sparkly bras

The last episode of sense8 was too much: 
-It was Sun seeking vengeance against brother on a motorcycle wearing a bra, sparkly silver hot pants and white cowboy boots
-It was all the other sensates hugging her when the truck rolled
-It was Capheus being visited by other sensates
-It was Nomi and Amanita proposing to each other 
-It was Wolfgang and Kahla saying ‘I love you’ for the first time
-It was Will beating the shit out of Whispers

Got7 As Husbands


  • cooks you breakfast on the weekdays before work
  • wants children but won’t push you into giving him any
  • is open about everything so you can be the same way
  • gives you chocolates and flowers often
  • moody when you’re mad or upset with him
  • tends to get clingy when you’re spending a lot of time away from him
  • roadtrips and sight seeing are his favorite 
  • movie night is every friday, no escaping.
  • “you’re not leaving, it’s movie night. Don’t make me watch all of these movies all by myself! I got pizza, popcorn, ice cream…. I don’t wanna be alone tonight!”
  • bratty when he’s sick 
  • goes with you to the doctor to make sure you’re healthy


  • a wee bit nosey when he’s feeling neglected
  • “Are you going to love and cuddle me or go be with your stripper boyfriend?”
  • dinner is a time for you two to spend time together without electronics
  • snuggly when he’s sleepy 
  • cute little picnic date surprises 
  • “How many shirts of mine are you going to stretch out with your boobs? this is my favorite shirt.”
  • is a playful husband
  • tosses you around and plays pranks on you
  • showering together is fun (stop thinking dirty things, he just likes having someone wash his back)
  • hides your things when he’s mad at you
  • sits on your lap when your friends are over and you ignore him


  • loud and playful at all times
  • gives you cute little stuffed animals and pillows as surprises
  • spoils you with his clothes and love
  • attempts to cook for you
  • his parents adore you so expect many trips to China to see Ruiji and Zhou
  • is a little shy around your parents but loves them nonetheless
  • the sweetest husband ever
  • “are you sad? Aww, come sit on my lap and talk to me about it.”
  • caring as hell, he always knows when you’re upset
  • makes you drink water before bed
  • dates are on every Wednesday evening


  • a little insecure about some things
  • gets scared when you guys fight because of his parents’ divorce
  • Karaoke and dance parties in the living room 
  • jealous of your friends 
  • asks how work/school is going
  • tells your boss/teacher you’re sick so you can chill out the spa or get your nails done
  • “Woman, if your undergarments keep ending up in my underwear drawer.. Last time I checked I didn’t wear sparkly pink thongs and bras.. They’re cute but definitely NOT my size!" 
  • Pretends to be scared during movies and storms so you’ll cuddle with him
  • makes you desserts 
  • gets so flirtatios and clingy when he’s drunk
  • "You’re so cute.. No, don’t go, gimme kiss?”


  • The cutest omg
  • takes you out on lunch dates
  • sundays are for you two only
  • randomly buys you jewelry 
  • gives you his shoes when your heels are hurting your feet
  • likes waterpark dates
  • is excited about starting a family with you
  • "Do I smell weird? I feel like I stink. I’m not hugging your mom if I have on too much cologne. Y/N, stop laughing!”
  • likes to play fight 
  • cooking with you is fun and he considers it a bonding time
  • takes you for a walk on the beach late at night when he wants to talk about something serious or something that he’s upset about


  • will do his scream singing in the morning to wake you up
  • warm snuggles and eskimo kisses after the scream singing
  • loves that you and his mom get along so prepare to go to her house for dinner often
  • “Hey, you like puppies right? I hope so cause I bought you one. And he’s too cute to give back..”
  • the puppy is now your child
  • makes you wear matching outfits with him when you guys go to a bar (they are always ridiculously loud so he can find you easily)
  • dramatic when you guys are messing around
  • sassy with your friends
  • “Hey! She’s my wife, not yours. Get your hands off, only I can touch her ass.”
  • possessive and annoying around other guys
  • “Will you stand in front of me? I don’t like how he’s looking at you.”


