up. Why were you so nervous? You’ve done this thousands of time.

“Namjoon, and Y/N”

This was it.

The fact that you were shaking from your named being called showed Namjoon just how high-strung you were. The fact that this was 55% of your final grade…shut up Y/N you got this.

Your eyes dilated as Namjoon plugged in the drive. You expected the familiar beat to come in, but heard a simple piano melody you hadn’t heard before. What the heck is happening.

It’ll be okay, I got you

Though times are hard, I’ll keep you



Wear those boyfriend jeans I like

White t-shirt, red converse

Come in close, I’ll keep you tight

I got your back it’ll be alright

With me you’re safe


Though we met not long ago

I love your smile

Your cute little nose

I like your style

I love your everything

I’ll keep you safe


Those boyfriend jeans

They fit you nice

Listen up, babe

To my advice

Stay with me

And I’ll keep you safe


…What? You looked off to Namjoon from the corner of your eye. Not knowing how hard you were blushing as the professors nodded to each other. You needed this A, but that thought left your head as the song bombarded it instead along with mixed emotions. Namjoon on the other hand looked down, bleached fringe covering up his guilty face. “Very good guys, thank you” Mr. Yoon finally said. You then went back for your seat, soon being stopped by your friend Jieun. “That was so good, Y/N” He smiled, but you left him with a cold expression and a simple nod. The competition wasn’t long before the bell signaled lunch like it always did at 12:00 pm. You hadn’t paid much attention to the last few songs after you, constantly looking back to a stone-faced Namjoon beside you for a reason you didn’t know.

“So lun-” Namjoon started a few seconds after the bell. “What was that, Namjoon?” You interrupted. His expression hardened once again. Looking off to the side as if you didn’t say anything. “Namjoon? Did you…” You unexpectedly felt a tingling sensation in your nose. “Did you not like the song…we worked so hard and…You could’ve just tell me” Hot tears welled up at the corners of your eyes. Namjoon didn‘t expect you to cry, freaking out a bit at the sight of your red face. “I thought it was good, I mean, we spent so many hours and…”

“Y/N” He interrupted. Tears stung your cheeks.

“You did nothing wrong, the song we made together was amazing…” From his left pocket he pulled out another drive similar looking to the other. “I hesitated, but needed to find a way to show you the song I wrote for you” He explained. You eyes widened at the words, remembering the lyrics you heard not long ago.

I like you

I love you

He liked you? Had you not noticed this before? The notes he always wrote down, lyrics to a song he made for you?

“What?” You couldn’t help but be a bit dazed. He chuckled a bit, unexpectedly taking a hold of your hand. “Let’s get lunch before your sodium levels drop” He joked, tucking your loose strands of hair from your damp face.

This guy.




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