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i think about this on a daily basis… why are you like this jotaro 

can we bring back the concept of NOTPs… because not every god damn ship you dislike is problematic. Not liking an enemies to friends to lovers ship doesn’t mean that ship is abusive. Not liking a royalty situation doesn’t mean the characters are abusing their power just because one of them happens to have a better title. Shipping a 19 year old and a 24 year old (who also met at those ages) doesn’t mean it’s bad because of a too big age difference. 

And yes, I’ve seen all of these things, usually said by somebody who happens to ship either or both characters of the ship in question with a ‘superior’ and ‘pure’ ship. I am kind of sure that this sort of ridiculous thing is what most people mean when they say “let people ship what they want”, instead of, you know, actual abuse or whatever else. 


I’m rewatching SDC, cause I can barely remember the smaller fights… so just… Nena’s expression whenever Polnareff is talking to her is magical. Which must have been several hours of non-stop rambling on the busdrive. + Joseph threw keys at him and they got stuck in his hair

hm first i was getting spam mail from sexy russian ladies looking for a strong handsome man like me, and now I’m getting spam mail from some mysterious sounding lady saying she read my fortune… well…. at least it’s getting more creative?? 

Here are True Facts about the Stand Users: 

Stand Users have a very peculiar mating ritual. The challenger approaches their intended partner, proclaiming their desire to fight them to death. after both survive that ordeal the true romancing will begin

idk if i can ever chill… yesterday I felt like shit cause “oh surely my art isn’t anything special” and now that I’m over it it’s “no matter how good your art is, the stuff you do isn’t something of use as a professional artist”. cool

please take a moment of your time to consider: Ri brothers fighting about who got the better match.

Dori would of course start with “Well, my lover is the King’s right hand man” and Nori would snort and reply that he’s fucking the King’s best friend, and they’d have a mild ranting about who’s the better warrior, the most impressive, the noblest or who has the nicer/longer beard. Meanwhile Ori sits in a corner, quiet with his books or maybe some writing, not mentioning that he’s fucked the prince. both of them in fact

where did this idea come from that Thorin would SUCK at being King of Erebor? There’s so many fics where he needs Bilbo and/or Dís to function in court, and fics where he resents the heavy crown and all that… he literally has been leading his people since he was barely past majority, while they were at their lowest, under his rule they found a new home in Ered Luin and prospered enough for Balin to not want to retake Erebor either. Truly, Thorin should be having an easier time in Erebor, as he now has more resources, more might, more weight in negotiations, food and shelter secured so it’s not something to worry about in addition…

i mean, yeah it’s a change, but I’m starting to wonder about why this is so common in fics