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You honestly do not have to wear or do anything to be a specific gender. The idea that certain actions/colors/styles are “masculine or feminine” is a literal bunch of lies. What you are is defined by you and you alone regardless of how your dress and act.


nightflare35  asked:

Virgil has a thing for black nail polish, so Roman lets him paint his nails (I was gonna write something like this however I like your writing style, so I thought it'd be cool to send this in)

Warnings: n/a

Word Count: 1,074

A/N: This is an awesome prompt haha. Hope I did it justice!

“Alright, Sir Extravaganza, the game is up.” Virgil marched into Roman’s room with an agenda and he wasn’t letting the prince get in his way. Said prince looked very surprised at his outburst, looking up from something he was scribbling down.

“What? What’s gotten into you, Hot Topic?” Setting his notebook down to the side carefully, Roman had his attention focused on Virgil.

“I’m painting your nails black and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.” Virgil might be feeling the effects of Roman’s room already, or he was just confident today. Either way, it was strange for both the fanciful side and him.

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Here’s a little bit of a sneak peak of my Taako cosplay from this past Anime Boston! Stay tuned for more photosets, because this is one of my favorite cosplays ever, and I have so many nice pictures of it that I am eager as hell to post. My only regret is that I had taken off my pink sparkly nails by the time this was taken ;-;

I would just like to say how grateful I am for The Adventure Zone. It’s such a Good Pure show, and it brings me so much joy.

Thank you so much @nootnootcosplay for this beautiful photo (AND EDITING!!! HOLY FUCK!!! THANK YOU!!!)

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