sparks flew when they met

Thrilling New AU Scenarios for your OTP!
  • I keep having dreams that I’m killing you over and over again and now it’s getting awkward between us. AU
  • I’m driving on the highway and almost run over you because why are you lying in the middle of the road?! AU
  • I pull up at a gas station and watch you working from my car before finally building up the courage to go inside and talk to you. You’re not too happy. AU
  • You walked into the room and a light burst. And now you won’t shut up about how sparks literally flew when we met. AU
  • I kicked you out and you have nowhere to go.. And now I feel like a jackass. AU
  • After going missing and losing my entire memory. You find me married to someone else. And that breaks your heart. AU
  • You’ve never had sex so I try to help you out but you end up embarrassing yourself and now I can’t stop laughing. AU
  • While we’re playing a board game I get angry and fling it off of a table, but you say nothing and now I’m a fucking idiot. AU
  • After getting into an argument I go to a gas station and try to make it up to you with porn and sweets. Except they ran out of sweets. And you’re still mad. AU
  • Your friends get mad at you for sticking up for me and so they tell you to get rid of me. But instead you decide you’d rather have me instead. AU
  • I keep checking in on you while you are sleeping and you always wake up at the worst time possible, making it seem like I’ve been watching you for a while. Which, of course, I haven’t been… AU
  • After getting lost in the forest you immediately take off on your own. And now I’ll stop at nothing to find you even though I already found a way out. AU
  • After I have a mental breakdown I decide to show up naked to apologize. AU
  • When your stepdaughter tries to kill me I realize I had it coming and decide that we should get her a birthday present anyway. AU

Wait…… All of this shit actually fucking happened.

"Welcome Home, Cas."

Author: xbooksandtea

Pairing: Destiel

Fandom: Supernatural

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 1.665

Genre: hurt/comfort, reunion, lots of fluff

Time Line: Takes place after the events of 12x23

Links: Read on ao3

“Cas,” he whispered, and he was able to hear the blood rushing through the veins in his ears. Shimmering lights were dancing at the corners of his vision. His skin felt both burning hot and ice cold at the same time, the way he imagined it would feel if you dove into a pool while someone branded you with a burning claw – the way that left scars.

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The Unexpected

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: It’s in first person so if that’s a pet peeve don’t read.

Writer: Submitted by @i-cant-pick-a-fandom aka @aplethoraofwritings

Summary/Request: Submitted by @aplethoraofwritings​:  The reader recruits Bucky for a very special mission, get Steve and Natasha together. The results however, are a bit unexpected.

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Dean/Cas: Bright Star

Professor!Cas AU inspired by this post. 1.7K.

“Dr. Novak?” Dean calls quietly as he opens the office door. It’d normally be rude to walk in like this but he figures it’s an exception with Castiel.

The room is darkened save for the sunlight streaming in through the wrap-around window, and from the desk pushed up against the wall comes a low, warm voice. “Good afternoon, Dean.”

God, that voice. Dean blushes a little, then stammers, “Hey, thank you again for, um- For letting me make this up.”

“You’re welcome,” Castiel replies, and oh, so that’s what people meant when they said a smile could light up a room.

Okay, so maybe Dean’s got a crush but honestly, who wouldn’t after meeting the guy? With the gravel-rough voice and five o’clock shadow and nerdy ties that are always on backwards. He’s somehow hot and endearing all at once and Dean is basically a walking cliché.

To be fair, there were times when Dean felt like they could’ve been more in a parallel universe - one where they’re classmates, or childhood friends, or total strangers who meet on the street. Dean would have been infatuated either way and had something realistic to pin his hopes on.

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Do You Remember?

Quick A/N: So this is the song I wrote yesterday when I was listening to Writer in the Dark. For the first time in a really long time, I not only felt inspired to write lyrics, but I felt empowered by what I was writing. This is a first draft of what came of that.  It’s definitely about Peyton and how things are going.

Look back to when we met,

Remember how the sparks flew?

Look back to our first date

Remember when skin touched skin?

Do you remember how sick I was from nerves?

Do you remember how hard I fell for you?

