sparklywombat replied to your post “But anyways I’m going to go back to being vegetarian and gluten-free…”

I’m mostly gluten free if you need recipes ever! I have a huge list of foods I can’t eat because my body hates me, but I eat gluten here & there because completely depriving yourself of gluten can be bad.

Omg absolutely.  I went gluten restrictive for awhile and I liked the results a lot!!!!!!!!!!  

And please yes send me recipes.  For the next week my meals are gonna be oatmeal (4ever and always) dal and rice, and then eggs florentine so what brand or english muffin would you reccomend?  I bought gf bread once it was so fucking nasty.

(Ok but I see you eat quinoa I am 100% opposed to eating quinoa so don’t send me recipes that use it pls)


:’D I love Monica.. but her story line makes me sad sometimes.. how she was overweight and the way they talk about her losing the weight and stuff.. but other than that, shes too funny…Monica and Chandler belong together OTP since day 1 lmao. I think I’m a cross between Phoebe and if they had a baby…. it would be me xD

It’s okay.. I’m kinda processing all of it through writing and stuff. :)

AND YES. Avocados are life.. I think I strive for my blood to be actually half avocado as well. I didn’t know avocados are a big thing in SD. hmm.. I did want to live there when I was younger. (I wanted to go to SDU lol) My love for avocados were pre destined. :“D

I don’t know what was in the air at work today, but I got a fuck ton of compliments.

*a lady told me that she’s always hated colored hair, but that it looks amazing on me.

*another lady told me she’s never seen someone so pale and that she was literally impressed by my paleness and compared me to Snow White when she saw my shirt.

*an older lady told me I looked like a purple-haired Liz Taylor. I’ve been getting this compliment for years, and I don’t see it, BUT YOU BET YOUR ASS I ACCEPT IT.

*I also got a lot of general compliments on my hair and shirt. 

So like basically it was the best day ever.