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Hellooooo!! Do you have any headcanons for Musichetta/Cosette/Eponine friendship?

  • Cosette can sing, Eponine can rap, Musichetta can beatbox. Youtube videos, street performances, talent shows, open mics, serenading their friends, honestly the list can go on. imagine the possibilities. (this was a post i made awhile back honestly i still love it)
  • Musichetta and Cosette teaching Eponine how to knit because they’re both super crafty. They have nights where they “get lit and knit” and that can go in so many different directions tbh
  • Eponine has designed matching tattoos for all of them. They asked her to, and she was happy to oblige. It’s also because got a degree in studio art, so she knows what’s up
  • When one of them is sad, the others show up to her apartment with shopping bags of the person’s favorite food and have a self-care night.
  • They all made friendship bracelets for each other and wear them every single day
  • Cosette and Eponine thought it would be hilarious to recreate all of Musichetta’s pictures with Joly and Bossuet. So they spent an entire day dedicated to making sure they were as accurate as possible. They spent the next day replacing all of the pictures in Musichetta’s apartment with them just to see if Joly and Bossuet noticed (it took them 3 days because Bossuet is super oblivious and Joly was barely home)

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I feel so sad for Sadie and the Barrigas. Their son is practically a pink zombie trapped on a hostile alien planet millions of miles from home. Sadie will have to find a new employee to take Lar's place until he comes back home. How do you think they will react once they see him again? I'm glad Lars at least have the "off color" gems to guide him and keep him company.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Steven and/or Connie do their best to take over for Lars, when they aren’t busy doing missions. (I doubt it’ll really be brought up, though)

I’m expecting mixed reactions. Lars is coming home sparkly, scarred, and with a squad. They’re getting their son/friend back, but they’re also getting him back as a pink zombie, coupled with Rhodonite, the Rutiles, Fluorite, and Padparadscha. That’s a lot of bodies to house, since they’re probably gonna cling to what is familiar to them until they get used to Earth. Lars and Steven especially.


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theme thursday: rockin’ moroccan decor ideas

moroccan accents by elramlahamra

i may have to restrain myself from buying something from EVERY SECTION in this netherlands-based shop!! i’m in awe of the colorful and eclectic decor, all moroccan in theme and style.

A tiny bit of heartbreak I never anticipated I’d experience: learning that my 1 ½ yo niece cries whenever I have to go home after playing with her all afternoon.  

on Halloween Nori meets a guy at a party in a cop costume (Dwalin) and they end up back at Nori’s place and bang and everything is perfect. But the next morning when Dwalin’s getting dressed and Nori’s watching him all pleased and happy, and asks him about what he does for a living…

“Yeah I’m a cop”

“hahah no I mean, what do you do in real life?”

“I am… a police officer??? That’s what I do”

“:D hah… .. D: WHAT”

Thanks for everything / Final.

Summary: After Natsu fell in the floor in tears, unable to remember the one who saved his life, no one could watch him without crying. All the fake smiles they’ve been showing to him before, all the lies they have told him before, all for his sake and to accomplish Lucy’s last wish. But now, they were showing him their true feelings, how they have been feeling these past 2 years. They all were sharing the same feeling now. Sadness.

Final part: I’m home.

They had decided to visit Lucy’s grave in the Tenrou Island, this time Natsu wanted to go with them. Even he if didn’t remember anything about her, he wanted to say thanks. That was all  he could do now.

— We are here… Lucy.. — Began the old man when everyone was standing in front ot her grave. It was next to Mavis’s. Her name and the Fairy tail mark were written on it.

— I..It’s been two years.. Lu-chan.. — The blue haired girl said unable to hold her tears. — W..We are doing our bes.. — She couldn’t keep talking and shut her mouth with her hand.

— W..We have so new members too.. — Wendy said smiling with tears. — W..We have a bigger family.. You know? — She kept saying.

— I..I’ve been growing.. Lucy-nee.. — Romeo bit his lip. — A..And so is A..Asuka - chan.. — He showed a half smile.

— I’ve lost weight.. You wouldn’t recognize me now.. — Droy clenched his fit.

— N..Nab finally chose a Job, Lucy..  — Cana said and everyone laughed for a bit.

— … — Gray sighed. — The guild is so lonely without you… — He said with sad eyes looking at her grave.

