sparkly clothes

Most glam rock blogs:

-crying over the attractiveness of Nikki Sixx, Jon Bon jovi etc.

-complaining that there are no bushy haired guys around anymore

-*casually talks about Tommy lees dick*


-calling glam rock band members “girls” or “pretty ladies”

-more crying

-“I didn’t get to see motley crue live and now I wanna die”

-worshiping the fabulousness of Paul Stanley

-“poison is probably the gayest straightest band in the world”


-laughing at the pink, sparkly clothing

-having to search “kiss band” instead of just “kiss” otherwise you are met with gifs of people who are making out.

according to star trek in the future we’ll only wear various forms of sparkly or metallic clothes and i for one am ready to dress like a glittery trash can


Hey, it’s Alexia. The Runaways are one of my favorite bands that I’ve been listening to, yet I feel that they’re so underrated. These girls were pretty much the first all girl rock band to become well known, but they faded out after about 3 years. I’d like to tell you guys why they’re awesome and recommend some of their work to you! The Runaways’ original lineup (my personal favorite lineup of the many there were and the only one I’ll talk about in detail) consisted of Cherie Currie on lead vocals, Joan Jett on rhythm guitar, Lita Ford on lead guitar, Jackie Fox on bass, and Sandy West on drums. This lineup remained from 1976-77 when Jackie and Cherie left the band and Joan took over lead vocals with Vicki Blue on bass. The two albums up above, Queens of Noise and their self-titled debut album, are their two albums I like best. Their self-titled album is awesome for those who like tough, dirty rock and roll. Tracks like Dead End Justice and Cherry Bomb are super heavy, and I find it totally great how these girls play their instruments. Lita Ford’s guitar solos on this album are short but sweet and Cherie Currie’s vocals just make the album just what it is: an iconic rock and roll album. Queens of Noise is a great guitar-dominated album. The Runaways did most of their live performances with songs from this album and I feel like it’s a really fun, energetic LP to listen to. The members of the Runaways were undoubtedly awesome, and with good reason. My favorite member, Lita Ford, is a music icon. She’s an amazing guitarist influenced strongly by Blackmore and Hendrix. She went on into the eighties to have a solo career being the first woman in metal. Cherie Currie is the band’s looks, famous for her lingerie on stage and her shrieking vocals on tracks like Cherry Bomb. Joan Jett is probably the most known member of the band. She’s influenced by glam rock, punk, and her role model Suzi Quatro. She went on into the eighties as well to continue a career in hard rock. A lesser known member of the band, Jackie Fox, was probably the girly-girl of the band. She was seen on stage in heels, leotards, and sparkly clothing. Lastly, Sandy West, who sadly died, was the athlete. She was an amazing drummer who loved using cymbals in the songs of the Runaways. She, like Joan Jett, was in the band from the start. Personally, I love the Runaways. I feel like they were one of the greatest new wave bands, influenced by hard rock and punk, despite their short time together. My favorite year for them was 1976 because of their wonderful debut album, great early live performances, and the lineup that was together from that year into 77. The Runaways also were great style icons, with all of the girls’ diverse fashion senses, from punk to a typical late seventies look. The Runaways were, in so many ways, a great band, and made history in the music industry. They were and still are sadly underrated, but that will never change the fact that they made a big statement in rock and roll that can still be felt to this day.

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what has brendon urie said wrong? also he isn't white hes Hawaiian

i know it took me a while to answer this, but that’s because i’ve been compiling links (with the help of my friends) just so i could cite all the gross things he’s said and done in the past few years (i say past few years because i don’t really count things a person has said when they are younger since people change a bunch)

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daisy!!! do you have any tgd headcanons?

omg yes i do its late but here’s the first ones that come to my mind

  • tbh honestly rara is autistic (his special interest is star wars)
  • yolanda & regina are dating??
    • where is the content yall do i have to do everything myself!??
  • bi mylene!!
  • also i saw someone say genderfluid dizzee the other day and BOY
    • in relation to this, the girls dressing dizzee up to go out to the club in fun sparkly clothes
  • dizzee braids flowers into thor’s hair all the time

im gonna add to this tomorrow but !! fuqq i love tgd

i think about this on a daily basis… why are you like this jotaro