Who here is super duper crazy excited that Beach House is gearing up to release a fifth full length album? I know I am, and my heart skipped a beat when the Baltimore dream pop duo revealed a new song off the coming release. Sparks, however, seems different from songs off previous 2012 album Bloom. Sure, it’s still dreamy, but it’s also a lot more of an experimental electronic song, darker and more shoegaze noisy. Beach House gave me one of my most memorable Treasure Island Music Festival moments, something I’ll always remember them for. It was sunset, they were playing the Tunnel Stage, and I went on the Ferris wheel. As the sun disappeared behind the regal San Francisco skyline and the bay’s reflective shimmers slowly faded, Victoria Legrand cooed beautifully and tenderly over their swirly, languorous indie rock, and I was lost in a moment of complete and utter perfection. I can envision that happening all over again listening to Sparks despite its ringing clang. It’s a song that seems to smooth out and draw you in more with every passing second. There’s an electrifying hum to Sparks, underneath all that hazy beauty and languid charm, and it adds to the reverie inducing effect of Beach House’s gorgeous music. New album Depression Cherry will be out August 28th on Sub Pop.


I said I’d write something yesterday but I totally forgot. But here’s my pic & and my little story :D So, after my Eurostar between Paris & London almost exploded I arrived in London 90min late. Anyway, I met Shauna & Nad, nice girls, who took care of me before the gig ahah While we waited in the queue at the Troxy, we met Ravid & her sister, they were so sweet, but jsut like me really tired… There were also some American Sparks Fans who were also at the Paris gig & they regonized me ! They were really nice with me, we spoke about the Sparks, I learnt why they never stop the fans ect… these people were really nice, and they came in Europe espacially to see FFS, 5 shows in 2 weeks, they did Brussels, London, Paris, Cologne ect so impressive ! Then we got into the venue, I was at the barrier next to the US Sparks fans and 2 English fans. When FFS started we switched place with the 2 English fans because they wanted to be more in front of Alex, and I didn’t mind to be closer to Nick hehe Nick regonized me from the first song ! He smiled & winked at me like “hey, you were in Paris!” The show was perfect, as great as in Paris, except that THEY PLAYED 2 MORE SONGS ! They played Walk Away & Achoo! After the “drum” solo in the end of No.1 Song in Heaven, Nick threw his first drumstick to me (and the second to Ravid!) I know it’s weird to be happy to have a drumstick from a guitarist, but I couldn’t ask for more, I couldn’t be happier. During Police Encounters I thought Nick was going to do crowd surfing like he did in Paris, but he didn’t seem like he was thinking about it. Soooooo… I asked him to come on the crowd (I know it’s strange but he actually understood my strange arms movements & what I was saying “Come on, come on the crowd like in Paris! Come on!” When he saw me, he went on the edge of the stage & saw that it was quite high (it was really highest than in Paris) so Nick made a stepbackward & told me “no no”. BUT… he asked 2 guys from the staff to put a flycase in front of me… AND HE FINALLY CAME ON THE CROWD DURING CALL GIRL ! Damn, I was so happy, but when he came back on stage he told me “That’s all!” Smiling ahah ! At the end of Take Me Out Nick threw a plectrum on us, Nad got it ! And at the end of Piss Off he threw another one & I got it (this one is a “Franz Ferdinand” plectrum !!) After, I managed to get a setlist too, and Bob signed it the first time he came out. Then none of them came out in the end except Bob twice, he was so sweet. That was an awesome gig, I can’t wait to see them again in Lyon Sunday !!


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