— W…We miss you.. Lucy.. — Juvia said holding Gray’s hand while dropping tears. — W..We miss you so much.. — She pressed Gray’s hand.

— I’m sorry we couldn’t.. — Erza looked at Natsu who was standing behind them. — We couldn’t keep our promise to you. — The red haired apologize

— N..Natsu has been doing his best too.. But we just couldn’t.. — Lissana couldn’t continue.

— T..That’s right.. — Gajeel continue. — We couldn’t keep seeing him… So empty.. — He said hugging Levy.

— W..We are taking her of him as you wished… — Mira said. — Even if it’s not what you want.. He needed to know… Lucy.. — She said dropping tears.

— T..There is not a day where we don’t wake up wanting this to be a nightmare.. Lucy.. —The master then said. — We won’t be able to thank you enough for saving.. Us.. —He cried.

— C..Come back.. — Happy flew to the grave and cried. — C..Come back.. Lucy.. — He said in tears.

— … — Everyone kept silence when Natsu started to walk towards the grave.

— N..Natsu.. — Happy looked at him in tears.

— I..I can’t remember you.. — He stood in front of the grave and put both hands above it. — A..And i wish i could.. — Natsu bit his lip, he pressed his hands in the grave.

— Natsu.. — Erza said looking at her miserable friend  in front of them.

— T..Thank you.. — He said softly. — T..Thank you… Damn it.. — He said and  hit the grave softly with tears dropping from his eyes, knowing he couldn’t do anything but say those words.

Natsu turned his back to the grave and while looking at the floor, he walked back to his friends. They kept telling her how much they missed her and how lonely they felt without her walking through the gates of the guild as every morning.

When they turned their back to walk to the boat so they can return to home, a sparkly light showed up in front of them.

— W..What is it?! — Natsu stepped back.

— Be careful, Natsu! — Gray told him since he was close to the light.

— I’ts been a long.. — A woman voice they knew very well, talked.

— M..Master.. — Makarov said surprised. — W..What are you.. — he couldn’t end.

— I..I have something to tell you.. — She confessed pressing the bottom of her pink dress.

— ..Is.. something wrong? — Makarov asked confused.

— I..I’m sorry.. — She said and looked at Lucy’s grave.

— W..What do you mean? — Erza walked towards her — What did you do?! — She asked.

— I..I’m… So sorry.. — She looked at Natsu.

— W..What? — Natsu asked her, wanting an answer.

— Explain us, master. — Makarov told her.

— I’m the one who brought Lucy into this.. — She confessed serious. — I brought her here. — She said.

— S..So you.. — Gray walked towards her. — W..Why Lucy? — He asked.

— Lucy wasn’t having nightmares about Aquarius as she said.. — Mavis told them. — She was seeing END. — Confessed looking at Natsu.

— E..Eh? — Natsu said putting a hand in his chest.

— Zeref created END so he could kill him but as himself said, if END dies so does Natsu and Zeref. — Mavis kept talking. — I told this to Lucy but as.. i guess you all know her… She couldn’t let you die.. — She looked at Natsu.

— … — Everyone kept silence.

— I..I couldn’t do anything as i’m now..  — Mavis said. — N..No.. — She denied. — I wasn’t a stellar mage neither.. — Confessed.

— S..So.. Lucy.. — Gray clenched his fists

— I asked her to do it. — Mavis said serious. — She agreed without hesitation with one condition.. — She kept looking at Natsu.

— Erase my memories… — Natsu finished the sentence. Mavis nodded.

— W..Why now?… — Gray let go Juvia’s hand. — Why are you telling us that now?! — He screamed

— I..I’m sorry.. I. — Mavis apologized once more. — It was the only way.. She wanted to save Natsu at any cost.. — She then said.

— … — Everyone looked at the floor.

— S..She’s alive. — Mavis confessed.

— W..What did you just.. — Gray opened his eyes. — .. said? — He asked

— that possible?! — Levy asked desesperate

— When she purified End’s body, she disappeared.. — Mavis started to walk towards the tomb as everyone followed her. — She was aware of the chances of her survival.. — She kept saying. — I brough her body here, lifeless. — Mavis confessed in front of the tomb.

— L..Lifeless? .. — Gajeel asked. — I..I don’t undestand.. Is she alive? — He asked once more

— She’s still alive. — Mavis touched Lucy’s grave and suddenly a big crystal appeared behind it.

