sparks all stars

How to be the perfect boyfriend

Be attentive like Shimon:

So damn cute!

*watches with stars in the eyes*

Don’t you love it when your boyfriend takes notice of your feelings? *happy sigh*

Art by Yoshiaki Sukeno, “Sousei no Onmyouji”

“Sky sparks”

: Our world is on fire
It is not yet in flames
The fire is just beginning to spark
All of the shooting stars that you wish upon
Are just fragments of this earth
Sailing around above our ignorant heads
We wish on them because we don’t want to contemplate the hole that we have buried ourselves in
Though we are not quite buried, being that we can see the so called stars:
We are close enough.
Those innocent sparks will soon set our world ablaze.
Shining stars so small can spark a huge catastrophe in an instant.

The Oh to my God

Blaine’s a virgin. Kurt’s not. And yet it’s still Kurt who seems to have no idea what sex can really be like.




“Do you ever think of sex?”

Kurt jerks up, ending their long, soft make out session. He can already feel the color on his face. “…like… with you or…?”

“Or in general. Although I’d very much like it if you thought of me,” Blaine says with a grin. “But if you don’t, that’s fine, too!” he adds hastily when Kurt’s blush deepens. “I just thought I’d ask. We’ve been going out for a while and well, so far it’s all been pretty middle school. Which is great, I’m not complaining, I just…”

“…want more,” Kurt finishes quietly.

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anonymous asked:

i know its not what you asked for but i wish you'd write a fic about destiel. a fuffy one, even if its just 5sentences cos im sad. i just broke up with my boyfriend and he made me feel like shit. i just cried my eyes out and i dont know what to do :(

I hope this lifts your spirits, anon. You don’t deserve to be treated so poorly and he doesn’t deserve you if he fails to see how wonderful you are. Please always remember to love yourself no matter what. ♥

“… and honeybee, there were all these sparks. Like stars raining down from the sky. And your dad, he just… walked right toward me like it was nothing.” Dean smiles when Chevy widens her eyes, then lowers his voice till it’s just above a whisper. “And between you and me, sweetheart? I was really scared. I even stabbed him.”

“You stabbed him?” Chevy gasps. She clutches her teddy bear as she stares up at Dean. “But… it didn’t hurt Papa, right?” Her voice is quiet and serious.

Dean shakes his head before brushing back her soft, dark bangs. “Nope, he didn’t even flinch,” he laughs. “I’d never met anyone like him.”

Chevy hums thoughtfully, furrowing her brows; the action makes the freckles dance across her nose. “It’s a good thing that Papa’s an angel,” she says, sounding so philosophical that it pulls another laugh out of Dean.

“Yes, it is,” he agrees, leaning in closer to tweak Chevy’s nose. She giggles and squirms further back into her pillows, and Dean is so overwhelmed by love that he just wants to hold her forever, protect her from the world. “Do you know what you call stories like mine and your Papa’s?” he asks.

Chevy tilts her head, eyeing him curiously with her deep green eyes. “A fairy tale?” she guesses shyly. Dean smiles and reaches for her hand.

“Close,” he tells her gently, relishing the way her small hand rests curled inside his own. Above, they hold each other’s matching, adoring gaze, as Dean goes on to answer, “You call it a love story, sweetheart. Love at first stab.” He stifles a laugh as she crinkles her nose.

“I think it’s love at first sight, Daddy,” she corrects him with a sigh. Only seven yet she’s mastered exasperation thanks to her Papa.

“I think you’re right,” Dean nods indulgently, and when he looks up, he sees Cas smiling from the doorway. “Look who’s here to help me tuck you in.”

Chevy unwraps her arm around the bear so Cas can take her hand and press a kiss to her palm. “What were you and Daddy talking about?” he asks, to which Chevy replies, “How there were sparks when you two met.”

Cas peers at him over their daughter, his eyes so fond that Dean feels warm all over. He responds by mouthing ‘I love you,’ only to duck his head when Cas mouths it back. They take turns kissing Chevy’s cheeks, though Cas speaks for them both with his usual, “Sweet dreams, Princess. We love you very much.” Dean waits till they’re back in the hallway to tug Cas closer so they stand chest-to-chest.

“So,” Cas begins softly. “Sparks, huh?” His eyes are so bright.

Dean huffs, kissing along the curve of Cas’ jaw. “It’s true,” he replies, before kissing his husband square on the mouth. “Still feel ‘em. Every single day.”

“Marriage has made you quite the romantic,” Cas smiles, but Dean just says “No, baby, you did that” and steals another kiss.


So I think most of us have been privy to this heinous post.  There have already been several articulate, supportive responses, all of which I agree with.  Anything I would have to add would amount to a seething rage fit.

But it did give me an idea.  I’ve been thinking about hiatus projects.  (I have a little positivity thing that I’ll get back to as soon as I finish the MC angst I’ve been working on, but I digress.)  I’ve seen a bit of this post going around, encouraging reviewers to go all out 9th grade book report style on fics that they love.  And I think I’m going to do just that, starting with Beyond the Horizon.

I’ve been following OUaT for a few years now, but I’ve just jumped into fandom a little while ago.  I’m sure there’s loads of fic I’ve missed out on.  Over the next few months, I’m going to build up a list of recs, devour them, and basically write a report on everything I love about it.  Really dive deep into what makes that particular fic so lovely.  I enjoy sending messages to authors about their work, but that pesky character limit gets me every time.  So I’ll make a post, and maybe we can all flail together.

As for building a list: long MC’s, series, one-shots, old fic, new fic - please, rec me anything.  Don’t hesitate to rec me your own stuff!  

I just want all you cs fic writers to know that I love and appreciate you.  And this is one way that I’m going to show it.