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elsenthal  asked:

I really liked your Halloween Headcanons but now all I can think of is Damian in bell-bottom trousers to match Dick's Disco Wing. And sparkles, obviously... A bell-bottom trousers, sparkly Robin. And that wide open shirt like Elvis. I don't know if I should be ashamed but I'm definitely going to draw that if you don't mind.

Oh my goodness! That’s so funny! 😂 please share it with me if you do draw it!

Eight houses to be sorted into at the sort of school that does that sort of thing

1. House Spectronic. You like gold lame trousers, sparkly unicorns and serious Science. Your dorm has glitterballs. The glitterballs have lasers in. House Spectronic hold a yearly dance-off to showcase their movement-based mathematical notation and are generally into stuff like that.
2. House Jectibor. You are an arch-rationalist who believes that sorting people into different groups based on arbitrary personal characteristics is at best pointless and at worst a dangerous type of segregation promoting the formation of divisions and filter bubbles. House Jectibor campaigns for the abolition of Houses and also organises midnight trips out to get drunk on cheap cider in the hills.
3. House Oraculorum. You have ear hair of over 3cm in length. It can be used to tell the future, if burnt in the correct sort of vessel. You didn’t know that? Welcome to House Oraculorum! Members of this house take a joint vow of secrecy about the future and have a tendency to pass exams with top marks and make large lottery wins.
4. House Quotusal. You do not have any particularly unusual characteristics. You can sort of recognise yourself in most broad definitions of personality types. You have no particular loyalty to people who are just like you. You still need somewhere to sleep.
5. House Vellilarum. Mainly notable for having only one member at any one time, House Vellilarum is reserved for budding dark lords, criminal masterminds and/or lone psychopaths. Occasionally other people are sorted into House Vellilarum, but after a few days the House typically reverts to having one member again and a small hush bonus is paid to the cleaners.  
6.  House Beddagorg. Relatively few people know about House Beddagorg, because members rarely make it to classes. Those in House Beddagorg can typically be found in bed, which is their natural habitat and from which they are rather loath to be removed.
7. House Buggeroff. Did you ask to be sent to the sort of school that does sorting and dorms and suchlike? You most definitely did not. You’d rather be at the sort of school that you go home from and maybe go out to a gig in the evening or something.
8. House House. You are a house. Quite why you are interested in attending classes rather than hosting them is a bit of a mystery, but top marks for ambition. House house is often the biggest house, in terms of volume and mass at least.

So one birthday, Karamatsu’s busy getting ready upstairs and the bros are all pretty much preparing to head out for the night. He calls down for them to wait for him but when he’s finally ready and rushes downstairs he’s disappointed to find that they’ve already left without him.

And his heart sinks, because he didn’t actually know WHERE they were going. Oso was just gonna lead the way and the rest would follow. It was probably going to be some lewd surprise knowing him. But now he wasn’t going to get to find out. He lets out a little laugh, assures himself that they were just too excited to see the surprise and didn’t realise he wasn’t with them and that anyone would have done the same and that lie manages to somewhat soothe him.

Now that this has happened though, his evening has completely freed up. He can’t help but feel lonely in the house by himself whilst his brothers are off having fun without him. So he decides, since loneliness loves company, that he knows exactly what to do with his evening.

And that’s how he shows up by himself at Chibita’s oden stand still painfully dressed to impress, sparkly trousers and all. Chibita’s a little surprised to see him by himself and he expresses this, like “I thought you NEETs would be off partying together or something…” and Kara’s smile falters ever-so-slightly before he lets out that trademark “heh” and repeats the same lie he’d told to himself earlier. Chibita’s not convinced, and, in retrospect, he also really isn’t that surprised after all.

They sit and chat a while over oden and drinks and Karamatsu forgets to feel bad about being forgotten about by his brothers. He’s enjoying himself just fine right here. Maybe even more than he would have if he’d gone with the others.

Eventually, though, as the night goes on, it approaches closing time and Chibita has to set about packing up for the night. But before Karamatsu can bid his farewells and head off home, Chibita stops him. “Wait, wait, hold on a second, idjit!” he calls out, rushing to get something from somewhere on the other side of the cart.

He produces a moderately sized box wrapped in oden-patterned cloth and holds it out for Karamatsu to take and Kara can only stare dumbfounded at it for a few moments like he doesn’t understand what’s going on. And Chibita sort of pushes it against his chest, insisting he won’t keep his arm held out like this forever dammit. So Karamatsu takes it and asks what’s inside.
And Chibita goes all proud and boastful all of a sudden, talking about how he’s not much of a baker but he thinks he did a damn good job all the same. And that gets Kara curious so he rushes over to the cart and unwraps the box and nearly starts crying when inside he finds a cake that says “Happy Birthday, Karaboy” on it. And at the centre, a little sloppily drawn out in icing in all its painful glory, is a picture of his face.

Chibita’s still talking, saying something about how it was painful even making it but he figured Kara’d probably like it so… wait..  are you crying!?!?!?

And Kara’s trying to keep it together but there are a couple of tell-tale tears rolling down his cheeks from beneath his shades and his mouth’s twisted into this tight, trembling smile as he tries to contain his burgeoning feelings.

And Chibita’s just internally thinking shit did I do something wrong? Can he not eat cake or something???? And he goes to try to check what’s wrong but before he can even do a damn thing he’s pulled almost instantly into a tight hug while Karamatsu sobs silently onto his shoulder, trying to disguise his sobs as best he can.

And Chibita’s still confused but he gingerly pats Kara on the back and asks him if he’s ok and it’s all kind of awkward until Kara manages to find his composure again, pushing his sunglasses back up his nose to hide his puffy eyes and trying to make himself look cool again but his cheeks are blotchy and wet and he kind of looks a mess now but he also looks happy which is more than Chibita could say for how he’d looked when he’d first turned up that evening.

He starts speaking in that painful language of his again spouting remarks about how he is honoured to receive such a thoughtful and creative gift and Chibita’s just like yeah yeah ok idjit just don’t cry on it when you eat it ok? You’re welcome.

And then he finishes packing up the things in the oden cart and prepares to head back home for the night and Kara’s still just staring at the cake like it’s the best damn thing he’s ever been given in his entire life and it’s sad but kind of endearing and Chibita can’t help but feel a little proud that his hard work’s being appreciated like this.

He wishes him a happy birthday, tells him to keep that cake safe and away from the rest of his brothers and is about to leave when Karamatsu finally seems to come to some sort of decision in his head and halts him.

“My dear Chibita, while I am most blessed to be honoured with a gift as wonderful as this I am afraid I could not possibly eat all of it by myself. Would you do me one more honour and grant me the privilege of eating this with the one whose gifted hands sculpted it?”

Chibita grimaces a little, but at the same time he’s flattered. And he has to admit, he IS curious to know how the cake tastes. That, and he has found more and more lately that he actually very much enjoys Karamatsu’s company.

So he agrees and invites Karamatsu to come with him so they can have leftover oden and cake at his place.

And they have a good time and it’s nice and simple. And privately at the end of the night, as Karamatsu curls up to sleep on the spare futon Chibita put out for him, he thinks to himself that of all the birthdays he’s lived to experience thus far, this one is probably the best one yet.