  • shy as hell when talking about his feelings
  • the softest, most gentle human being in the world
  • will not let you walk alone at night
  • “Walk on my left side, you are not supposed to be close to the road. Are you insane?”
  • candle-lit dinners are occasional but usually his favorite thing to do 
  • doesn’t like your friends in the slightest, they make him uncomfortable
  • Stops bringing his own friends home once they hit on you 
  • “Don’t talk to her like that. She’s a pretty lady and she happens to be my wife. Go catcall a hooker..”
  • is a child: builds blanket forts and makes you watch Disney movies with him
  • flirty at all times
  • Constantly reminds you that you matter to him and that you’re safe.

Sorry if it’s bad >.< ~A

Stripped (Part 6)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 2435
Warnings: Language, attempted sexual assault, violence

Summary: You are a SHIELD agent working undercover in a strip club whose owner is involved with organized crime. When you find out he might be in talks with HYDRA Bucky is brought in to help.

A/N: If anyone wants to be tagged let me know. Just one part left! gif not mine, source (x)

The minute you arrive at the club Vito informs you that Anthony wants to see you. You head upstairs to his office. He greets you without acknowledging the bandage on your cheek, the result of his hands on you. He smiles handing you a pile of clothing and a pair of shoes, a “special request” from Nicholai he said. He tosses them to you as he walks towards the bar behind you, pouring himself a drink as he discusses your job tonight, make Nicholai happy.

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Cinderella! Ashton

Words: 4.2k

Warning: smut

Summary: When you and Prince Ashton have a wild night you have to leave at the sound of midnight. The only thing the prince has left of you is your sequin blue bra and a photo. 


Prince Ashton looked over and over at the photo, he couldn’t remember the night that much. He had been off his face, it was the day his father wanted him to find the fairest maiden of them all. At first Prince Ashton didn’t want to, the maidens in this land would all swoon at his feet and it got boring after a while. That’s until that yesterday. There was a royal ball held at his palace were he would dance with all the women, they were pretty but didn’t take his breath away. Then you walked in, he was dancing with a girl named Brenda or was it Brittney? Nether the less he had stopped dancing and was focused on you. 

God you looked so beautiful to him, you were wearing a blue gown which complemented your body shape and colour amazingly. He was stood frozen until you locked eye’s with him and smiled. He made his way up to you and he was a nervous state which he’d never been before in his life because he’s a fucking prince.  To make thing’s worse you were the first girl who turned him down for a dance. You said you wanted to get a drink first but soon he had you in his arms. Trembling beneath him of course, treating you like a princess in the sheets of his king bed. 

The prince looked at his phone once again, it was a picture of your breasts in a blue sparkly bra. You had a small freckle planted on your boob and the bra was pushing them up slightly. Ashton smiled in awe of how pretty they were and got off the bed. He remembers after last nights antics after he was finished you left, just before midnight. Now Ashton tried and tried to remember your face but he found it so hard as he was utterly wasted. All he had was the picture, the blue bra and the taste of you on his lips.

“Prince Ashton” was yelled through the building. Ashton looked up from his phone, closing it so no one saw and stood up. The Prince was naked as he looked at himself, his collar scattered in hickeys and over his moobs. His dick was semi hard just looking at the photo he had. He wishes he had taken a picture of your face.

“Prince Ash-Shit” Ashton turned his head to be met with his butler Calum. “Sorry Sir” he mumbled turning away from the princes naked body.

“It’s ok Calum and I’ve told you to just call me Ashton” He polity replied walking over to his closest. Aston didn’t want to be rude and be showing himself off to Calum, as he knew Calum was well and truly taken by Michael. He thought of Calum as his annoying best friend who was always telling him to do things. But that was his job so Ash didn’t mind. 