— F..Fairy heart?! — Everyone shouted at the same time.

— T..Thats right.. — Mavis answered.

— It’s  her..? — Gray asked when the flashes started to disappear, revealing a sleeping figure.

— I..Impossible.. — Mira shut her mouth unable to believe it

— L..Lu.. — Gray walked teetering towards the grave — …cy.. — He started to cry as he saw her peacefull face; she was naked and her long hair was convering her intimate parts.

— I..Is she really.. alive? — Natsu asked looking at her face.

— W..What do you mean.. Natsu? — Erza asked

— She’s not breathing.. — He answered.

— I..It’s true.. She’s not.. — Erza couldn’t end.

— She’s frozen. — Mavis confessed looking at Lucy.

— B..But.. — Gray stepped back and looked at Mavis. — S..She is alive.. isn’t she? — He said desesperate.

— I have maintained her frozen this whole time.. — Mavis put her hands in the glass looking at Lucy. — She even has regained her magic but.. — She looked at the floor

— W..Why she doesn’t wake up?.. — Juvia asked desesperately.

It all depends on.. her.. — Natsu said from behind.

— Is that true, Master? — Laxus asked

Mavis nodded.

— Y…You gotta be kidding.. right? — Gray said in dispair

— It’s been two years.. — Mavis bit her lip — I..I can’t do anything..  — She said about to cry.

— You’ve done enough… Master.. — Natsu softly put his hand in her head

— I..I’m sorry.. — She sobbed

— W..Wake up.. — Natsu looked at Lucy within the crystal.

— N..Natsu? — Everyone looked at him surprised

— W..We’re all here… so please.. — Natsu clenched his fist against the crystal — …wake up.. Lucy.. — He begged again. Tears started to bath his face.

— Wake up.. — Gray said under his breath this time.

— We are here, Lucy! — Juvia stepped foward and held Gray’s hand.

— Lu-chan.. We are waiting for you! — This time, Levy cried and held Juvia’s hand.

— Bunny, come back! — Gajeel took Levy’s hand.

— Lucy-nee! — Romeo cried in tears taking Levy’s hand. They were doing a circle around the crystal while Natsu and Mavis were in front of her.

— P..Please.. Lucy! — Cana shouted taking Laxus’s hand

— C..Come back.. Lucy.. — Erza screamed in tears.

— Lucy! — Happy cried

— COME BACK TO US! — Everyone shouted at the same time. They were holding hands around her. A white magic dispersed from the circle, the desire of everyone; they all wanted her to come back.

— P..Please.. Please.. — Natsu hit the crystal in tears. — C..Come back.. please.. — He begged again.

— E..Everyone.. — Mavis was amazed by them. — L..Lucy.. — She said susprised as she saw a tear falling from Lucy’s closed eye.

— S..She hears us.. — Natsu smiled in tears while looking at Lucy’s face.

— COME HOME, LUCY! — The whole guild screamed in tears. The glass started to crack.

— COME BACK TO FAIRY TAIL! — This time, Natsu shouted and the glass broke.

— W..What’s.. — Natsu looked  at the sky confused.  The pieces of the crystal started to fall and Lucy disappeared in a white circle, it was now shining in the sky.

— L..Lucy.. — Gray sobbed as the circle was coming down.

— I..I’m home.. — Finally that voice was heard for all of them. Lucy showed up, dressed with a white dress, barefoot with her long hair and with tears down her face, her cheeks slightly flushed, showing a smile from ear to ear.

— A..Actually.. — Gray started to walk teetering towards her unable to believe it, his tears kept falling to the floor.

— Y..You came back.. — Erza said crumping her face, holding her tears.

— WELCOME HOME! — Everyone shouted in tears and ran towards her. Lucy started to cry surrounded by all his friends.

Except for one.

— Why don’t you join? — Mavis asked Natsu, they were watching the joy of everyone hugging Lucy.

— I..I don’t .. — Natsu denied looking at Lucy’s smile — .. remember her yet.. — He confessed looking at the floor.

— Go.. — She smiled and pushed him from his back.

— E..Eh? — Natsu opened his eyes and looked at Lucy.

