Eres la respuesta a todas mis plegarias: eres una canción, un sueño, un susurro; no sé cómo he podido vivir sin ti todos estos años.
—  El cuaderno de Noah de Nicholas Sparks.

S U M M E R  S P A R K

I don’t know what I’m doing, haha. I went in game for the first time in a year and a half and decided to start a new save. Five hours later and Summer is all I have to show for it. Even re-starting my sims 3 folder hasn’t really helped the lag/slowness of my game. But starting over with CC will take forever … I don’t know. But for now, have some summer ♥

I don’t even recognize myself anymore. When did my eyes become so hollow? When did they lose their spark of joy? When did this permanent frown become glued to my face? When did my dimples disappear? When did my cheeks lose their fullness?
—  When did it all fall apart?
Sabes que es amor cuando todo lo que deseas es estar a todas horas con la otra persona y de alguna manera sabes que la otra persona siente lo mismo que tú.
—  Un paseo para recordar Nicholas Sparks.
so to recap

in case y'all haven’t been stalking the hec k out of leafs twitter this morning

- kappy and sparks called up for practice
- speculation that kappy might replace smith and stay for a while

- lievo was there over an hour before practice but only briefly, him and sosh the only absentees for practice

- bc yes! freddie was at practice! he skated alone with the goalie coach before practice and was in net for first 20 minutes of practice! still uncertain, but a good sign

- lines same as usual with kappy as an extra but marty practicing on the power play
- switch to hyman/matthews/smith and martin/boyle/kapanen sometime into practice (no idea what they’re doing but ok)

things are strange, ppl are freaking out

tl;dr “what in leafsnation”


athena: anyways! we saw beauty and the beast the other day and it was AMAZING?? it was so close to the original like damn!!! 

scarlet: yeah it was, my friend and i got really high before we saw it. honestly 10/10 recommend because it was magical as fuck.

joe: why am i doing your job? i’m supposed to be managing you two, not serving customers.

scarlet: joe, you know you love our crazy asses! we’re just having a good time man! common it’s beauty and the beast!! we’ll see it with you dude rly whenever u want!!!

joe: yeah whatever you say, just go do something before i hire new baristas