“Your father wishes for you to make a decisions on your new wife” He said bringing out his notebook. Ash grabbed his pant’s from his cupboard and pulled them over his legs and over his semi looking back at Calum. 

“I’ve made my decision I just need to find her” he smiled grabbing his red pant’s that had a golden stripe down the side. He pulled them up his legs and grabbed the belt, threading it through the belt loops. 

“What’s her name?” Calum asked, clicking his pen. The Prince made a few mumbled ‘ah’s and looked at him scrunching up his face. 

“Er…Well..I don’t know” Ash embarrassingly said putting on his cream royal jacket. Buttoning up the gold button’s and moving around the shoulder pads so that they were straight and the tassels were dangling correctly. Although the tassels really annoyed Ashton as they flung everywhere. 

“Do you have a picture?” Ashton furrowed my eyebrows, he had a picture but it wasn’t her face. Ashton ran his fingers through his hair feeling stressed that he couldn’t remember a thing. 

“Well not of her face…” Ashton blushed grabbing his phone and unlocking it. He walked over to Calum who placed down the notepad and held out his hand’s. Ashton handed Calum the phone in which he looked at and parted his lips sighing. 

“Oh” He smirked. “So I’m guessing the hicky’s? and last night when you disappeared,  was because of her”

“Do you remember anything? The girl?” Ashton desperately pleaded. He knew that Calum was watching him most of the night as it was his job, maybe he saw who she was. Calum shook his head and handed Ashton the phone. 

“I’m sorry Prince, I had gotten distracted by my boyfriend through the night.  Although I had made sure Luke was looking out for you..but he is now on holiday, he went this morning” he sighed. Ashton grumbled falling onto his bed and rubbing his eye’s with the palms of his hands. Calum felt sorry for the Prince as he know’s what it’s like to be forced in a relationship but luckily the Prince helped him out with getting him out of it and for Calum to be himself. Calum racked his brains for ideas and his eye’s landed on the blue bra. 

“Is that hers?” He asked. The Prince sat up and looked to his left where the bra was sprawled out. He reached for it and held it to his chest, getting a whiff of the perfume you were wearing last night. 

“Yeah” Calum stood for a second before an idea popped in his mind. 

“What if we search the kingdom for her, we can get the girls to try on the bra and match it to the girls. She has a distinct freckle on her boob and I’m sure she’ll have the straps for the bra since it’s strapless” Calum said.

“How will we get all the girl’s to try it on?”

“We’ll make an announcement, ‘The maiden who fits the bra is the one who will be wed’ you know that girl’s love you” Calum said with a smirk plastered on his lips.

“That could work!” Ashton smiled “Make the announcement at once” 

*Ashton’s POV*

136 women. 272 breasts. Yet the woman I desire still is yet to be found. I slouched down in the seat as we drove to the last house in the village. We pulled up to the fairly large house which was a white bricked building and had a large tower at the back of it. It was a pretty house, looked a bit scary and had moss around the windows and doors. 

“Maybe this could be the house” Calum said. I shrugged my shoulder’s, I highly doubt it. Calum opened up the door and stepped out, leaving me to step out. The door was slammed shut as Calum straightened down his outfit. He had the blue bra placed on the red fluffy pillow, like it was the most valuable thing in the world. 

“The prince” was screamed, I looked up at the door where two girls and there mother stood. None of them made my heart flutter by looking at them and they weren’t exactly my type. But you know, never judge a book by it’s cover. Calum and I walked over to the house with two of my security guards trailing behind. 

“Prince Ashton it’s a pleasure” The older woman said holding out her hand. I shook it like a gentleman as she lead me inside. The two younger girls were giggling like school girls, which is a usual reaction I get. Once we got to the dining chair, the first girl took her place. Calum handed her the bra and she went and took it behind the curtain. The dining room was fairly large with a big table placed in the middle and a golden fruit bowel with shiny fruit in. They must have an amazing maid. I heard groans come from the curtain and turned my head. 

