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Eyes On Me (Strangers In The Night #8)

AU. Strangers who meet at an underground wrestling match. He is wrestling. She is watching. Sparks fly. 

This was literally buzzing in my head all day and finally I got to it. For alwaysolicity tanyak312 olicityalamode who wanted a wrestling fic. This might not be what you had in mind but I hope you like it :)

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The crowd was getting on her nerves. Her very tight-strung, stretched-almost-to -the-breaking-point nerves. 

Underground wrestling was something she had never even been aware of until the last few months, and even then only because Sara could not stop talking about it. Until yesterday, it had been something distant that she had never had any interest in but had just nodded to in all the right places when Sara talked. Until yesterday. 

This morning, Sara had stopped by her place and literally begged and cajoled Felicity to come with her to the match tonight, pulling out the big and the short and all sorts of guns. 

“I swear if you just come today, I’ll never ever bug you about wrestling again.”

So Felicity had agreed. 

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