L7 joins Marilyn Manson’s Dead to the World Tour, as a supporting act - 1996/1997

“The Manson tour was fun. Lots of bomb threats and Christian protesters. Good times.”
–Donita reminisces being on tour, February 2015

(Top to Bottom): Marilyn Manson draws pentagrams on Suzi’s ass, Twiggy kisses Donita, L7 on the last night of the tour, and Dee with (band) Marilyn Manson.

The early days of L7 were very, very difficult. I’m talking about before we had a solid line-up, following, or any recognition. It was difficult just finding non-crazy people who would play with us. I’m not even sure why Suzi and I stuck with it through all of the trials and tribulations. Then when we got Jennifer on bass things got a bit better. One of the first things she did was get stickers made for the band. I remember thinking, “Yeah, now we’re getting somewhere." Ha! So naive. When we finally got Dee on drums, that’s when we got pretty decent as a band and things slowly started to happen. She was the link we had been missing. – Donita Sparks

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