“Look it’s perfect” the girl came out. I furrowed my eyebrows looking at the girl’s boobs, you could tell she was holding in her breath.

“Can you breath?” Calum asked. 

“Of course she can breath” The mother said walking over to the girl and placing her hand on the shoulder. The girl with the unibrow smiled falsely at her mother and back to me. She let out a breath shutting her eyes, her boobs suddenly fell out of the bra as me and Calum looked away. 

“She’s h-had a boob job since that night” Her mother stated. 

“I highly doubt that m’am” Calum said looking down at me. 

“My turn” the other sister smiled walking over to her sister. I sighed turning back around watching the shadow’s, Calum looked suspiciously as we saw one of them stuff the bra up. I rolled my eye’s as Calum shook his head. The girl walked out and smiled at me.

“I believe this is mine handsome” she slyly smiled. Calum walked over to her and placed his hands on the bra. She fluttered her eyelid’s at and he smiled before reaching into the bra and grabbing the tissue and giving her a questioning look. She blushed looking down and walking back into the changing room. 

“Are then any more ladies of the house ma’m?” Calum said hopefully.

“No I’m very sorry but maybe one of my girl’s will do?” the mother spoke bitterly, sitting down onto the chair.  I shook my head and rubbed it in frustration. 

“Well thank you for your time today” Calum said. The girl huffed and shoved the bra to Calum who gently folded it putting it back onto the cushion. I shook the woman’s hand once again and walk towards the entrance of there house.

“Goodbye ma’m” I nodded. Calum opened up the door and I went to step out before I heard shouting.

“Wait..Prince” A female voice shouted. I turned my head toward’s the big staircase where a girl was running down the stairs, her hair flying everywhere and she was wearing rags. I walked toward the bottom of the stairs feeling my heartbeat quicken. She looked at me with her pretty eye’s and gave me a massive grin as she hopped down the last two stairs. 

“Didn’t think I would see you again” she giggled crossing her arm’s. I reached out my hand to stroke over her cheek and brought her close to me. 

“God damn you’re beautiful” I whispered, edging my face closer to her lips.

“No she can’t be the one” I heard behind me. I turned my head watching Calum pushing away the mother. I felt the girl’s small hand interlaced with my fingers as she squeezed them and hid behind me. 

“Well we can always find out for sure” Calum shouted, bringing over the bra but before he got to me the two sisters had tackled him to the floor. They both pulled onto it tugging at it. I heard the sound of tearing and suddenly both sisters had a bra cup each, some of the sequins scattered around. The girl behind gasped and walked forward to the now ripped in half bra. 

“She’s not going with you. You can’t prove that it’s hers, therefore she’s staying with me” The mother growled picking the girl up and facing me. Calum stood up from the floor and dusted off his suit. 

“You can’t do that” I said walking forward. The mother had a tight grip on my girl and I realised that she had slight bruising on her arm. She was the maid I guessed and she didn’t deserve that. 

“What if I had the matching underwear?” The girl said shuffling out of her mothers grip. She walked forward, gathering up the bottom of the skirt and bringing it up. She had a pair of blue sparkly underwear on the same exact colour as the bra. But to be honest I didn’t need the underwear for her to prove me that she was the girl. She let go of her dress smiling and reached into the pocket at the front of her skirt. “and the straps to the bra” she said pulling them out from her pocket. I walked up to her grabbed her hand bringing it to my lips and kissing it.

“Come to the palace with me and you’ll become my queen” I hopefully said looking into her eye’s. 

“I’d love too” 

That’s how it all began how I met the love of my life even know it was all so quick. Currently I was sat admiring my now beautiful wife. She had instantly bonded with my parents and my siblings. Today was our wedding day, we’d been together for a month and I knew I had to marry her. But of course I had to make sure to organise it and Y/N wanted a big role in organisation. I had fallen in love with her hard and fast, she was my most prize possession. Since the first night we met we haven’t done the deed, so hopefully tonight I can make love to her.