Bet you didn’t know

I’d go and write a song or two

Bet you didn’t know

My love would linger like the flu

Bet you didn’t know

Bet you didn’t care

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/Hot/ Deamus stuff
  • Dean: Hey Seamus, I guess you could say.... /sparks flew/ when we met, eh?
  • Seamus: Dean no
  • Dean: Hey Sea, I've heard you're... /on fire/ in bed. Want to prove it?
  • Seamus: Dean please stop
  • Dean: I don't mind explosions, you should know that.
  • Seamus: Fuck you Dean
  • Dean: I guess you could say that I'm a pyromaniac, darling.
  • *Seamus jumps his boyfriend, snogging and eventually shagging ensues*

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absolutely smitten by dodie clark

i was abt to go to sleep but this song was too fuckin cute x)

when they met sparks flew all across the room, an invisible configuration of chemistry they somehow sensed with a glance.

they nursed it with some kindling and it became a flame- a modest one, but warm.

he took her to meet his parents, an elderly couple in belfast. far older than one would expect his parents to be. his mother pulled him aside and said if he was smart, he’d ask her to marry him. he doesn’t tell her he already bought the ring.

she had no parents to meet, but her doberman adores him, and her apartment smells like dog, but he doesn’t mind. the dog loves him, and he comes to loves rascal too, and she knows she chose right. rascal hated all her exes.

the fire between them grew warmer over the years, his and hers becoming theirs, and new memories were made that originated together, and their history became a love story told by their grandchildren.

to the end of their days they insist your soul will know instantly who it was meant to hold- and you’d do best to listen when you know it. after all, that’s what they did.

and the universe knew what to do from there.

Preference #4 - Your first kiss

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while!!

Harry - It was great! You and Harry have been dating for about a month now, and everything is amazing. Whenever you’re with him you feel this connection that you’ve never felt before. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true! You especially couldn’t wait for your date this evening, mostly because you and Harry don’t get to spend time alone as much. It was almost time to go, so you had to go and get ready!

–time skip–

The date was amazing!!! You and Harry went to the quidditch pitch and had a picnic. It was the sweetest thing. He was walking you to the common room and you could tell he was getting nervous. He was definitely nervous, like when he asked you on a date for the first time. As you got to the steps to your room you stopped and faced him.
“I had a fun time tonight! Let’s do that again sometime.” You said.
“Me too” Harry responded.
After there was some silence, Harry started leaning forward and lightly placed his lips on yours. It was magical!! Once the kiss was through you both giggled and you left to your room, with a huge smile plastered on your face.

Ron - Ever since Ron and you had your first date, you couldn’t stop smiling. You had loved every second of it. The two of you had so much in common! Like eating, and telling some jokes, and awkwardness. Yeah… Being awkward. Sometimes you two didn’t know what to say, but quickly thought of something to fill the silence.
As you were walking with him to your next class, it got a little quiet. It was almost as if Ron was anticipating something. Once you had arrived, you hugged him and were about to leave when Ron pulled you back. He had grabbed your hand, pulled you into his chest and kissed you passionately.
“Wow” you both say simultaneously.
“I’ll see you… after class I guess” you said grinning even larger than before.

Draco - You couldn’t be any happier. You have been on a few dates with your crush, Draco. And you must say, he is very romantic. He gets you flowers, and chocolates, and on your latest date he got you a necklace.
Lately he hasn’t been talking much, so you decided it was time for another date. Once you had gotten him to hogsmeade, you two started talking and started to see his normal self coming back. Apparently, the reason Draco was like that was because of a test he was worried about.

–time skip–

When you were walking back to Hogwarts, Draco suddenly stopped the both of you.
“I meant to give you my present earlier.” Draco said.
“You didn’t hav-” you started but were interrupted by Draco kissing you. You couldn’t believe Draco was kissing you! It was awesome. Once the kiss was over Draco grabbed your hand and started walking like nothing ever happened.

Neville - Since you and Neville have been dating, Neville has really broken out of his shell. He has been more outgoing and less awkward (but still very awkward). The most you two did was hold hands, and hug when you had to go your separate ways. There was nothing wrong with that, but you wanted a little more.
When you and Neville were through eating lunch, you got an idea. Neville was about to leave to go to his class when you stopped him.
“Neville give me a kiss on the cheek before you leave!” You demanded. Neville blushed a little, but happily walked over to you. He leaned over but right before his lips met your cheek, you turned your head and kissed him on the lips. By then Neville was blushing very hard, except he walked away with a huge grin on his face.

