Hey Adventurekateers!

Here’s a few pictures from yesterday at C2e2! There’s a shot of the Improv panel, a bunch of pics from behind the TAH booth, and Ben Blacker doing announcements and introductions at the Sparks Nevada show yesterday.

The Sparks show was really amazing and I don’t think anyone will be disappointed in how the comic book arc ends.

In booth news, we’re selling out of a few sizes of shirts now, and all but the Marc and Mark variant cover of the Sparks Nevada comic books! (there were more of those than any other to begin with) and the Beyond Belief comics are getting low, too! We’ve also sold out of several posters. If you want something, come and get it quick today!

The TAH panel is at 11! The booth is open all day, chedsy jmebressler and I (Annakie) will be working around 1:30 to 4:30, stop by and say hi!

my favorite thing about the snmom crew is when they argue over the validity of each other’s names like it’s just this petty shit that’s like ‘what the fuck kind of name is “Sparks” anyway’ ‘Oh I’m sorry “The Red Plains Rider” did you have something you wanted to say about names’


Very important message from Croach the Tracker (via Mark Gagliardi’s twitter)

  • Me before the WTNV/TAH crossover:I dunno if I want to get into TAH. I mean, I'm already involved with perhaps too many series considering I'm in grad school and have class stuff to stay on top of. Perhaps when I don't have as many things going on.
  • Me after the WTNV/TAH crossover:♪ ♫ When there's varmints need a' catching And young 'uns need a' saving, On my rocket steed I race across the stars! For I've sworn by the burrs of my astro spurs to right the outlaw wrongs on Mars! ♪ ♫