“Y/N” I shouted, she looked towards me and gave me a grin. She kissed my sister on the cheek and said goodbye waltzing over to me. She ran her hands up my blazer and pulled on my bow tie. 

“Have I told you how handsome you look today?” she smiled, wrapping her arm’s around my neck. 

“Maybe a couple of times” I laughed leaning down, knowing that she’s told me million’s of times today. I placed my hand’s on her hips and leant down placing a kiss to her lips.

“And you my beautiful wife look breathtaking in this dress” I mumbled. Y/N blushed and ran her fingers back over my bow tie, undoing the silk materiel between her nimble fingers. I was smiling at her but it soon faltered when I watched her bite her lip and undo my top button. She wrapped her arm’s around my waist whilst looking up at me, leaning her chin on my chest. 

“Do you want to go to our bedroom?” I asked. She unravelled herself from me and grabbed my hand.

“Of course my handsome prince” she winked. I walked over to my parents and said goodbye, Y/N doing the same. We made our way out the palace dining hall and around the front. Y/N walked up a couple of steps before turning to face me, her hair falling to one side and her eye’s fluttering at me. 

“You coming or not?” she smiled. I ran up the couple of stairs grabbing her and wrapping her around me. She laughed into my shoulder as I ran up the rest of the stairs, holding her tightly. I got to my chambers and pushed open the door, walking in with her. I had gotten to the bed and let go of Y/N, placing her in front of it. She pulled me down by my collar and pushed our lips together in a heated kiss. I slotted my lips against hers, licking over the warm sweet texture of her lips. 

“Can you take it off” she mumbled pulling down one of the straps. I turned her around and undone the corset, it untying between my fingers. The rest of the corset unravelled by its self as I slightly pulled at it. Y/N pulled it down and stepped out of the skirt. She placed it onto the love seat and strutted back over to the bed, crawling onto it.

“Well aren’t you a sight” I smirked. Y/N was laying in the middle of the bed, a creamy white lingerie on. I shuffled off my blazer it hitting the floor, Y/N smiled in excitement biting her lip. I got onto the bed kicking off my shoe’s and crawling towards her. When I got to her beautiful body I kissed over her stomach, rubbing her thighs with my hand’s. I lifted my head up and turned my body around so I was lying over her, slightly pushing her onto her back. I kissed her collar bones and up her neck, inhaling the sweet perfume she sported. 

“C’mere” she said pulling my face up and bringing my lips towards hers. I placed a kiss on her lips sweetly. I ran my hand over the lace of the bra, it seeming familiar. 

“Where have I seen this before?” I asked 

“You remember our first night together and the bra you searched the village with?” she started, grabbing the bow tie from my neck; throwing it onto the bed next to us. I nodded my head coming under her body and unhooking it. “I had the diamonds from that bra put onto this bra, which is the same shape and size. So that the special day we met are in a memory and I thought I’d wear it today when we make more memories” 

“You’re so fucking amazing” I said lovingly, feeling the insides of me bubble knowing that I had found my one true love. I brought the clasp of bra round to the front and pulled down the strap from her shoulder. I kissed over her ear lobe, sucking on the soft skin. I pulled the cups of the bra away from her breasts and placed it onto the side table. 

“So perfect” I admired, filling my hand’s with them. I ran my thumb over her nipple squeezing it against my palm, watching her body react to my touch. I leant down to her breast watching her cleavage coat in a glistening sweat. I kissed around her boob and over it. Bringing the soft bud into my mouth twirling it around. I pushed it up into my mouth moaning around it. 

“Oh Ashy” she moaned. I looked up at her, kitten licking her nipple as she looked at me with parted lips. I popped her nipple from my mouth and sat up, her watching my every move. I moved my hand’s to my shirt unpopping the buttons, Y/N sat up and ran her finger down my chest as I undone the shirt. I pulled it off placing it behind me. Y/N ran her fingers over my small hairy patch and kissing my nipple. 