Fred - Fred was the crazy one in your relationship. He was always surprising you with gifts and playing pranks on you. He pranked you just like everyone else, but with more pizazz. You always got the flashy pranks, the ones the brought the most attention to you.
One day you were walking down the hall, wondering where in the world Fred could be. As you walked in the great hall, loads of glitter and feathers blew on you and stuck there.
“FRED!!” You yelled. Everyone turned there heads to you and started laughing. You walked out of the great hall and ran into none other than Fred himself.
“How dare you! How am I ever gonna get all this out?!?” Fred just laughed.
“I don’t know! But I’ll pay you back somehow.” Fred giggled.
“Alright then, kiss me and I’ll forgive you.” You said very serious.
He leaned down and gave you a kiss in the lips. You had never felt this way before. Once you two separated, he walked off without saying anything.

George - You loved being with George! He was like the guy version of you. You and the twins have been friends ever since you could remember. You loved playing games with him, because both of you are very competitive. Especially when you two are on teams.
It was a Saturday night and you, George, Fred, Hermione, Harry, Ron, and Ginny were playing truth and dare. You loved this game, mostly because you have the best dares.
“Ron, truth or dare?” You asked smirking.
“Uhhhh… Truth” he responded quickly.
“Okay… Do you have a crush on anyone in this room?” You asked immediately noticing Ron and Hermione blushing. Ron shook his head no, and hermione looked very disappointed. Now it was tons turn to ask.
“George… Truth or dare?” Ron asked.
“DARE!” George immediately answered.
“I dare you to kiss y/n for a minute” Ron demanded.
George looked at me, silently asking if it was ok, since you haven’t kissed before. You nodded. You both leaned in and when your lips met, sparks flew.
–One minute later–
When you were finished, you and George giggled. The game went on and you knew George was the best kisser ever.

waiting for the fire to light

Rating: T+ (non-graphic violence)

Word Count: 12,064

I promised everyone a long Tayvin AU fic what feels like an eternity ago, and I’m so sorry that it took so many weeks for it to be done. But I am glad that I managed to get it up on Calvin’s birthday, at the very least. And this is dedicated to @ttayvinaf and @warmestbloggerever, who showed me encouragement back when this monstrosity was still in the planning stages. 

(Title’s from “Under Control,” because titles are difficult.)

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Surprising Sehun At An Awards Show

- Click play then read with the song in the background for a better experience ;)

You and Sehun were been dating for about a year now. It’s been hard not seeing him for long periods at a time, but you two have learned to embrace that. Tonight was the night of your ‘one year anniversary’. He was set to fly out to see you early in the morning, but the flight was cancelled due to weather. 

Instead of being able to spend time with you on your anniversary, he would now have to go to an awards show instead, to accept an award with EXO.

I understand..” You say, as he tells you that his flight has been cancelled over the phone. “I’m so sorry Jagi.. As soon as I can, I’ll fly out to you. If this was up to me, I’d risk crashing in that plane just to come and see you.” He says softly. The rest of your conversation with him is about how both of your weeks have been, and how busy he is with work. “Bye Baobei..

There has to be some sort of way for me to see him today.’ You think to yourself as you open your laptop. You scroll through lots of flights and different options, then finally decide on a plan. You book a flight to the nearest place to Sehun that you can, then quickly pack a bag. The nearest spot, that isn’t being as affected by the weather right now, was a seven hour drive from the awards show centre, but that didn’t matter.

It was only 7:30am and you were on your way to the airport for your six hour plane ride. The flight started at 8am, so you would be at your destination for about 2pm. Then the seven hour car ride would lead you into around 9pm or 10pm, depending on the traffic.

As you board your plane, you sit down in your seat. Nobody was sat down next to you, yet. You had the window seat, which was a relief because the middle seat would force you to sit with two strangers. 

Hi!” A lady, about 70, says to you as she sits down. You internally start screaming, because old ladies are just so damn adorable. “Hi.” You reply smiling. “My name is Doris, what’s yours?

You tell her your name, which leads into more conversation as the plane lifts off. “So why are you on a six hour plane ride on your own?” She asks. “You are such a pretty young girl, where is the handsome young man in your life?

Well,” You start. “Today is our one year anniversary. He was coming to fly out to me this morning, but his flight was cancelled due to weather conditions. So now, I’m going to go surprise him!” 

That’s wonderful!” She says smiling. “Young love, willing to travel all around for each other. Why does he live so far away?

