New York State of Mine

I’ve never faced an audience at BookCourt: I’ve always been the girl in the audience.

Um, guys?

My favorite Brooklyn bookstore just invited me to sit with the big kids.

And read to the audience.

Seeing your face on Nov. 20th at BookCourt means I can pretend I’m talking to the Internet without pants.

Which kinda makes for a steady voice and all of the eye contact.

Anyone up for being a front-row-joe?

It's A Perfectly Reasonable Question

sparklingpants replied to your post: Exactly Four Weeks From Today I Will Finally Be Whole

Curious to know Annie’s thoughts on this final step. (If that’s not too personal.)

She’s actually very excited for me– but she’s had a long time to get used to the idea.

When I started my facial hair removal– she cried. I had a beard when we met and it basically invalidated her mental image of that time.

When I started hormones and she knew that boobs would be popping up before long– she cried.

When I had my voice modification and tracheal shave (to get rid of my Adam’s apple)– she cried. My voice was the last aesthetic vestige of the person she’d fallen in love with.

She’s now lived with a woman for enough years that it’s old hat. The surgery is almost a formality in the life we already live.

She’s nervous but excited about me completing my journey– because she loves me that much. She knows that it’s all I need to be whole.


I Drank Several Glasses Of White Wine And The Stain Is Still There

Am I doing something wrong?


Edit: Oh wait– I thought you meant on top of my tongue. My bad. That makes more sense. The Shout tasted awful…