I laid us back on the bed feeling my warm chest against hers. I pressed kisses to her jaw and over her lips. I pressed my lips to hers whilst stroking down her body. Her lips where like my drug once attached I can’t get enough. I licked over her lips and over her teeth tasting the champagne. I pulled back a little and opened my eye’s, she licked over her lips and stuck her tongue out. I dragged my lips over it and took it into my mouth. Y/N fluttered her eye’s shut and her hips grinded into my crotch, as she whimpered. 

“Shh little one” I moaned kissing her bottom lip. I kissed down her body, every time a small breathless mewl escaping her parted lips. I got to her core, it covered in cream lace panties. I pulled them down her legs and threw them on the floor. I ran my hands down her legs and got comfortable on the bed, pulling her wet pussy towards my face. I tucked my hands under her thighs resting them on her hip and moved my head forward. Her pussy smelt amazing, the sweetness filling up my sense. I licked up her pussy tasting how delicious she was and moaned, tightening my grip on her hips.

“You taste amazing sweetheart” I rasped, flicking my tongue over her sensitive bud and watching her squirm to the movement. I shut my eye’s sucking onto her bud and grinding my face into her. She clutched the bed sheets with her nimble hands squeezing it tightly. I moved my tongue down south and over her entrance, making sure the hole was nice and wet. 

“Does that feel nice princess?” I groaned slurping onto her core. She sat up slightly leaning on her elbows and licked over her lips looking at me. 

“So nice” she smirked. I sucked onto her clit wiggling it around and she hunched over, I leant up as she gave me a kiss tasting herself on me. I ducked my head back between her pussy. She fell back and moaned as I poked my tongue through her hole. I moved my tongue around in circles, stretching out her little hole. She had her hands in her messed up hair, tangling the locks between her fingers. I thrusted my tongue in her, shuting my eye’s and devouring her taste.  

“Fuck Ash” she moaned

“Such fowl language Princess” I smirked lapping my tongue around her entrance. I sucked onto the hole as my tongue licked over her walls, massaging the skin. I pinched the tops of her thighs bring her pussy closer to my mouth. I nuzzled my tongue in further and Y/N let out a squeal, she bit onto her arm that was covering her face and jolted her hips into my mouth. I flicked my tongue as she let out muffled moans. 

“Prince I need you” She whined, grabbing my hair. I looked up taking my tongue out from her entrance and kissing her clit. I rolled my lips together collecting the juices that were around them and stood up. Y/N moved around so that her head was now resting on the pillows at the top of the bed. I moved round the the bottom of the bed undoing my belt and taking it out the loops. I threw it on the floor and undone my trousers pulling them down. 

“Baby” Y/N smiled, sitting up. Y/N was looking at me with such desire and love and I craved it. I smirked pulling down my briefs letting my cock spring free. I climbed onto the bed, parting Y/N’s legs and crawling between. I pushed our bodies together and rested my head on Y/N’s. I let out a breath looking into her eye’s the most beautiful colour and shade I’ve ever seen. 

“I love you” I whispered pecking her lips. She stroked over my face and down my body, she tucked her hand underneath me grabbing my cock. She pecked my lips and rubbed my cock over her folds.

“I love you too” she moaned as I pushed into her. Her tight walls wrapped around my cock squeezing it. I stayed put for a second whilst my princess got used to my size. Her scrunched up face soon relaxed, the wrinkles by her eye’s disappearing. 

“Go baby” she whined arching her hips into mine. I pulled out my cock so my tip was the only thing in her and rammed back into her hole. She let out a long gasp, clutching her boobs. I licked alongside her neck, tasting the slight saltiness of sweat on the tips of my tongue. I sucked onto her neck, tilting her jaw with my hand. Y/N arched her leg over my ass pushing me further into her pussy. I grinded my hips, licking over the spot I made on her neck. There was a deep red mark on her neck which will be a beautiful colour tomorrow. 