He’s in a band.. He’s always having to travel around, but I guess it’s kind of what I asked for. I was a huge fan and when I met him, sparks flew like crazy. I definitely know what its like to be a fan, so I told him to always put the band before me, because the fans deserve to see him just as much as I do.

Doris nods and looks out the window. “That would be hard.. but you are young, and if you’ve been doing this for a year, you must have a very strong relationship.” 

Yes..” You reply smiling to yourself. “We do..

For the most of the flight, Doris tells you stories of her first love and how they have been married for 45 years now. She gives you great advice, and you can tell that she overall, just loves to talk about love.

You’re really an amazing person Doris.” You say as the plane starts to land. “Thank you hun, good luck tonight, go get your man!

Once you’re off the plane and into the car for your seven hour car ride, you decide to call one of the boys about the surprise, so you at least have a way into the centre without security giving you a hard time.

You and Chanyeol are pretty much best friends, so you give him a call.

CHINGUUUUUU!!” He screams into the phone right when he picks up. You laugh at his enthusiasm and you yell it back. The driver of the car looks back at you, then back at the road with a weird look on his face. You continue to talk to Chanyeol in a ‘super excited’ voice. “What’s up!?” He asks loudly.

Is Se-hoon with you..?” “No..” He replies slowly. “Why?

I’m coming to the awards show tonight to surprise him for-” You start but then Chanyeol interrupts. “For your one year anniversary, I know, I know. He wouldn’t shut up about it and everyone got so annoyed. It’s the only thing he’s talked about all week.

You laugh and blush a bit at the comment, but then continue. “Well, anyways, I’m coming to surprise him tonight right after you all accept the award, and I need a way to get in.

No problem, I’ll just tell security right when I get there.” He says. “That’s so cute of youuuuuuuu chinguuuuuu!” He teases, dragging out his words. “I know, I’m pretty adorable, aren’t I?” You say laughing. You continue to joke around with him for about an hour, then hang up.

Can we please stop at this flower shop very quickly?” You ask the driver. He rolls his eyes, but pulls into the parking lot. “Hurry up.” The driver tells you as you get out. You go in and pick out a pretty, pink bouquet, then run back to the car after purchasing it. 

There was still about five and a half hours of driving, so you decide to take a bit of a nap. That ‘bit’ of a nap turns into the whole rest of the ride, and you are awaken by the cranky driver shaking you. “We’re here.” He says as he puts his hand out for your money. You sleepily hand him however much he wanted then get out of the car. As you stare up at the large building, you watch people cheer outside of it and watch the giant live tv on the wall. You see Kyungsoo starting to give their speech, and you run to the door Chanyeol had said to go into to as fast as you can. 

Hi, I need to get in there right away, I’m Sehun’s girlfriend, Chanyeol told you about me earlier, thanks.” You quickly say, then run past them without even getting a nod.

You stand at the back of the auditorium and watch as the boys are back in their seats. Slowly, you make your way over, then sit down in the seat directly behind Sehun. Chanyeol spots you, then gives you the thumbs up and a wink, as if saying ‘go for it’.

You lean forward, then kiss Sehun’s neck from behind. He quickly turns around with a confused face, but as soon as he sees your smile, his face lights up and he looks shocked. “Jagi!” He says as you lean in for a real kiss.

He grabs the back of your head and makes the kiss a bit more passionate before you pull away and hand him the flowers. “You got me flowers?!” He asks, taking them and smelling them with a wide smile on his face. “You are honestly perfect..” He says, grabbing your hand and kissing it lightly. “I can’t really explain how happy I am right now..

Happy one year anniversary.” You say smiling, as he climbs over his chair to hug you tightly. “I love you..” He whispers kissing your neck.

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destiel carnival prompt(;

[A/N]: Okay, I probably should’ve mentioned that English isn’t my first language, there might be a few mistakes, so… sorry, heh. Here you go!

1451 words. fluff. canon compliant. undefined time setting.

ao3 link


“Here we are!” Dean announces as bright, colorful lights illuminate the road.

He watches a newly human Castiel looking out the window, fascination obvious in the way he leans completely against the door as if he wants to jump out of the car and into the lit up carnival.