The magic that once made him forget about her, had been canceled. The tears starting to fall again when he started to walk towards her. Finally, he recalled. As he walked he recalled bit by bit about her; their first meet, when he bought her to fairy tail.. He recalled all his adventures with her, the tears were falling without control as he recalled every memory.. He realled every single smile of her, her smell, her angry face… He recalled everything. The mages around Lucy opened the circle, leaving Natsu in front of Lucy.

— N..Natsu.. — Lucy walked towards him

— L..Lucy. he doesn’t.. — Gray was about to say

— L..Luce.. — Natsu sobbed in tears.

— I’m home, Natsu. — Lucy opened his arms and smiled to him.

— W..Welcome home.. Lucy.. — Natsu ran to her in tears and hugged her tightly.

— I..I’m sorry.. — Lucy closed her eyes and hugged him back, putting one of her hands in his head, calming him.

— L..Lucy.. L..Lucy.. — Natsu repeated in her shoulders while the tears were falling without control.

— I’m here.. Natsu.. — She said stroking his back

— Y..You said you wouldn’t leave me.. — Natsu said in tears. — L..Lucy.. — He cried again.

— I..I know.. Natsu.. — Lucy said again guilty. — I’m sorry for leaving you.. — She said again and kissed his head.

— I..I love you.. too.. — He confessed — I love you.. I love you.. Lucy.. — Natsu said desesperately.

— I know you do.. — She smiled.

— I..I love you.. so much.. — He repeated in tears.

— Natsu. — Lucy took his face with her hands. Pressing her fingers against his cheeks, their faces were at centimeters. She looked at him and their eyes met.

— J..Just please.. — He begged in tears.

— I’m here, Natsu. — She closed her eyes and softly kissed his forehead. — I’m not going anywere..  — She put their foreheads together, both were crying.

— D..Don’t erase my memories ever again.. — He begged. — You’re the most precious thing i have in my mind so please.. Don’t ever take that from me.. — He put his hands in Lucy’s cheeks.

— I..I won’t.. — She said guitly. — I won’t do it again. — she cleaned Natsu’s tears, passing her thumb across his cheeks.

—You sacrificed your life for me.. — He said softy — You saved my life.. Lucy.. — He bit his lip. — I will be forever thankful with yo.. — Lucy shut his mouth putting her index finger.

—Shhh… I would do it again and again.. — She smiled

— Don’t you dare to.. — He tried to say. Lucy pressed her lips against his. In surprise, he opened his eyes and slowly closed them, pressing his lips against hers too.

— I love you. — She confessed to him.

— I love you too, damn it.. — He said starting to cry again.

* * *


Seventeen at an amusement park

Seungcheol: Tries to keep everyone together. Counts the members every ten minutes. Get’s distracted with puppies.

Jeonghan: Makes Seungkwan go on a rollercoaster. Laughs the whole time Seungkwan is screaming. Ate like six ice creams since they got here.

Joshua: Wants to buy everything and go on every ride. Drags the other members everywhere. Super excited.

Junhui: Somehow got lost in the crowd. Lost his ticket but the lady let him pass because of his charms.

Soonyoung: Has second thoughts on the rides that look scary. Forgets about them as soon as he thinks about how fun they’ll actually be. Drags Seokmin and Chan with him.

Wonwoo: Ended up eating cotton candy on a bench. Watches Mingyu play with a cat. People thought they were dating.

Jihoon: First one to leave the group of 12 excited ducks. Spent most of his day on the marry-go-round. Bought a lot of mini gifts for the others at the end.

Seokmin: Probably the first one to finish every ride. Twice. For some reason adores scary big rolloercoasters.

Mingyu: Didn’t go on many rides. Found a cat. Begged Seungcheol to take it home with them. Named it Sparkly.

Minghao: Agreed with the idea of taking Sparkly home. Found Junhui lost and confused. Saves everyone from getting lost pretty much.

Seungkwan: Lowkey hates rollercoasters. Cried for Jihoon to save him as Jeonghan dragged him away. Claims he is a changed man.

Hansol: The whole time follows Seungcheol like a puppy. Ended up going on like two rides and spent his day eating snacks.

Chan: Let’s Soonyoung drag him everywhere. Probably really tired and done with his members. Wants to go home and sleep. But still had a dance battle with a random stranger.


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unique mobiles by niftyneat

whether you want a rainstorm of teeny glass drops or a literary cascading page look, these home decor mobiles are super-special. love ‘em both.