“Harder” she whimpered, hitting her foot against my ass. I growled sitting up, moving her body closer into me. I clutched her hips slamming into her, her eye’s went wide and she parted her lips. I felt the pit in my stomach begin to bubble as she clenched her pussy around my cock. I picked up her thighs tipping them back and fucking into her. Y/N look flawless right now, her hair sprawled all over the white cotton pillows and her lips a juicy pink colour. I place one of my feet on the bed and pulled Y/N up into my cock as I ravished her pussy. 

“Prince, I’m going to cum” Y/N moaned. I thrusted into her deep as she lost control. She had her lip between her teeth and her back arched as she came around me. That was enough to set me off as shut my eye’s, my cock thumping inside of her walls. I came inside her, the spurts running down my tip and into her. I rolled my hips steadily into her calming down from my high. I pulled out of her and collapsed down next to her. I  brought her body close to mine and pecked her lips. Y/N wrapped her arms around my head and laced her fingers through my curls. 

“Thank you” Y/N said, massaging the back of my scalp. I looked her at her questionably as she gave me a weak smile.

“For what?” I questioned, seeing something in her manner change. 

“For saving me. For giving me the world. For showing me what love is” She whispered almost so much that she didn’t want me to hear. My heart fluttered at her words knowing that I saved her from a monster and I smiled kissing her, the most beautiful woman in the world.  

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I went to high school with that girl u reblogged with the gold dress and sparkly bra and she was so mean! Her and her rich friends were so snotty and rude irl but online they have some sweet persona and it bothers me!! And she's appropriated black culture... sorry it just irks me when I have to see her on tumblr too lol

omg???? she doesnt deserve that bra… i hope karma sends it into your hands


Basically just part of all my hauls from all of Christmas break a lot of it I’ve already used so decided not to picture will include what I remember. Prices also approximate for most things
Michael kors Hamilton traveler black - 398 (new lifting bag)
Black fossil bag -128 returned for gift card and they gave me 128 back
Fossil wallet - 80
Michael kors claret colored one- on sale 250 (in love with the color)
(So lucky to find 2 purses untagged in 2 weeks)

Firefly lights - 28

White Flower things - 10
Instead mini film (NP) - 20

Abercrombie and Fitch
Grey sweater - 60
Jeans x2 - 88 x2 =176

Nike socks (NP) - 9
Totes umbrella - 25

Loose shirt b and w - 18 x 2 =36

Jeans for my lil sis (NP) -29

Bull head jacket - 69
Blue nollie tshirt - 15
Charge and sync cables x2- 25x2= 50

Eco tools brushes - 30
Simple face wipes - 7

(First time)
Naked on the run - 50??

Victoria’s Secret / pink
Pre semi annual sale
2vs bra sets almost 100 each = 200
Ultimate yoga legging x3= 150
Make up case -20
White bra- 50
15 regular panties - 15x10=150
5 fancy panties - 5x25= 125
Eau so sexy- 68
Semi annual sale
White sparkly lace bra - 40
Pale purple bra - 30
Deep purple bra - 35
Black lace - 25
Bra for sis (NP) - 20
7 panties - 7x5=35

Stuff not pictured
Flannel - 28
V neck - 15
T swift cd

Bath and body works
Vanilla mint lip gloss- 5
Rosebud salve - 5
Hand sanitizer x 2 - 5
Car smell thing - 5
Two inserts for car smell thing - 5

Total listed: 2,351
That’s not everything I got over winter break but it’s most of it! If you have any questions feel free to ask me!!!

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The mermaid au but with the revolutionary bros so they all have pretty shell bras and sparkly tails but herc still wears his bandana and Alex has fishtail braids and johns freckles match the colour of his tail and Laf has a charm necklace with the french flag on it

I love this idea sm 👌👌