“Dean, this is-” Castiel, with all these recently magnified senses, feels as if his body were vibrating with the energy exuding from this place. However, he’s still confused as to why Dean would bring him here when they were supposed to go grocery shopping. Sam is probably expecting them to be back at the bunker in no more than one hour. “Why are we here?”

Dean meets the former angel’s curious gaze, and feels a twinge deep in his ribcage. Tonight’s the night.

“Well, y’know,” He shrugs a shoulder, feigning nonchalance when every nerve on his body is standing on end at the plan he’s playing out tonight. “You’re human now. You know what it’s like to be dirty, hurt, weak, all that human stuff that drives us all crazy at times. So I figured, why not let you feel what it’s like to be a kid at a carnival?”

“Except I’m not a child.” Castiel points out, serious as ever.

“We’re all kids on the inside, Cas. You’ll see.” Dean says as he pulls into the parking lot.

You’ll see.

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“Dean? …. Dean?” Sam stared at the scene and felt his heart slam so hard in his chest that he was almost certain he was having a heart attack. “Dean…Dean what did you do?" 

Dean, or the remnant of what was left of his brother, looked over at him, his eyes wild. "Sam-" 

Dean had killed Abaddon, like he was meant to do. He had even killed Crowley. He had taken out demon after demon, in a rage of fury. But the demons weren’t the only crumpled beings on the floor. A tan trench coat, now speckled in red, was amongst the fallen. 

Sam rushed over to roll Castiel onto his back, his heart speeding up if that were at all possible. "Dean…” He looked up at his older brother in shock. “What did you do?!”

The First Blade fell to the floor and it did not so much as clatter as it roared; it was like thunder rolling from nowhere. Dean fell back one step, two, three, until he fell to the floor and stared at the carnage he had created. Sam turned his eyes back on Castiel, who had tried to stop Dean, tried to stop him from killing Sam. Castiel had paid that price, for Sam’s sake. 

“You killed him,” Sam said shakily. “You killed him." 

Sam wasn’t expecting to hear Dean sobbing but the sound that left his brother was not a sound he heard often; it didn’t even sound human. Dean crawled over and grabbed onto Castiel’s shirt, hauling him upright, his fingers going to wrap in the angel’s hair. He yanked Castiel close and sobbed into his shoulder. Sam listened to Dean beg for one more miracle. 

Just one. 

He looked away, his own tears blinding him suddenly. Listening to Dean cry hurt so badly that Sam had to stand and he was tempted to leave the room; he didn’t want to ruin Dean’s mourning. He cast Dean another glance and froze, his stomach filling with nerves and butterflies. 

"Dean-” he gasped and stared as Castiel stirred. 

But Dean knew this. He pulled back and stared at his friend in shock, one hand cupping the back of Castiel’s head and the other holding his hand so tightly, Castiel’s fingers had turned white. 

“Cas,” Dean gasped. “You-you were dead-" 

Castiel half smiled and slowly pressed his forehead to Dean’s. "You needed me,” he replied quietly, his voice dragging through gravel. “I heard you pray." 

Sam smiled slightly when Dean stammered. Then Castiel was leaning forward to kiss him. Sam looked away this time. 

"Cas what are you doin-” Dean whispered. 

The smile that Castiel reserved only for Dean returned to his face. “What do you think? Sparks flew when we first met, remember?" 

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(1/2I think one of the things why I love destiel is, is that the stuff that has happened between them would normally be metaphorical for a normal relationship/ how a couple met, e.g. sparks flew when Dean saw Cas, & idk theres probably some metaphor about stabbing ones heart = love.

(2/2) also the fact that Cas is his angel (literally), and that Cas fell from heaven for Dean. There are also several cheesy pick up lines about angels falling from heaven and stuff which could apply to destiel. idk what are your thoughts? I guess that’s why they say destiel is the greatest love story ever told. Also not to mention that Cas literally saved him from hell, which in relationships can be considered a metaphor. Not to mention purgatory

Same, honestly, all of this. :p 

Also, I do think that this is one of the reasons why the ship in general is so popular, because it has all of these ‘clichés’ that we prefer to see in love stories, and at the core of it all you have that tale as old as time of an angel falling from Heaven who ends up falling in love with a human along the way. 

It’s a rather popular theme, and pretty much what the entire Dean/Cas relationship is about. Everyone who’s not bothered by same gender romance and who has an open mind to all elements of the show, is therefore likely to be lured in by that particular story/relationship imo.