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WeirdFaeles now has sensory bottles- in a test tube!

Type A, aka “courage”: red base, clear crystals, small and large gold glitter
Type B aka “puffpuff”: yellow base, clear crystals, small gold glitter, and large black glitter
Type C aka “cunning”: green base, clear crystals, large gold and silver glitter
Type D aka “wisdom”: blue base, clear crystals, small blue glitter, large gold glitter
Type E: purple base, clear crystals, small blue and purple glitter, large gold glitter

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✨Allura’s ‘Something Sparkly’ Spell✨

A jar spell based on Allura from Voltron: Legendary Defender, to attract good things and positive vibes.


  • A small jar.
  • A plastic, toy ring.
  • White, Pink, and Blue Glitter
  • Silver and/or Gold Star Glitter
  • Himalayan Pink Salt (Friendship, Positive Energy)
  • Pink Rose Petals (Love, Protection)
  • Angel Aura Quartz (Balance, Peace, Tranquility)
  • White candle or glittery nail polish.
  • Yellow Ribbon (Happiness)


  • Charge your Angel Aura Quartz in view of the moon and night sky prior to beginning the spell. If possible, wrap your plastic ring around the stone or leave it beside the stone while charging.
  • In your jar, combine your glitter, salt, and rose petals.
  • Add both the stone and ring to the jar before sealing.
  • Seal your jar with either your candle wax or by dripping the nail polish around the inside of the lid. Wait until dry.
  • Tie your yellow ribbon around the jar.

Notes: The ring acts as a personal taglock for yourself.

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Do you have any diy for glass jars?

Uh, yeah, I do!!

DIY Bottled Nebula

I’m always down to make some pretty, sparkly jar of space! Not sure what one can do with it, but it does look pretty sick on a shelf.

DIY Enchanting Halloween Lanterns

Looks great with one jar and looks phenomenal with many. And you’re not even limited to the spooky, witchy scenery, you can do almost anything. Hogwarts, anyone?

DIY Salad in a Jar

For the recipes and the know how, check out the link above.

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etsyfindoftheday | 7.23.16

STEAL OF THE WEEK: mini glitter jars by anastasiamarieshop

choose from fat or fine glitter in many color options — these are only a few — starting at only $3.50!! sparkle city.

anonymous asked:

“You’re bad at Christmas shopping and you asked me to help and oh my god, no one wants a set of salad tongs as a present.” + cs please

I love this silly prompt. Here’s a Modern AU holiday ficlet…

She doesn’t do this. Getting into business belonging to random strangers is so far out of her normal m.o., but the “oh god, I don’t know what I’m doing” looks he’s sent her way at least four times now are just - adorable - and she can’t stop her feet from moving back into his aisle.

“Please tell me you’re here to help, lass.”

“If by help you mean telling you that ‘no, even with the addition of painted on Christmas trees, festive salad tongs are an appropriate gift for absolutely no one’ is what you are looking to hear, then yes, I’m here to help.”

His bright blue eyes narrow slightly in confusion before looking down at the hand hovering said tongs over his empty basket.

“These are salad tongs? I thought they were…well, just the regular sort of tongs. You know, that…oh, bloody hell, I have absolutely no idea.”

Adorably flustered combined with tall, dark and handsome is apparently the perfect warmer to her usual icy exterior and she finds herself laughing while snatching the offending kitchen utensil right from between his fingers.

“Let’s start from scratch. Who are you buying for?”

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